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Guide First Day Start upWelcome to the 1st of the 7 day start up guide. From this guide you will learn how to get a good start up to help you further throughout the game. This guide is aimed at non VIP players. Whether you're new to Naruto or not I hope the following information helps you create and improve your ninja team! First things first you must pick a server, choose a type of ninja that you want your main character to be skilled at Ninjutsu, Taijutsu or Genjutsu! Name your character and let our journey commence!

Before you start the game it may be a good idea to look at the Newb Guides in The guides section. This will help you learn more about the game before we start! If you're familiar with the game already then just click Start Journey and let's begin our journey into Naruto!1st DayGoal: To reach level 32 37 Estimated time: 3-4 hours1) When you click Start Journey you will be automatically brought to the Third Hokage to accept your first quest! How exciting! Click "Accept Quest" and then click "Continue" you will be put on auto path to go straight to the quest!2) Talk To Sarutobi Konohamaru and accept the quest from him. 3) You will then be put on auto path to lead you to your first main battle! You will be taken out the map Click Chapter 1: Village Entrance to begin your first battle!4) Well done! You won your first battle and have found the scroll! Go back to Sarutobi Konohamaru and turn in the quest.5) Accept the next quest and you should be brought back to the Third Hokage he tells you the story behind the scroll. Another quest is available! With all these quests getting chunin will be easy.... right!?! You will be taken to Chapter 2: Secluded path.6) You will be in battle with Kakashi and Third Hokage against Itachi and Kisame fortunately you can just sit back and watch Kakashi and the Third Hokage win the battle!7) Go back to the Third Hokage and accept his quest- it seems you are to help Kakashi with Iruka sensei's help! Talk to Iruka He will give you another quest, but before that it seems you got some new equipment!

You will receive a flashing icon in the bottom right corner saying Team. Click Team and this interface should be brought currently only the equipment compatible for each ninja can be used. Click the weapon and it will be equipped to your main! After you have equipped your weapon, close the Team Info.Before we continue you may have noticed all the flashing icons in the top right corner!

These icons mean that you can obtain rewards! Let's claim our rewards before we continue doing our quests!8) Click the "Collect Pack" located in the top right corner of the game. Four boxes should be shown, click the "First Day Pack" click "Claim" these items will now be sent to your bag. 9) Click the "Online Pack" now and accept has many of them as you can, more will be available only when you stayed on the game long enough. You should get some coupons! Save these coupons up as they will be really helpful later! 10) You can also obtain 30 gold for free! Gold is the currency used in Naruto to buy items from the mall and participate in Events that can give some really rare Ninjas! The 30 gold free can be obtained for another two more days! 11) The last pack you can obtain today is the 7 days login reward which is what this guide is based on! Throughout these 7 days the system will give you some really nice stuff to make your team even stronger! At the end of Day 7 you will get enough Hokage Relics to recruit Naruto Uzumaki! For now claim Day one and it's time to head to the Road of Hokage!12) Next item on the agenda is the Check in feature! This is a very handy feature that can give silver and coupons based on how many days you Check in! Be sure to check in everyday! For now Sign-in and then leave the menu.

13) The Road of Hokage is based in the top right corner of the game, once you open the menu you will receive a menu like this:

Road to Hokage holds challenges that when completed can give you rewards! For now we have done two of these challenges: "In Arms I "and" Learn Check In" claim the reward, and be sure to check this every now and then! As the Road to Hokage is a long and challenging one!

14) Nearly done with the free stuff! Only one last thing to do and then we are back to questing to become the greatest ninja ever! You may have noticed your player's icon has been glowing for some time!

Click this icon and click "Receive" for the silver and s ability points which are your current ninja's salary! The more you upgrade your ninja rank the higher salary you get!15) Okay! It's time to start questing again! You should be at the stage where you need to talk to Kakashi for the next quest! You can either find him, or click his name on quest list on the right to be automatically taken to him.

16) Accept the quest from Kakashi and go to Chapter 3: Secluded Path (1) Iruka will be there to help defeat the ninjas, defeat all the ninjas and then go back to Iruka.

17) Iruka Acknowledges your power! And you have now just recruited your first team member for your team! You will now unlock the Formation feature!

