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  • 1. Welcome! Please look at the seating chart (located at the front table) to find your seat. Log into your computer. http://www.wausau.k12.wi.us/horacemann/Teched/7thgrade_index.htm

2. Attendance Tornado/Fire drill procedures 3. Mr Ks Rules No blurting out (Please raise your hand) 4. Mr Ks Rules Be on time and prepared to work. (3 tardies = 1 det.) 5. Mr Ks Rules No Cell Phones or music players (they will be confiscated and turned into the office) Teachers discretion 6. Mr Ks Rules No food in the classroom 7. Mr Ks Rules Gum is allowed, BUT. Teacher discretion 8. Mr Ks Rules Bathrooms must be used during passing time. 9. Mr Ks Rules Use both your first AND last name on assignments, etc. 10. Mr Ks Rules NEVER adjust the monitor settings on the computers 11. Mr Ks Rules Dont mess with the headphones Be careful not to pull the cord when removing from the hook 12. Mr Ks Rules Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen 13. Mr Ks Rules Voice level zero 14. Mr Ks Rules You will need: Agenda Pencil/pen 15. Our Goal This Quarter You will learn: how to solve problems how to think like an inventor modern methods of design and invention about modern technologies and predict their future how to invent new technology all technology has been created by people just like you and I. Have Fun! And learn a lot! 16. 3D Design 17. Bridge Building 18. MAGNETIC LEVITATION TRAINS 19. Transatlantic Tunnel 20. Nanotechnology 21. Future Technology 22. Whats Inside? 23. Website Tour Main site Units o UBD Tour o Powerpoints, videos, etc 24. 1.Define Technology 2.Identify the difference between science and technology 3.Define invention and innovation


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