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See how our white label model completely reshapes the web development landscape ;)


<ul><li> 1. Web Servicesfrom Clouds A Private Label Solution Clouds that give you the CLOUT that puts you in control to provide the full spectrum of web services for SME's From 10 websites a yearto 2 websites a dayYou set theROI rate you like </li></ul> <p> 2. The Market Web development market for SME's is approx.$2bn p.a. 30% year-on-year growth Fragmented market No standards No dominant players No dominant technology End users choose by geographical vicinity DIY approach mainly applies to hobby users rather than corporate users 3. The Technology The static, HTML content is over Customers need content management system (CMS) The web agencies may use: Their own CMS (costly to develop and keep up-to-date) Open source CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) CMS1.0 Online CMS Pre-configured CMS 2.0 Customizable CMS 3.0 4. The CMS Evolution CMS 1.0CMS 2.0 CMS 3.0 PHP Knowledge Hobby usersLimited templates CSS Knowledge Few default modules For business uses No customizability Long development Few default modules Domain registration Hosting required Off-line build 5. The CMS Evolution 60+ default modules Pro and hobby uses Quick implement time Hosting included Hosting includedFull backup-restore 1000+ templates Domain registration CMS 1.0CMS 2.0 CMS 3.0 Programmable Easy to use for hobbies Live help desk PHP Knowledge Hobby usersLimited templates CMS 1.0CMS 2.0CMS 3.0 CSS Knowledge Few default modules For business uses No customizability Long development Few default modules Domain registration Hosting required Off-line build 6. Comparison 7. The CMS Choice Option A CMS 1.0 Create a design graphic designer Build the site PHP specialist Select the CMS framework, download, implement maintain/update framework-savvy programmer Select and integrate the right plugins with the framework - framework-savvy programmer Upload the site to a hosting company and provide continuous support - framework-savvy programmer Upload/maintain content content manager SEO - framework-savvy programmer + SEM Company 8. The CMS Choice Option B CMS 3.0 Create Design graphic designer Do the site build CSS sitebuilder or the background (cloud) service provider Activate functions/modules content manager Upload/maintain content content manager SEO content manager or the background (cloud) service provider 9. White Label ModelPowered by a powerful engine that has a state-of-the-artonline CMS: WE: keep developing, updating the engine; operate it for you as a white label; provide from one central place all the web services that your network may ever need. 10. White Label Model YOU: market the system; brand with your image; build a multilevel reseller structure under yourumbrella; allow your resellers to brand the service with theirimage; set the price structure at your discretion and allowyour resellers to add their margins at their discretion; collect the money for all the services and distribute itdown the foodchain as per your arrangements 11. Offer Full Service 12. Some of Our ModulesAddThis social mediaEvent calendar sharing In-depth SEOBuilt in mailingsettings system E-commerceVideo, picture, and utilityaudio galleries Domain registrationwizard Create any design Infinitecustomizability Widgets and Multimedia Login and integrationProtected content 13. Benefits Industry leading technology Continuously being developed Always up-to-date Centrally operated and developed No need to re-work or re- program your sites one by one. They will be all automatically updated with the latest CMS technology Over 60 modules (incl. video-, audio-, picture galleries, blog, forum, state-of-the-art e-commerce tool, etc.) 14. Benefits No coding required. You or your resellers sell, we provide the service. Any design can be implemented by you. Or you can leave it to us. Send us your design, and you get the website built with your design within 48 hours. We stay in the backstage. You and/or your resellers get the spotlight. Who runs the brand takes the fame. 15. Insert your brand to continue.... Thank you! </p>