18) Open the Formation menu up located in the Bottom right corner menu! Iruka should automatically be placed in your team as a Vanguard as you go alone you will continue recruiting new ninjas to add to your formation!

Before you accept your next quest don't forget to equip Iruka with a weapon!!

19) Accept your next quest from Kakashi to explore Ripple Lake! Go to the world map and enter Chapter 4 Ripple Lake. Defeat all the ninjas and report back to Kakashi. After completing this quest you get your first Ninja Armour!

Open the Team Info and equip your Armour just like we equipped the Weapon earlier! Now we got some defence from all those enemy ninjas! It's time to take on the next challenge!20) Accept the next quest from Kakashi and make your way to Ripple Lakeside defeat all the Ninjas and report back to Kakashi! Uh oh it seems the legendary S Rank Ninja Zabuza has shown up! Accept the quest from Kakashi and go to Forest to team up against Zabuza! Report back to Sasuke where Kakashi gives you a very special scroll!

21) At this stage you should be Level 9 and have just unlocked the S.Ability feature!

Open the S.Ability icon from the bottom right corner next to Team. You should have enough S.Ability points to upgrade the first three icons of the scroll! These will improve your stats and unlock more powerful ninja skills to use in battle!

It's time to equip your new skill! Open the Team icon again and change your skill from Fuma Shuriken to Burst Blow (may be differently named depending which type of ninja you chose)

22) After doing this, receive your reward from Road to Hokage for completing the Light S.Ability goal. Accept the quest from Sasuke and go to Uchiha's Adytum. It seems like you have just entered Sasuke's dream and right in front of you is Itachi! Help Sasuke beat him and report back to Sasuke. Accept the new quest and go to Naruto Bridge.23) Haku will be in front of you, seems like Haku was always on Zabuzas side! It's time to fight the masked stranger! Defeat Haku and report back to Naruto who will give you some new weapons which are even stronger than your old weapons! Equip these weapons using Team and accept the next quest from Naruto.

24) Complete the quest by beating Haku and turn the quest into Naruto your reward is yet another Ninja - Kiba who got sent by the Third Hokage. Open up your Formation and place Kiba in your team. Make sure you equip all your characters up to date with the newest equipment!

NOTE * Make sure you're accepting the Road To Hokage and Collect Pack rewards! 25) Turn in the quest to Kakashi who praises your team work with Kiba you will receive 10 Small Exp Scrolls click "Team" and select "Kiba" from the left hand side. Click Items in the options list and apply 9 exp scrolls to Kiba.

26) Accept the next quest from Naruto and go to Naruto Bridge (2) this is where you must make sure Burst Blow is set as your mains skill! Otherwise you may have problems defeating the enemy! Defeat all the ninjas and report back to Kakashi.

27) Kakashi Will give you another quest go talk to Naruto and then back to Kakashi and then go back to Naruto after accepting his quest make your way to Naruto Bridge (3) where you will be teamed with Zabuza to help get his revenge! Report back to Kakashi where you will some new equipment to equip to your team!28) Accept the quest from Anko and make your way to Death Forest defeat the ninjas and report back to Anko. Accept the next quest from Iruka and then go to Naruto Sasuke will mention the Fortify feature. Open the Fortify command from the bottom right corner next to Mail. Select a ninja's equipment and press Fortify. This will increase the stat your weapon/armour gives! Fortify this 5 times then report to Sasuke for the next quest!

29) Accept the quest from Sasuke and make your way too Forest (1) Naruto and Sasuke will be fighting on your team against the enemy. Defeat Orochimaru and report back to Sasuke.30) Accept the quest from Naruto and head to Death Forest (2) it seems Sakura is in trouble! Rock Lee will team up with you to beat the ninjas! They have very high defence so make sure you have BurstBlow set as your mains skill! Defeat the Ninjas and report back to Naruto31) Talk to Sasuke and accept his quest. Make your way to Jungle where you will be against some more high defence ninjas but don't worry! Sasuke has unleashed his fury and joined you for this battle! Defeat them and report back to Sasuke and collect your reward!32) Go accept the quest from Iruka and head to Jungle (1) defeat the ninjas and report back to Naruto. You should be Level 18 now and have just unlocked the Ramen Shop feature! Open the Ramen Shop located in the top right corner.