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  • 1. Question 2 : How effective is the combination of your main product and Ancillary texts?

2. Poster I decided to use the actual main Occurrence as the main image on my Poster. Using the Occurrence as the main image on my poster comes the advantage of knowing this character is going to play a big part within the film; as well as the disadvantage that the Occurrence is shown on the poster rather than staying hidden and coming as a surprise within the film. 3. this may be a disadvantage as some horror fanatics would rather the main feature of the film to come up as a surprise although it is impossible to be pleasing to all as I thought it was a great idea to have the main occurrence on the poster as it gave my target audience a clear vision of what my film will entail. Although it is not unusual for the Horror films disturbance to be seen on the poster as on the 2013 horror film poster Woman in black the Woman in black which Is the films disturbance and most important character is seen on the poster alongside the other main protagonist. 4. The poster was very effective in promoting my film as the audience were already given clued from the main image as of what is to be expected within the film ; this helped them to make a decision as to whether or not they would go and see it as the main image indicated what imagery is to be expected within the film. Those horror lovers who are interested in blood and gore can see from looking at my poster that I have no symbolisms of the colour red or graphic images such as body parts and therefore may not come to watch The occurrence. My poster did its job by attracting its target audience as such elements as the setting and main focus of the film was evident on the poster. 5. My poster also uses the same masthead as my film shown in the opening sequence to the film; it is important to stick to the same font as consistency is the key. Poster Masthead Film Masthead Opening Sequence 6. Within the bill code which is the information at the bottom of the Poster . The bill code presents to the viewers the production team who created the film as well as the actors/actresses which will be present in the film this is a very helpful convention on a film poster as many fans of their preferred genre like to see whether or not their favourite or liked actors/actresses are starring within the film they are going to watch advertised using the promotional method of a poster. 7. Such conventions as a bill code on film posters are small however yet effective as excitement amongst the post viewers is created as they gear up to see the different roles their favourite actors/actresses are going to play. 8. Review The review most certainly links well with the film as it is an overview of what is to expect within the film; successfully I made the link between the two addressing the Producers, Director and Characters played within the film. I also included screenshot images of epic horrifying moments in the specified scenes within the film. The first scene being when Savannah opens the door to anonymous knock and Secondly when Hira is confronted and left speechless by the appearance of the demonic other worldly force . 9. = Horrifying moments in selected scene. = Mention of Character and Producers. 10. I decided to use the scene where Savannah opens the door after hearing a body quivering knock and when Hira is in bed in scene 2.Scene 3 sets the film off for its unravelling of frightening events , however I only decided to use the image/screenshot of scene 3 when Savannah is looking around outside also a cropped screenshot of Hira in bed when she is astounded by the presence of the occurrence I did this so that not all that happens with in that scene was revealed; as a review is not to reveal what happens within the film but instead is an overview/general summary of the films. A general summary would consist of the plot and story behind the film and the also the purpose of the film. 11. The review also made links to the film by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses within the film i.e. the ending of the film taken from audience responses to a questionnaire was perceived as unrealistic/ over -dramatic in comparison to other horror films , however the strengths being the editing and the construction of the clips. The strength and weakness stated above were taken from the audience feedback of our questionnaires which we handed out on our Premier Night . The questionnaires were filled out by our fellow Sixth form students and teachers, this gave me a mixed demographic which was very helpful as they could then indicate which of the two demographics viewing was best suited too our film . 12. The anonymity of my questionnaire enabled me to gather reliable responses as providing their names would have given me biased responses as some may feel obliged to be pleasant. The questionnaire was very beneficial in understanding whether or not we had successfully approached the horror genre by asking questions such as What genre do you classify this movie as? please state and On a scale of 1- 10 (10 being very scary) how scary did you find The Occurrence?. = Strengths and Weaknesses 13. From these responses , evaluations were then able to be made as of what was good and what we may need to improve. 14. The review also promotes the film very well. Again seen on the poster the setting of the film is highlighted , however in he review we get more than just the setting but also the plot, strengths, weaknesses, film facts as well as a verdict. I think my review promotes my film a little more so than my poster as my review consists of more facts as we as leads about the film giving the reader more of an insight about the film .