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Fruitland Park Elementary Kindergarten Roundup. Welcome! Please sign in!. What should we expect?. Reading: Harcourt Storytown “Getting to know you” activities Letter and sound recognition Begin blending sounds into words Reading sight words and short books. What should we expect?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Fruitland Park Elementary Kindergarten RoundupWelcome! Please sign in!

  • What should we expect? Reading: Harcourt StorytownGetting to know you activitiesLetter and sound recognitionBegin blending sounds into wordsReading sight words and short books

  • What should we expect?Writing: DNealian is the style of writing used in our county. His/her first name, recognizing it, spelling it, and writing it. Please also work on coloring, cutting, and gluing.

  • Writing Student NamePlease make sure that students learn to write their names with a capital letter at the beginning, the rest lower case letters. Here is an example: Melissa

  • What should we expect? Math:Harcourt Go Math Hands-on, manipulativesAt home, count pennies, beans, pieces of cereal, small candies, crayons, buttonsPlay games Workbooks are used in many of the classrooms

  • What should we expect?Social Studies:People and places are explored Social skills are discussed and developedCommunity leaders and resources are discovered

  • Breakfast/LunchBreakfast costs: Full price $1.00 Reduced price $.30Lunch Costs: Full price $1.75 Reduced price $.40 ( These are the 10-11 prices) Free and reduced lunch forms are available. You have the option of paying: * by cash * by check * on line www.MyLunchMoney.comChildren may also bring a lunch from home if you choose. Menus are available monthly.

  • Back PacksSend backpacks or book bags dailyCheck it/sign papers dailyFolders are put in book bags dailyParent/Teacher communication is managed daily through the folders

  • HomeworkYes, even in Kindergarten, they have homework. Monthly calendar of skills are sent home outlining homework activitiesDaily activities are sent homeSkills practiced in homework activities are based on skills learned each week at school and will prove to be beneficial at testing times.

  • Testing / GradingEach 9 weeks students are tested in specific and required skills.Report Cards are issued each 9 weeks Progress reports are sent home in the middle of the termGrades in kindergarten are:

    3 = Meets or exceeds grade level expectations 2 = Below grade level expectations 1 = Far below grade level expectations

  • Promotion RequirementsCumulative Score of 48 Points

    (24 in Language & 24 in Math)

  • A day in the life of a kindergartenerArrive at school, possibly eat breakfast (8:00 8:25)Put away belongingsMorning work activity at their seat journal writingAnnouncements, pledge, moment of silence (8:35)

  • A dayContinuedMorning Meeting Kindergarten news, Calendar, Helpers ChartReading Letter, sound activities, rhyming, big books, shared reading and writing, story activities, and literacy centers LunchSpecials (enrichment): Physical Education, Music, Library, Computer Lab

  • A dayContinuedMathCenter time- learning activities that are hands-on and individual instruction timeScience/Social StudiesSnackDismissal Please note that there is no recess, Free Play time or nap time.

  • Dismissal ProceduresBus riders, walkers, car riders, and daycare riders walk out with a teacher We all need to work together for the childrens safetyTraffic patterns must be observed at pick up areas in front/beside the schoolSend a note when normal mode of transportation changes- no exceptions.

  • Visitors on CampusWalking students to class :Please only walk the children to class through the first week of school then the children need to go by themselves Volunteer forms need to be completed at the beginning of year (They will be in the information packets at the beginning of the school year)

  • Behavior expectationsGive me Five1- Eyes on speaker2- Lips closed3- Ears listening4- Sit up straight5- Hands and Feet Quiet

  • Daily Behavior SheetA daily behavior sheet comes home each day in your childs folder. It should be signed each night and returned the next day.

  • Consequences1st consequence: Warning2nd consequence: Name moved to Yellow on the traffic light3rd consequence: name moved to Orange on the traffic light4th consequence: name moved to Red on the traffic lightSevere disruption: Child sent to the office.Brown

  • RewardsStudents whose names are on the happy face or green at the end of the day receive a stamp on their hand and/or a treat. Students who are able to have good weeks are able to receive a reward or a visit to the treasure box on Fridays.

  • Supplies Crayola crayons, no larger than 16 per box. This allows for true colors and less confusion with the children.Pencil boxScissors, with blunt or safety tip4 oz. Elmers glueFacial tissues like KleenexZip lock baggies ( 1 box)

  • Our TeachersMrs. HallowellMrs. WittmanMiss BinneveldMrs. DaleyMrs. WestfallMrs. Mitchell

  • Registration RequirementsPlease register as soon as possible.

    You will need:

    Birth certificateSocial Security Card (optional)Physical examination dated August 22, 2010 or later Proof of residence, such as Electric bill, Lease agreement, Property bill

  • Attention: Please be advised that students coming from Pre-K will need UPDATED SHOT RECORDS to enroll in Kindergarten. You may register anytime between now and the beginning of the school year. We highly encourage you to register early!

  • 2011 2012 Immunization RequirementsImmunization record which includes:5 DPT

    4 Polio (*New: If the fourth dose is administered prior to the 4th birthday, a fifth dose of POLIO vaccine is required for entry into kindergarten)

    3 Hepatitis B

    2 Varicella

    2 Doses MMR

  • Questions? Thank you so much for attending.

    Please follow us to the classrooms, where you can get an idea of what the students are doing here in Kindergarten now.


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