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  • 1. LINK BUILDING QUICK & DIRTY Razvan Gavrilas ionSearch Leeds 18th April 2012 @cognitiveSEO
  • 2. WHO AM I ?Founder @cognitiveSEO SEO Tools for Pros @cognitiveSEO
  • 3. Broken LinksTip1.1 Your Site Find broken links 301 redirect your broken pages to the main page or the best matching page Recover Lost Link JuiceTip 1.2 Your Competitors Find broken links Order the broken links by number of incoming links Extract Backlinks and sort by Site Type and a PR metric Make a list of the best sites to outreach (Blogs/etc) Ask for a link replacementNew Link JuiceToolsFind Broken Links - Xenus Link Sleuth - http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.htmlBacklink Analysis MajesticSEO / SEOmoz / cognitiveSEO @cognitiveSEO
  • 4. Buy Relevant SitesTip 2 Bulk Link Acquisition Search for relevant, not often updated, sites Analyze, Sort and Outreach Buy Redirect 301 the entire bought domain to your domainLink Juice TransferToolsGoogle Intelligence @cognitiveSEO
  • 5. CitationsTip 3 - Quicky Advanced Search queries like [intext:"http://domain.com"] Ask for a link!ToolsGoogle @cognitiveSEO
  • 6. Controversial PPC adsTip 4 Be creative with your content Run a Controversial PPC campaign Wait for the links!Generates a ton of viral content and backlinks.ToolsYour BrainGoogle Adwords @cognitiveSEO
  • 7. THANK YOUrazvan.gavrilas@cognitiveSEO.comwww.cognitiveSEO.com@cognitiveSEOfacebook.com/cognitiveSEO