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    Welcome Back! Take a seat

    wherever you like (in the front half of the room) and have a

    pen or pencil handy.


    Fire Drill route North Wing Parking Lot Parking spot #20

    Your phone stays in the room

  • QUICK STUFF What is Sculpture? Who am I? What are we doing today?


    What is Sculpture? The Syllabus

    Sculpture occupies real space like we do... you walk around it and

    relate to it almost as another person or another object.

    Chuck Close

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN various techniques with a variety of materials


    terminology associated with 3D design

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN production of functional and non-functional

    sculpted art

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN technical, historical, aesthetic, cultural and

    contemporary concerns of sculptors


    to develop your own personal and artistic ways of working

  • MATERIALS Sturdy Folder keep it here if desired Pencils & Erasers bring to every class Found materials that can be modified or

    destroyed: keys, soda cans, nuts/bolts, etc Additional materials may be needed based on

    student designs & plans

  • MATERIAL SPECIFICS Found objects things like buttons, keys,

    beads, Altoids tins, broken jewelry Recycled/Recyclable objects small plastic

    toys, bottle caps, lids, etc.


    Weekly process and participation grades

  • ASSIGNMENTS Daily warm-ups and reflections

  • ASSESSMENTWeekly Process & Participation:

    Given weekly based on your work ethic and activities during class time

    Worth 50% of overall grade 20 possible points Includes daily warm-ups and reflections See weekly rubric for expectations and


  • WEEKLY PROCESS & PARTICIPATIONWe do not have projects due each week, you will receive a

    weekly process and participation grade.

    At the end of each week you will receive a grade out of 20 points based on an assessment of participation and work ethic in each class.

    In order for skills to improve in this course, must gain an understanding of the information provided and practice the techniques and processes introduced. Class time is provided to learn these skills and it is essential you use this time wisely.

    The weekly grade is meant to reflect the credit you have earned for the skills you demonstrate within your studio time.

  • WEEKLY GRADE, 20 PTSDuring class you have exceeded expectations and excelled in effort. You complete your class assignments and begin preparations for upcoming projects, help peers, thoroughly clean area, etc. (19-20 pts)

    During class you have put forth your best effort. You complete the work assigned and clean your area fully, but do not go above and beyond what is required of you. (11-18 pts)

    During class time you socialize, play on the web, do your math homework or anything that is not your class projects. You will receive an automatic 0 for skipping class. (0-10 pts)

  • ASSIGNMENTS Sketchbook assignments related to each

    individual project

  • ASSESSMENTSketchbooks:

    Required to complete sketchbook assignments related to each unit project

    Part of individual project grades Must be submitted with final, completed

    project or points will be deducted from final project grade

  • ASSIGNMENTS 4-5 large scale unit projects

  • ASSESSMENTProjects:

    Rubrics provided at the beginning of all projects outlining how they will be graded

    Graded on areas such as: creativity, craftsmanship, work ethic, function, and elements & principles of art

    Worth 50% of overall grade 30-60 possible points

  • LATE WORK Due date given at the start of each assignment Expected that you will work both in class and

    outside of class Points deducted on work ethic for late projects

    Behind on a project? Sign-up to finish it during Advisory, Academic

    Study or Activity Period Plan ahead - this room is not always open to


  • LATE WORKWont complete assignment on time?

    Your responsibility to communicate with me in advance of the due date with a valid explanation of why you need more time

    If you have not worked to your fullest potential or made full use of class time you will not be allowed extra time to complete the assignment

  • OVERALL EXPECTATIONS Victor Central Schools Code of Conduct applies in all

    of my classes+ See Agendas for full rules and expectations

    My class rule: RESPECT

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONS When the bell rings to START class you are in seat,

    quiet and ready to begin class When the bell rings to END class you are in seat,

    cleaned up, ready to tuck chairs in and leave Lateness must be excused and repeated will result in

    contact home Absences

    + Must be excused and legitimate+ Attendance lists are checked daily+ You are responsible for making up class work and

    reviewing materials discussed in class+ Students found skipping are given a 0 for weekly grade

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONS Cell phones can only be used at designated

    times as specified by the teacher

    When you get to class check the daily agenda to see where your phone should be:

    Flipped phone

    Phone holder

    Inability to follow phone expectations will result in a 5-week phone suspension

    teacher will collect your phone every class for 5 weeks


  • CLEAN-UP & MAINTENANCE Clean-up own workspace 5-10 minutes prior to the end of the block (when I tell you!!!)

    picking up all materials and returning them to their proper locations, i.e. where you got them from

    washing tables, chairs, tools, sinks, floor logging off and returning computers (if used) tucking in chairs/stools

    Clean-up early = stay extra time to assist in additional clean-up tasks

  • MAINTENANCE No food or drink is to

    be consumed in the art room at any time during the day

    If you have food or drink with you when you enter the room you must leave them on the cabinets until the end of class

  • ALL I ASK IS FOR YOU TO: Keep a positive attitude. Set a goal for yourself and push toward it. If you think that you have failed at a task - look

    and learn. You may be surprised at how much we learn from what we perceive as failure.

    Time is precious, dont waste it. Know that you are unique and do not judge

    yourself on others level of ability because I will not.

    Be conscientious and kind to everyone. You do not walk in their shoes.

  • COMPUTER PATHSAll projects & assignments are posted on Shared Files and my website

    Pathway to Course Files: Shared Files High School DuckworthS

    Sculpture Current Project Name


    PASSWORD = Victor

  • COMPUTER PATHSComputer work completed in class saved to your student server spaceNOT THE DESKTOP!

    Pathway to Drop Box for Submitting Projects: Shared Files High School DuckworthS

    Drop Box Your Block Class Your Last Name


    Web: PASSWORD = Victor


    924-3252 x5003


  • HOMEWORK: ASSIGNMENT 1 Bring home syllabus to review with

    parent/guardian see this PowerPoint on website

    Cut out Student and Parent Reference Sheet and give to your parents to put in appropriate place for reference

    Get parent/guardians name, phone number and email address on Contact Information sheet and return to me

    Due: Start of next classeasy 10 points!

  • NOW WHAT? Lets create something You will need:

    + Paper+ Pen or pencil+ Imagination+ Open mind