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  1. 1. Chapter 10 Section 1 Establishing the New Government
  2. 2. What war is reenacted in this picture and who is the guy with the flag?
  3. 3. Our class is starting a new nation in a land far, far away Who will be our leader?
  4. 6. What river is this? Potomac
  5. 7. What were the advantages of living on such a large river?
    • Shaping a New Government
    • A.Members of theelectoral college - a group of presidential electors chosen by the states- choseGeorge Washington as the nations first President .He took the oath of office in April 1789.
  7. 12. John Adamsreceived the second most votes and became George Washingtons Vice President.Vice Presidentsare in charge of the Senate.
  8. 14. 1 2 4 3 5
  9. 15. Why did Washington face such a challenge as President? There was no precedent
  10. 16. B.The new nation faced many challenges.Its army was small and it had no navy.Native Americans were continually attacking frontier settlements.Meanwhile, pirates constantly threatened American trade. who wants to walk the plank over the mighty mullet
  11. 17. C.Washington was a cautious President.He proved to be a capable leader who made sound decisions.Much of what Washington did during his first term in office established a model that later Presidents followed.
  12. 19. Where are we and what do I have to do with America in 1789? The United States Congress met for the first time in New York City in March 1789 and Washington took the oath of office here in April of 1789.
  13. 21.
    • The Branches of Government
    • A.The U.S. Congress met for the first time in New York City in March 1789.During its first session, Congress passed the Bill of Rights- the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
  14. 22. What are the Bill of Rights? They are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.The amendments describe the powers and rights of American citizens.Many people feared a strong centralized government unless citizens were promised certain civil rights.The amendments guaranteed such rights as freedom of speech and religions and the rights to trial by jury.
  15. 23. Which controversial bill of rights amendment allows every American to have one of these? 2 ndamendment(the right to bear arms)
  16. 24. B.As President, Washington chose the heads of the executive departments, who were called secretaries. These directors became known as the Presidents cabinet. The first cabinet included many outstanding men .Thomas Jefferson - Secretary of State Alexander Hamilton - Secretary of Treasury Edmund Randolph - Attorney General Henry Knox - Secretary of War
  17. 25. C.Congress organized the federal court system with the passage of theJudiciary Act of 1789 .This act stated that the Supreme Court should be made up of one chief justice and five associate judges.Today, the Supreme Court has nine members- one chief justice and eight associative justices.John Jaywas the 1 stchief justice.It also established the office ofattorney general.
  18. 26. Where are we?
  19. 27. Which one of me is the Chief Justice? Stephen Beyer Clarence Thomas Ruth Bader Ginsburg Samuel Alito Anthony Kennedy John Paul Stevens John Roberts Antonin Scalia David Souter
  20. 28. Why do you think there are an odd number of Supreme Court Justices?
  21. 29. What am I? The Sheboygan County Court House
  22. 30.
    • A Nation In Debt
    • A.The most serious financial challenge to the U.S. was a large debt from the Revolutionary War.Alexander Hamiltoncalled for the government to pay the debts owed by the nation to the states.
    • B.Many Southerners opposed Hamiltons plan.They did not want to see the power of state governments weakened by being dependent on the federal government.
    • C.A compromise was reached when Southern leaders agreed to Hamiltons plan in return for the nations capital being located in the South-on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia.This geographic area became Washington D.C.
  23. 31. What is the difference between anexcise taxand atariff ? Excise Tax :Tax placed on goods made, sold, and used within a country. Tariff :Tax placed on goods brought into the country.
  24. 33.
    • The Bank of the United States
    • A.Hamilton also called for the creation of a national bank.He proposed four duties for the bank: handle the federal governments money; help collect tax money; issue paper money; give out loans to help the growth of businesses.
    • Many people opposed the idea of a national bank.Southerners argued that the bank would help wealthy Northern merchants at the expense of Southern farmers.
    • In 1791 congress passed a bill creating the Bank of the United States and Hamilton also convinced Congress to place a tax on numerous goods to raise money for the government.
    • Farmers on the Western frontier opposed a new tax on whiskey, which they used almost like cash when trading among each other.In 1794, farmers and government agents clashed in what became known as the Whiskey Rebellion.President Washington sent in the militia and the revolt was quickly put down.