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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • 2. Overall, the documentary is effective with the combination of the ancillary texts because different elements of each product are used on the other products as well. Like for example, we have used the title in all three products which links them all together clearly
  • 3. We used the same voice over for the programme and the radio trailer, linking them all together so that the audience does not get confused The tone of the programme is reflected in both promotional texts through the voiceover and the music that we have used. As our documentary reflects both the good and bad sides of video game, this appeals to our target audience as our younger target audience would be interested in the fun side of video games and the bad side could appeal to our older target audience, for example, parents who are worrying about what video games can do to their children and who are worrying about aspects, such as addiction, which is covered in our documentary.
  • 4. We have used the same slogan; How games conquered the world in both promotional texts, so that the audience knows that they are talking about the same programme
  • 5. As our programme will be broadcast on Channel 4, we had to use the channel identity on both of the promotional texts, so that the audience would know that channel to look at to watch our programme Our programme will be advertised on E4 as they have the same target audience that our programme is aimed at. This means that our target audience will know of our programme when they are on that Channel
  • 6. We have used sound bites from the documentary like voxpops and interview answers in the radio trailer to link the two products together and also to engage the audience and make them want to watch the documentary.
  • 7. The image that we have used for our newspaper advertisement clearly illustrates the topic of video games, as it is an image of someone sitting cross legged on the floor with a controller in their hands and another one on the floor in front of them. This image could suggest our target audience of teenagers and upwards. The newspaper advertisement has the main image as the background so that its audiences main focus