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Page 1: Question 2 - Evaluation
Page 2: Question 2 - Evaluation
Page 3: Question 2 - Evaluation
Page 4: Question 2 - Evaluation

The lead of the short film, Jody, was used for the movie poster, review page and opening scene of the short film, to show a clear link between each media text. It keeps the continuity consistent and lets the audience know each media text is related.

Page 5: Question 2 - Evaluation

Same text

The short film and the poster used the same font to show the audience that both media texts are related to each other.

The magazine review page has a simple font, but is different to the short film and poster, just to show the audience how the review isn’t made by the same creators as the two other media texts. It is independent from the the poster and short film.

Page 6: Question 2 - Evaluation

The short film poster was taken on the train journey you see in the film. The photograph was taken to show the audience a little in sight of what the film involves, which is a lot of travelling.

Having a similar clip in the film relates to the film poster so the audience can recognise what the film poster photograph represents in the movie in more detail, as they know the narrative behind the image.

Page 7: Question 2 - Evaluation

The film poster compliments the short film as it lets the audience know what the film is about without giving too much away. It lets the audience know who the main character is, Jody Court. It also lets the audience know that the film is about travelling/journey.

The magazine review also compliments the short film as it has a big photograph of the main character. Which shows the audience that they are all related to each other. Then also the review shares to the reader where you can view the short film, promoting it to the audience.

Also the main photograph on the magazine review looks posed, as if there was a specialized photo shoot for the magazine. This make the review page look really professional and realistic.

Page 8: Question 2 - Evaluation

Overall I think the main task and ancillary tasks all complimented each other and all related well, it showed a continuous theme throughout the texts. The use of modern technology allowed us to promote the short film on many media platforms, through a film poster, magazine review and also Youtube.