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Luzmaria Houston Senior Portfolio EDEL 483 – 2012 Fall Nevada State College. Elementary Teaching Internship Kermit R. Booker Elementary School Kindergarten Room 129a. Why I Want to Become a Teacher. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Elementary Teaching InternshipKermit R. Booker Elementary SchoolKindergarten Room 129a

    Luzmaria HoustonSenior Portfolio EDEL 483 2012 FallNevada State College

  • Why I Want to Become a TeacherIts been a long journey for me to get to this point and Im ready and anxious to begin teaching my own class. I am familiar with classroom procedures and have learned the day-to-day aspects of teaching. I feel comfortable in a classroom setting and have enjoyed working with the children. I want to be a teacher for all the right reasons and Im up to the challenge. I have the courage and a good work ethic and I know that I can be the kind of teacher who can make a positive difference in a childs life.

  • Component 1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy.

    Component 1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students.

    Component 1c: Selecting Instructional Goals.

    Component 1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources. Component 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction DOMAIN 1: PLANNING AND PREPARATION

  • Component 1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students Knowledge of students interests and cultural heritage. Hispanic Heritage Month Activities.Organized a meeting and met with Lynnette Sawyer- Founder of the Hispanic Museum of Las Vegas. Decorated the school office with Hispanic artifacts. The Kindergarten classes participated in the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. I rehearsed the dance La Raspa with a selected group of Kindergarten student from each class. Organized a group of parent volunteers to help decorated the stage.Great educational experience for all involved.

  • Component 1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of ResourcesResources for Teaching---------------- Resources for Students *Smart Board * Leap Frog * Books * Computer * Elmo**Writing Center * Science Center * Listening Center **Science Center * Math Materials * School Supplies *

  • Component 1e: Designing Coherent InstructionLearning activities-- Instructional materials and resources:

    Trophies-Kindergarten Daily LessonsPhonemic Awareness Sharing LiteraturePhonics EnVision and Saxon Math Lessons www. Personsuccess,net.com / Smart BoardSaxon Kindergarten Math-website/program on student computers Whole Group Lessons and individual work Math Materials * Math *Journals* Worksheets

  • Math and Language Arts ResourcesMath-Math Tubs with Math manipulatives: Counters, Cubes, Sequencing, One and one correspondents, Sorting, Shapes.

    Language Arts- Big Books, Poems, Songs and Rhymes, Pocket Charts, Flash Cards, Alphabet Cards, ABC Bean Bags

  • Domain 1- Reflection I learned that interning in an all day Kindergarten class was all about the details in planning and preparing. I was overwhelmed at first with everything I had to remember and do, but it got easier in time. Even though I had my lesson plans well thought out days before, the daily schedule of routines and procedures still needed to run smoothly for the children. From the minute I stepped into he room in the morning, I was on the go the entire day because there was always something to do and prepare. There was no rest for the weary, even when I wasnt feeling well. I knew things had to be done and I did it. Another detail I learned about planning and preparing is the ability to be flexible and learning to adjust your lesson plans when there is a change in the daily schedule for a last minute assembly or emergency.

  • Domain 1-SummaryI feel that Im at a proficient level in planning and preparation. I was responsible with the resources that were available and I took the initiative to make, create or seek out resources that were not readily available to me. I was always conscience and competent in my planning and preparing, no matter how long it took me, it would get done.


    Component 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and RapportTeacher Interaction with Students Student Interaction Component 2b: Establishing a Culture for LearningImportance of the Content Student Pride in Work Expectations- Learning and Achievement Participated in Citizenship AwardsComponent 2c: Managing Classroom ProceduresManagement of Instructional Groups Management of Transitions Management of Materials and Supplies Performance of Non-Instructional Duties-Monday Yard duty Supervision of Volunteers and Paraprofessionals Component 2d: Managing Student BehaviorExpectations Monitoring of Student Behavior Response to Student Misbehavior Component 2e: Organizing Physical SpaceSafety and Arrangement of Furniture Accessibility to Learning and Use of Physical Resources

  • 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

    Teacher Interaction with Students --------Student Interaction * One-on One * Teaching how to play a new game* Outside Activities2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning Importance of the Content* Student Pride in Work* Expectations for Learning and Achievement

  • Component 2c Managing Classroom ProceduresThe children really enjoy taking responsibility and helping out around the classroom. The children are assigned jobs every Monday morning to manage the classroom materials and supplies. The jobs for Classroom Helpers are put in a bucket and are randomly selected. The students not chosen one week will be first to get picked the next.

