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Pear Park Elementary School Kindergarten 2013-2014. Mrs. Scoggins & Mrs. Sackett Room 102. Mrs. Jillian Scoggins. Graduated from California State University San Marcos, CA (CSUSM) in 2007 with a B.A. in Social Sciences, which gives me 4 teaching licenses: Special Education (K-12) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Pear Park Elementary School

Pear Park Elementary SchoolKindergarten2013-2014

Mrs. Scoggins & Mrs. SackettRoom 102Mrs. Jillian ScogginsGraduated from California State University San Marcos, CA (CSUSM) in 2007 with a B.A. in Social Sciences, which gives me 4 teaching licenses:Special Education (K-12)General Education (Classroom Teacher K-6)English (6-12)Social Sciences/History (6-12)Graduated from Lesley University in 2013 with a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction Through the Arts.This will be my 5th year of teaching.I am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).Drop Offs/Pick Ups(8:45-11:45AM/12:45-3:45PM)The drop off location for ALL Kindergarteners is located under the kite on the brick wall that is on the side of the gym. Mrs. Scoggins students need to line up along the brick wall. If students are late, they must be signed into the office by their parent.The Kindergarten pick up location is right outside the exterior classroom door. Kindergarten students are ONLY able to be picked up by parents/guardians in emergency situations. Please put other responsible adults who will pick up often (other than you) on the list, with the office secretaries. If you have any custody issues, they must have documentation for us to NOT release to an undesirable parent. Otherwise, we are legally obligated to release students to their parent/guardian. We release students in a hand-to-hand fashion, they are NOT allowed to cross the street themselves, you or an older sibling MUST come to our door to get them.ParkingParking for our primary students is on the South Western side of the building, please make sure to never use the handicapped spots unless you are handicapped, or have a disability placard. We have many parents with disabilities who actually NEED those spots during the hectic release times that often are not able to park there due to frivolous reasons. Please DO NOT double park and leave your car! Again, kindergarten students MUST be picked up by you, an older sibling, or a trusted adult ON THE LIST. We cannot let them walk away.

Homework/Recess/Treasure BoxWe are big on homework and high expectations here at PPE! No homework or incomplete homework = NO recess & NO treasure box. Homework is turned in EVERY Friday, unless there is no school on Friday, making the due date Thursday (on short weeks, no homework!). There is no homework given over weekends. Recess is a privilege, not a right. Students MUST finish ALL school work before being able to go out to recess. They are only with us for 2.5 hours, our goal is to turn them into proficient readers by the end of the year!

Bear Book (Poem Book)This year we do not have the funds to laminate the pages.Please write your childs FULL name on the inside of the binder with a Sharpie. Unfortunately the supply list was not properly updated, you will need to supply your student with 50 clear plastic page protectors (if youd like to help preserve your students book).This year, Bear Book will continue to go home Tuesdays, but will be expected back on Fridays, along with homework (one less thing to remember). SnacksSome parents prefer to send their students to class with a snack from home vs. the snacks given out from teachers. While this is acceptable, these snacks must follow certain guidelines. We do not allow candy, soda or juice (water only, please!), sticky messy items (cupcakes included!), and refrigeratable items (for obvious reasons). Healthy choices, please!We will also be requesting more snack as we run out, please look for the notices to come home. If we do not get more, we do not have any snack to give out. If your child is not working during the appropriate time to be working, snack may be used as an incentive. Snack is not a guarantee. This is only in extreme cases.

7BirthdaysBirthdays will be celebrated quarterly, more information to follow with what is acceptable to bring as we approach that time. Contacting MeIf an important event is changing (modified pick up time/location/person), or it is a time-sensitive matter, please DO call the office and let us know right away. In an emergency situation, please call the office! If its not an emergencyE-mail is the best way. Why?? I am likely to be in the middle of teachingIt may be after hoursand I dont live at PPE To answer a call, I must leave the roomI check e-mails often, even in the evenings (and I have parents who can affirm this).

Behavior/ConsequencesDepending on the severity of the situation, your student will have consequences for their actions. We use bees in our classroom. For significant behavior issues, parent notification and/or possible principal intervention will occur. Please refer to PPE student handbook for further details.Allergies/Important InfoIf you noted/circled yes on the information paper we gave you asking about if your student has allergies, please let me know what your child is allergic to, and his/her name on a note card, provided on the tables. Or other pertinent medical information! If your childs pick up routine is different than YOU picking him/her up, please write down your childs name, and the plan (Extended Hours, daycare pick-up [and name of provider], sibling(s) names if they are walking child home, bus, etc.) on a note card.If you need food bags, please write down your childs name and food bag. PPE ConferencesPPE conference dates are different than the district conference dates. Please note this on our very own calendar on our PPE website. You will receive notice about conferences in your childs backpack and/or in their hands coming home. Contacting YouThe Kindergarten team usually uses colored paper (half or full sheets) to communicate with you about upcoming/important information. Please make sure these are read as soon as possible if you see them in their backpacks. Sometimes 5-6 year olds lose things! SoRemind 101To help further communication, I have decided to use an application on my smart phone called Remind 101, its free! Text @scoggi to (469) 212-9674 to receive whole class messages from me. This would only be used for reminder purposes; possible examples include*:

Snow Days Music Recitals Parent ConferencesPajama/Movie day reminder Extra supplies needed Field DayHomework reminders**

*Remember, I forget, too!**Only for when Fridays are non-contact days!NowANY Questions?


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