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Preliminary Air sanitation is an attempt to supervise the activities that take place in public places, especially those closely related to the onset of a disease caused by contamination in the air.To determine the presence and amount of microbial contamination from the air.

PurposeTools and materialsTools Incubator 30-32 CTest tubeBunsenPipetteSterile spreader rod 5 Sterile petri dishMacthTurkish bath

MaterialsNA (Nutrient Agar)PDA (Potato Dextros Agar)Tissue Water LablemethodNA and PDA mediums (=2)Pouring into petridishOpening the petridish for 30 minutes and let it contact with the environmentPut the lid offIncubating at 30-32 C for 48 hoursDo have count the number of microbesObservation results

Calculation results

7Result and discussionBased on the table, it can be analyzed that :The microbiologys laboratory has a fewest of microbes, because the microbiologys laboratory has a air conditional can filter the air and allergen from the environment. So, the best of air quality is laboratorys microbiology and can reducing a level of humudity.Result and discussionThe risk which occurs if not in accordance to standardDust contamination, for example dust from other industries and particles pesticidesContamination fumes such as fumes from the parking lot by motot vehicles and waste the burningMicrobiology : microbial contamination of the airCross contamination that contamination inderectly as a result of ignorance in food processing for example raw foods contact with cooked food, food contact with the dirty laboratorys tools.Among the more abvious factors that can effect the behavior of air are the physical conditions of the work environment, including the level of lighting, and the usual temperature

How to control the air sanitation?1. Air conditioningThe purpose is to control the growth of moldAC will be able to kill the microbes2. FilterThe purpose is to filter the incoming airinstalled in the ventilation HEPA filter (High-efficiency particulate air) that is able to filter fine dust and microorganisms.3. Exhaust fanThe purpose is to suck the air in the room to be discarded to the outsideexhaust fan can be used to suck the smoke, dust, and odors during the cooking process.

conclusionThe best air quality is in microbiology laboratory because it has the fewest total microbial.The risk which occurs if not in accordance to standard are dust contamination, contamination fumes and microbial contamination.To control the air sanitation can be use air conditioning, filter, exhaust fan