    Homework HelpersSupply PassersLight PersonDoor HolderPlayground HelpersCustodianPaper PassersPicture Card PasserLine LeadersTable CleanersSubstituteBack Pack HelperPencil SharpenerCaboose Lunch Card PassersErrand/ Attendance

  • Component 2d: Managing Student Behavior

    Expectations + Good = StickersMonitoring of Student Behavior No Treasure Box for MisbehaviorClass Team Work=Animal Balloons

  • Component 2c Managing Classroom Procedures

    Management of Instructional GroupsManaged Animal Groups for Literacy centers and Table Groups by Color. I had an opportunity to work the centers on the Smart Board and managed two rotations on a daily basis. I learned to arrange centers and added activities and worksheets by theme. There were 18 Literacy Centers.Fall/Autumn, Apples, Bats & Spiders, Pumpkins.Supervision of Volunteers and ParaprofessionalsI organized a group of parent volunteers to help dress the dancers for the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. I learned that parents are willing to help out if you just ask for itand we appreciated it.Lynette Sawyer from the Hispanic Museum of Las Vegas, was also very helpful in sharing her resources and Ideas.

  • Component 2e Organizing Physical SpaceSafety and Arrangement of Furniture* Accessibility to Learning and Use of Physical Resources

  • THE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENTReflection I learned that managing student behavior begins as soon as they walk in the classroom. The Behavior Chart and classroom rules are posted. The children are encouraged to make good choices and they are rewarded with stickers at the end of the day. Students that make bad choices will remove their close pin from Starry Eyes and not get a sticker for a chance to go in the Treasure Box. I made animal balloons for the children when the classroom worked well together. They needed to earn 31 balloons (the number of children in the class) In the future, I will use the Ready To Learn Behavior Chart.The childs name starts at Ready To Learn level and can move up and down the chart depending on how they behave.

  • Domain 2- Goals for continued learning My goal is to continue to work on my classroom management skills and learn how to monitor a behavioral plan to modify students misbehavior. I will continue learning to find new ways to get the students attention. Example, Give me five and 1-2-3 look at me. I will continue learning through professional growth classes.I will continue my professional relationships with my colleagues an learn from their vast knowledge and experience. I have learned over the years, that kindergarten classes are not created equal. Not in space, furnishings or resources. Ive learned that it is the teachers responsibility to build a community of learners where the children feel respected, safe, and accepted. The classroom should be the place where the children should feel encouraged to develop positive social skills with teachers and other children. I learned that children at this age group need structure and guidance throughout the day and that routine and procedures are essential for the foundation of any good learning environment.

  • DOMAIN 3: INSTRUCTIONComponent 3a: Communicating Clearly and AccuratelyDirections and Procedures Children followed directions to make Pumpkin Cheese PizzasOral & Written Language- - listened to instructions & wrote observation in Science Journal.Component 3b: Using Questioning and Discussion TechniquesQuality of Questions The children answer questions on the Big Blue Chart on a daily basis.Discussion Techniques One technique-K-W-LStudent Participation Students participate in Word Banks and Graphed their answers.Component 3c: Engaging Students in LearningRepresentation of Content- Artifacts of student work Activities and Assignments-Artifacts of Bat Activity.Grouping of Students- Table Math Tub Groups, Literacy Group Computer Waterford ProgramInstructional Materials and Resources Artifacts from student workComponent 3d: Providing Feedback to StudentsQuality: Accurate, Substantive, Constructive, and Specific and Timeliness- Assessment is immediate. I walked around and checked their work then marked it. Students then put it away in their personal cubby. Component 3e: Demonstrating Flexibility and ResponsivenessLesson Adjustment Lesson plans have adjusted or changed from time to time for last min