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  • 1. Mr Wyatt/Mrs Avina Raymond Cree MS 2014-2015

2. Mr. Wyatt 3. Wyatt. . 4. LEFT or 5. Mrs. Avina 8th Grade Science 2014-2015 Your Name Teachers Last Name Period 2014-2015 6. Mrs. Avina. 7. Notebooks will be checked randomly throughout the trimester. All classnotes and notebook right-side assignments should be included even for the days in which you were absent. This includes each being recorder in the Table of Contents. Right-side assignments must be complete, have a heading, and the date written on it. Mostly it is checked on being complete but the left-side must be varied (not the same kind of activity) and not be a simple restatement or a picture with no processing of content from the left side. Each right side page must have a left side page where one or more of the concepts or skills used on the left side is/are applied. 8. Look inside the bright Green Crate for specific pages. It is your responsibility to complete all missed assignments ad place them in your ISN where they belong.