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Question 2

Question 2Elliot Fitzpatrick

How does our media product represent young people?

Our storyline is two friends meeting. This conveys the social life of young adults of this age. The music that we use when the character is listening to when walking to his friends house is stereotypical for the music that teenagers listen to and the fact the teenagers listen to music no matter what they are doing. The following clip shows the teenagers are bored with the channels that are on the TV resorting to them turning on the PlayStation console. This is another stereotype of young people, that they play a lot of video games. They hear a bang and both the teenagers run out to investigate showing that they have to courage to see what is happening even if it puts their life in danger, This is a stereotype of teenagers thinking that they are braver than they actually are.

How does our media product represent men?

Our film represents men as brave and courageous as the two male characters in out films dont think about the dangers of heading outside in the dark alone, they just want to make sure everything is alright. Fast paced editing is used to show that their nerves are kicking in and that they are starting to feel worried as they cant find out where the bang came from. This subverts male stereotypes of being brave and not getting nervous in tense situations. We use a medium shot to show one of the characters lying dead which also subverts the stereotype of being strong and putting up a fight.

How does our media product represent parents?

In our film there is a lack of the teenagers parents, this portrays that your parents will not always be there to help you and sometimes you have to help yourself to survive.