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  • 1. HOSTED CONTACT CENTER SOUTH AFRICA MODEL Alison Alberts Product Manager: Voice Services Vodacom Business April 7, 20111
  • 2. VODACOM BUSINESS STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE Vodafone now owns 65% of Vodacom Group To be the leading Africa provider of Managed Network and Cloud Computing solutions t N t k d Cl d C ti l ti to the enterprise, corporate and business sectors The leading total communications p g provider across Africa 2
  • 3. 3
  • 5. THE BUILDING BLOCKS TO CONVERGENCE VB CSOC VB Data Center IP Core C Access Network VoIP Interconnects 5
  • 6. MARKET CHALLENGES Challenges: Reduce cost of operations (staffing Contact handling Contact (staffing, handling, minutes) Increase efficiencies Increase revenue and customer satisfaction Flexibility (ease of making changes to the contact centre applications) Access to technology Capital outlay (Opex model) Specialised skills A Acquiring new customers and grow existing customer value ii t d i ti t l 6
  • 7. TAKE TO MARKET STRATEGYHosted Contact Centres is an in the cloud service built on the Presence platform, hostedin the VB Data Centre, offering contact centre features and functionality built in VM-WareWho is it for?SME , Enterprise, Corporate How is it supplied?S li d b V d Supplied by Vodacom B i Business, b k back-on-back with reputable vendor, P b k ith t bl d Presence How is it supported?VB project manages installationINOVO installs the contact centre application1st line by Vodacom Business, 2nd INOVO, 3rd line by Presence Who owns and bills the customer?Vodacom Business What is the pricing model?O t i ht purchase (Handsets and H d t ) Outright h (H d t d Headsets)Opex Model for licenses billable per month 7
  • 8. HCC ARCHITECTURE OVERVIEW VB Data Centre Internet PSTN or IP Network Communication Medium VoIP, Email, Fax, Chat 8
  • 10. WHY HOSTED CONTACT CENTRES Innovative: Not the first in the world, but a near first in SA Only contact centre product offering to be based on VM-Ware which is part of the VB Data Centre strategy High Availability and Redundancy HW resources dimensioned to cover the real needs HW resources re-dimensioning in few minutes Migration between host servers as easy as copy and paste Completely secured, allows independence between environments Total isolation between VMs (if desired) G Global Partner namely Presence, with Local Footprint Virtualized agents can sit anywhere 10
  • 11. WHY HOSTED CONTACT CENTRES Compelling OPEX vs. CAPEX model. Product is Modular, you need agents we switch them on!!! Improve flexibility - Apply the technology to suite the specific campaign or customer scaling up to add new agents customer. Significantly improving productivity & revenue for your organisation e.g. Contact backs, if agents are not busy push them into outbound g y campaigns etc Improve manageability of processes & staff, building in intelligence, e.g. e g intelligent routing to agents reporting agents, 11
  • 12. BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMER Almost no upfront investment necessary Shift from Capex to Opex (financial model) Hosted model provides higher flexibility for increase and decrease of capacity, lower risk, adapted to business growth No need to have specialized resources on site Fast and easy implementation One stop shop (centralized support) Focus on core business Application always updated and maintained Access to leading edge contact center solutions - all affordable opex cost Better disaster recover solutions 12
  • 13. BENEFITS FOR VODACOM Generate additional traffic in the network A foot in the door of customers before the network connection reaches their foot door location (on premises solution) Additional argument to attract customers from competitors Increase added value to customer and isolate against competition Wider footprint in the market with more added value solutions Vodacom can exploit image adapting business models to current economic conditions (Marketing message) Allows to compete against the Hosted Solution Competitors Managed CC solution can be used to lock in customer for longer terms.
  • 14. MARKETING ACTIVITIES Brochure-ware Banners on the Internet Advertorial and Press Release in IT magazine Audio / Visio Sales Tool Sales training to Account M S l t i i t A t Management t Product information on the Vodacom Business Portal Product of the Year 2009 Product Demonstration capabilities in the Vodacom Image store 14
  • 15. CASE STUDY 15
  • 16. CUSTOMER PROPOSAL Hosted Contact Centre based on Presence Technology hosted in the VB Data Centre 85 x Inbound/Outbound licenses with the vision of growth 85 Voice Recording li 8 xV i R di licenses Scripting Dual Fibre links VPN (RT Class of Service for Voice) VoIP Breakout to UK fixed and Mobile termination Hosting FacilitiesFuture 500 IB/OB agents in 3 months Inbound agents on Presence Technology Inbound Contact termination Additional outbound licenses 16
  • 17. THANK YOU! April 7, 201117

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