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  • 1. Question 2- How did youattract and address youraudience?-BY LAURA SIMMONS
  • 2. First To find out what would attract my audience, I had to doresearch into existing magazines on the market. I found that there was no current product that fills the criteriamy own magazine aims to therefore I analysed a currentmagazines on the market which are the next best thing. After looking at NME magazine, I found that although theregenre of music was different, the style in which they sent pagesout would be good for my target audience, as it gets a lot ofinformation onto the pages, but in a suitable format to read,being broken up by pictures.
  • 3. Researching To find out what to focus my magazine on, Iconstructed a questionnaire in order to find outwhat different social groups looked for in a musicmagazine and what genre of music different agegroups preferred. I surveyed my friends by sharing a questionnaire Icreated on on socialnetworking sites, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Thismeans my research isnt very representative of theUK population, however I can got a general idea ofwhat people were looking for in a magazine.
  • 4. Research Results From the results of my target audienceresearch I found out that my audiencewant a magazine that is not definedby a genre of music but that focuseson the music being individual,alternative and the artist beingtalented as Indie/ Alternative musicwas the most popular genre.
  • 5. Audience needs They wanted a magazine that is affordable for people atschool/college/university as although they have a disposable incomethey want to spend what money they do have on concerts and timewith friends also. I think that if I priced my magazine too high my targetaudience would instead find their information for free on the Internet. The teenage audience are interested in free gifts especially posters soI chose to include a free poster banner in the top left of my front coverto lure in the target audience to read my magazine. Lastly, the main thing recognised was that teenagers want a mix ofrecognisable names and information with the names of their favouriteartists whilst also introducing you to new talent, which is eitherupcoming or fairly unheard of yet with huge talent.
  • 6. Background information on targetaudience Indie fans consider themselves to beahead of the game and trendsetters,as a result a magazine that features anew artist is ideal, as it gives the targetgroup the feeling of discovering themand that they set the trend to like thisartist. This fits as this particular groupare only interested in things that slipunder the mainstream radar, as oncesomething becomes widely knownand popular its ditched.
  • 7. With this information Iplanned to attract myaudience with a range ofdifferent techniques
  • 8. Colours The variety of colours makes my product eyecatching for the audience. I did not use biascolours for particular genders e.g. pink- girls andblue- boys but instead opt for gender neutralcolours to attract both genders and therefore awider audience. Via the micro feature of mise en scene I used redlipstick on my model. By using the colour redwhich represents danger and passion this madeher attractive for the male heterosexual andfemale homosexual audience.
  • 9. Pull Quotes and Lures By using pull quotes the audience gain aninterest on their opinion or statement and wantto find out more as teenagers have a naturalcuriosity. The main pull quote on my front page-no more fake smiles, relates to the expressionof my artist in the image and also inbuilt in thearticle there is a reference to the artists firstalbum being named Fake Smiles. I put this aidin purposely to attract the artists fans and bringan inbuilt audience to the magazine. I also usedmany other pull quotes on the contents pageand artist names on the front cover to attractinterest.
  • 10. Photos The front cover image is there to attract both males and females of anysexuality to the magazine. For the heterosexual male they may find herattractive as she is a pretty, slim young girl similar to their age group. Theymight also aspire to look like or have the lifestyle of the males on thecontents page. Homosexual males might be attracted to the males featured on thecontents page or find her story inspiring as she has experienced tormentwhich is relatable as many gay people are singled out and attacked byhomophobic people. The heterosexual female might also find her inspirational with her story oraspire to be or look like her. The homosexual woman might find herattractive or also be inspired by her story. Of course both genders and a person of any sexuality can also beinterested to read the magazine with mentions of recognisable bandswhich they are fans of providing the magazine with an inbuilt audience.
  • 11. Language I plan to address my audienceto teenagers by using a casualinformal language whilstmaking my points structuredand clear as teenagers dontwant to be treated aschildren, undermined orbelittled and want respect. They also want theirinformation put simply and notovercomplicated.
  • 12. Technology Considering teenagers are an Internet obsessedgeneration, I would release an online digitalformatted version of each issue, which they couldaccess via android phones, laptops, tablet devicesetc. for faster on the go access. I would also set up a twitter, Facebook and Tumblrpage for the magazine so the audience cancommunicate with the magazines staff and we cancommunicate back. A two- way communicationwith audience and editor will help the staff keep upto date with the audiences needs and opinions tomake sure the magazine is kept current and loyalreaders will remain happy.
  • 13. Thank you for watching