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  • 1. White Label Solutions
  • 2. Benzy Infotech
    • Started in 2006
    • Benzy Infotech providesconsultingandIT services to travel industry- partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.
  • 3. We Offers
    • -Airline Distribution System
    • -Internet Booking Engine
    • -Agency Back Office Automation
    • -Travel Application Interfaces
    • -Web Services
    • -Travel Technology Consulting
    • -Airline Contact Centre
    • -Forex Management
    • -Fleet management
    • -Cargo management
    • -Hotel Management
    • -Payment Gateway Integration
  • 4. What is White Label Solution?
    • A white label solution is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to give live access to all our major travel products to the partners web site visitors and customers , offering all fares and tariffs with or without discounts on flights, hotels etc.
    • The partner agent can decide his own markups or discount structure without any reference of Benzy Infotech And the sale is completed online with out any interference by the agent , but with his own branding.
  • 5. How does it work?
    • Our white labels solutions are hosted on our dedicated secure servers with live connection to GDS/ CRS, LCC (Indian and International Low Cost Domestic Carriers), Full Service Carriers and Hotel API's.
    • Our systems give your visitors instant access to the best available and live availability flight offers and airline inventory.
    • Auto generated booking can be booked by your customer online and make the payment online with credit card, print his own E-tickets with your look feel and branding, and the confirmation is sent to your customers.
    • Our Product also offers over 6000 Hotels in India, 70,000 Hotels Worldwide.
    • Our white label solution gives travel agents the opportunity to instantly scale up their offering as well as add a complementary revenue stream.
  • 6.
    • When setting up an account, Benzy Infotech will assign a unique Agent code id which will be used by the agent to track all his sales and commission accrued.
    • Our white label solutions come with an administration area where our partners can track their sales by day and product with opportunity with mark up, discounts and to see the commission earned transition by transition.
    • Avoid the hassles of integrating with each airline.
    • Buy any products online with available trading balance in the agents account.
    • Earn commission on Cut & Pay basis.
    • Option to create sub-user administration id for the staff/Dept
  • 8. Products on offer
    • Flight booking
    • Domestic ,International Low Cost Carriers & GDS carriers.
    • International LCC:
    • Air Arabia
    • Jazeera Airways
    • Air India Express
    • Bahrain Air
    • Jetstar
    • Air Asia
  • 9.
    • Holiday Packages
    • Domestic
    • international packages
    • Insurance
    • Domestic as well as international.
  • 10.
    • Hotel booking
    • Bus Booking
  • 11. Benefits
    • Admin console- to create logins for various outlets.
    • Set your own
    • - commission levels
    • - credit limit
    • - Mark up/ service charges
    • Detailed MIS report
    • Secure Flight Login module to administer your supplier logins
    • We offer reservations on Abacus, Galileo and for your ease we can also create a bridge with Your PCC Code & Our PCC Code so that Retrieving and Queing PNR becomes easy.
  • 12. Live Sample Sites
  • 13. It Can be..
  • 14. Put Own Banners while searching the flights!!
  • 15. B2B White label
  • 16. B2B Flight Booking
  • 17.
  • 18. Live Bookings View
  • 19. Special Fare Loading Module
  • 20. Flight login module
  • 21. We offer services to
  • 22.