Chapter 12 Notes Section 1 Notes – Cold War Begins Section 1 Notes – Cold War Begins Section 2 Notes – The Korean War Section 2 Notes – The Korean War

Download Chapter 12 Notes Section 1 Notes – Cold War Begins Section 1 Notes – Cold War Begins Section 2 Notes – The Korean War Section 2 Notes – The Korean War

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Chapter 12 NotesSection 1 Notes Cold War BeginsSection 2 Notes The Korean WarSection 3 Notes Cold War ExpansionSection 4 Notes Cold War at HomeJumpstart AssignmentNone, you will turn in your jumpstarts today.The Cold WarBeginsVS.

Why was the Soviet Union and the US enemies?Potsdam ConferenceCommunismGovernment controlledControl religionControl movementControl jobControl business government determines what is made, when it is made, who makes itNo individual rightsGovernment controls every aspect of the economyProtects workerCapitalistFree enterprise people choose occupationFreedom to begin own businessFreedom to failCHOICELittle to no government interventionCommunism = badCapitalism = good

Roots of the Cold WarHow did WW2 end? What was the state of the world following the war?The Yalta ConferencePotsdamThe Soviet Union occupies most of Eastern Europe , Germany and Berlin are split in two.These countries become satellite states (controlled by the Soviet Union)Soviet world conquest?

Meeting the Soviet ChallengeChurchills Iron Curtain speech challenges Great Britain and America to meet the Soviet aggression.Truman meets the challenge with Truman Doctrine financial aid to nations struggling to fend off communist movements

Containment PolicyAuthor X (George F. Keenan) encourages containment keeping communism contained within its existing borders.1948 - Secretary of State George Marshall outlines Marshall Plan over 4 years, the U.S. gives over $13 billion in aid to Western Europe.

Marshall PlanThe Cold War Heats UpBerlin becomes the front line of the Cold War.Stalin blockades West Berlin Britain and U.S. supply West Berlin in the Berlin Airlift.Rival Alliances:NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization sets up a policy of collective security - an attack on one, is an attack on all.Warsaw PactJumpstart AssignmentPredict: Why is the Cold War considered cold? Why did the Cold War never become hot?

Communists in ChinaChina is in the middle of a civil war following the end of WW2.Jiang Jieshi or (Chaing Kai-skek) Nationalist leader of ChinaMao Zedong led communist revolution in China

Who wins in China?Soviets commit billions of dollars to the peoples revolution.Americans commit billions to Jiang Jieshi.Nationalist take America aid and pocket it, while Mao promises to feed the people. Jieshi flees to Taiwan

The Korean War (1950 - ?)Soviets North Korea CommunistUS South KoreaDemocratic38th parallelUN involvementSoviet boycott of Security Council

Americans in KoreaJune 1949 Americans exit KoreaJune 25, 1950 North Korea crosses the 38th parallelUN agrees to repel the invasion, Truman sends in American forces.General Douglas MacArthur takes command of American forces.

June 25, 1950

July 1950

September 15, 1950

November 24, 1950Overconfidence led to proclamationChinese would and could not get involvedGoal: Drive to Yalu River.Home by Christmas

24Wants Chinese opposition to attack mainlandTruman fears Asian warMacArthur circumvents presidentMacArthur returns home a hero.Truman fires MacArthur25

Jan 10th, 1951

July 27th, 1953EisenhowerVows to end the war, and threatens the use of nuclear weapons.

Lessons from the WarTruman commits w/o Congress declaration of war.Increased military spending.SEATO Southeast Asian Treaty OrganizationGroup Work/PresentationsDirections:Read the section that refers to your question(s).Prepare a presentation to teach your term(s) to the class. Be sure to answer all questions from your chapter or section.Add something from that section/chapter that you think may be important/interesting for your classmates to know.Create a visual aid as part of your presentation for your chapter (skit, drawing, illustration, etc.)

B-29 Super Fortress Bomber

Nevada Test Site

Nuclear Test Site

Nuclear Test Site

Nuclear Stockpiles

Khrushchev and Eisenhower

Hungary vs. Soviet Union 1956 Olympics

Suez Crisis

Sputnik 1 and 2

Laika Sputnik 2Cold War Inventions

Fall Out Shelters

Fall Out Shelter

Duck and Cover

Worrying About CommunismWorry about communism abroad and at home caused Americans to tune in to the news.The Red Scare or fear that communists were working to destroy American life gripped the United States.In 1940, the Truman administration used the Smith Act to cripple the communist party a law that made in unlawful to teach or advocate violent overthrow of the U.S. government.The Witch Hunt in CongressIn 1938, Congress created the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to investigate activities of communists and fascists.Hollywood Ten were a group of left-wing writers, producers and directors who refused to answer questions regarding their political beliefs.At the trial, a blacklist was circulated of entertainment figures who should not be hired because of their suspected communist ties.Spy CasesAlger Hiss Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyismIn Feb. 1950, gave a speech in which he charged that the State Department was infested with communist agents.McCarthyism became a catchword for extreme, reckless charges. Being accused by McCarthy is some cases was grounds enough to get you fired and ruin your reputation.