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Question 2 – “ How does your media product represent particular social groups?”

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  • 1. Question 2 How does your media product represent particular socialgroups?

2. The main social group in which my magazinerepresents is the Indie Social Group. Indie Rock is agenre of alternative rock that originated in theUnited Kingdom in the 1980s. There are many subcategories of Indie & I believe my magazine fallsunder Indie Rock&Pop. Indie stands forindependent.Various modern Indie Artists/Bands of today are: 3. Looking at my front cover I think theIndie social group are represented well.There are typical conventions conveyedthrough props such as the acousticguitar, buggy/cart, ciagraette & therucksack. All of these things representthe Indie genre conveying anindependent attitude. The bandmembers clothing represents the indiesocial group very well, their costumeconveys a retro feel and they arewearing typical items such as:hats/caps, shirts, jeans & retrojumpers. Another typicalrepresentation of Indie on the frontcover is the band are in a veryunusual location based on a golf buggy.Another typical indie convention isconveyed through their casual pose conveying theyre laid back. 4. On my contents page I haverepresented my social groupmainly through the main image which again contains typicalprops such as an electric guitartypical of the indie rock genre.The band member is wearing ashirt as well as jeans typicalrepresentations of the indiegenre. The actual setting of theimage is in a very unusualplace, with flowers behind theartist an element of Indiewhich is used to be different andattract attention. Fans of theindie genre also tend to go to alot of festivals and are interestedin upcoming bands- Irepresented this through anadvert in the bottom right handcorner and including underreview on the contents page info about upcoming bands. 5. On my double page spread I believe I have represented my social group Indie well.For example through the use of language in the article which is supposed to behumorous and keep my social group entertained. Another representation of the Indiesocial group is through another advert to Reading Festival which they will be able torelate to. Again in the image, the indie social group is represented well, the bandmember is conforming to the genre shirt, jeans, in a unusual setting, and is posingholding a typical prop electric guitar. 6. This is another social group that I got from www.findyourtribe.com