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Statistics and Technical Info


  • 1. uCoz White Label Statistics and Technical Info

2. OUR SYSTEM Part I 3. uCoz overview uCoz is the biggest and most popular site builder in Eastern Europe Strategic investor: Winner of: Place in Top 15 Fastest Growing Properties in Europe. - Place in global top 300 World rankings: 4. Current uCoz structure 5. Solutions Picasa integration Migration from Wordpress Migration from blogger.com Wizard Products Advertising network Traffic exchange SEO-module Video player Main Templates repository Simplification of the registration Mailing Lists manager ucoz.tv uID at oAuth Administrative panel update Website creation wizard E-shop affiliate program Upcoming updates 6. Some uCoz websites examples (Hundreds of thousands of websites are created on our platform in many languages) E-shops: Fan sites: Blogs and communities: Educational sites: And many others 7. OUR WHITE LABEL Part II 8. What is uCoz White Label Our ready-to-go website builder - under your Brand name YOU Marketing: to attract the customers and to locate a project Monetization Users (community) support uCoz Team Technical support and management of the platform functioning Development of the platform Consultation regarding any kind of issues (including customer support) Revenue share 9. 2$ 42$ 4$ 54$ 5$ 66$ 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Service is FREE Service is PAID 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Average potential income from each user per year Usually up to 9% of free users became paid in future (4% do that in first 2 month of using the service) 10. Expected users on a first year: up to 500.000 (93% free - 7% paid) Opportunity of proper advertising fo the new service Testing of premium payment schemes Integration of various services (Potential income up to $3.5 million) Possible expectations for your market (first year) 500.000 Users $3.5 M illion 11. Expected users on a second year: up to 1.000.000 (91% free - 9% paid) Improving and perfection of service image for users (Potential income up to - $8 million) Possible expectations for your market (second year) 1.000.000 Users $8 M illion 12. TECHNICAL DATA Part III 13. Supermicro (2xXeonQC E5606) Cost 5000-6000$ Each server can handle more than 3 million requests per day Uptime: 99.9% Efficiently managing high loads of traffic Up to 20.000 websites on each server Mailing and Backup servers are separated from others Tech Information The server system is decentralized which means that problems with one single server wont cause any failure for the rest. Several data centers are ready to step in for each other in case if one of them would black out. 14. Two administrators is enough for maintainance of whole server system (more than 60 servers) System is protected from any kinds of distributed denial-of-service attacks and slashdot effects The hardware systems allows to prevent even a short-term failures Tech Information DDOS Protected Anti- Failure Protection SLASH DOTTING 15. The System work doesnt produce any considerable flows of Internet traffic which allows to keep expenses pretty low. When it comes to streaming video or large files trasnfering we prefer to use our partners solution or various affilate programs. Any possible option can be integrated with the system. (Current amount of system bit rate is 4 Gbps average 50-100 Mbps per each server). Whole system is fully created by our lead developers. Unique code is written in Perl and C++. As our web servers we use : Apache (Daemon) and nginx. Current OS Linux free software provides more flexibility and opportunities). Tech Information 16. STATISTICAL DATA Part IV 17. Monthly hits on users websites in uCoz system 18. Monthly visitors on users websites in uCoz system 19. Alternative charts 20. We would be glad to have you as our partner! All rights reserved uCoz