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  1. 1. White Label Cloud PBX For Telecom Operators LAUNCH
  2. 2. You want to increase ARPU, boost customers loyalty and earn more Your existing Virtual PBX product is a headache to sell and support You want a turnkey solution perfectly fit your customers needs You want to optimize your operating costs Why Would You Want It? www.voverc.com/en 02
  3. 3. What's The Fuzz? 03 Voverc Cloud PBX for Telecom Operators Your customers will launch the pbx in just one minute Instantly ready to sell for you and your resellers Employ our cloud or deploy your own instance Flat monthly fee per active users We run the system and provide 2nd tier support, you sell the service and support your customers We couch your sales & support team and provide our marketing expertise www.voverc.com/en
  4. 4. PREMIUM FEATURES FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS Cloud PBX Auto Attendants Business hours routing Groups Call history and call events Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Advanced Voicemail Custom greetings and music Bypassing IVR for a known customer Call Recording Call Forwarding SIP Trunk connection Multi-location office management Shared contact list Multi-level IVR And more Polished UX/UI Standalone App for PCs/Mac and Mobile (iOS & Android) BASIC FEATURES EASY TO USE Softswitch class 5 Tailored user interface Integration with Billing System of your choice (or use our own). Compatible with any SIP Equipment Expertise in marketing and sales Training for sales, support and operating teams 2nd tier support What's inside? 04www.voverc.com/en FOR PROVIDER
  5. 5. Your customers enjoy your branded service Voverc Server (SLA 99,99%) Employ our cloud or deploy own instance Route your DIDs to the service Let us integrate the service with your billing system or use our solution Deploy Package We provide marketing and sales expertise We provide 2nd tier support We charge only for active customers Branded interface Virtual Number Cloud PBX Virtual Office Earn Market Sell Manage Earn Provide us with your guidelines to customize interfaces Package your own products Decide your own pricing 05www.voverc.com/en How does it work?
  6. 6. How to proceed? 06www.voverc.com/en Connect your DIDs through SIP Trunks to the service, utilizing either public Internet or VPN Provide us with your brand guidelines and we build branded User Interfaces Market and Sell ! Instant service Maximum control EMPLOY OUR CLOUD INSTANCE We allocate capacity at our PaaS instance UTILIZE YOUR OWN INFRASTRUCTURE We deploy our software to your servers or install our appliances at your data center
  7. 7. Awesome interface 08www.voverc.com/en Your brand and colors
  8. 8. White label Desktop App (For Windows and OS) 09www.voverc.com/en GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A VALID ALTERNATIVE TO VOIP DESKPHONES We rebrand our App for desktop to let you make and receive calls, transfers and more, directly from their computer
  9. 9. White label mobile applications (for Android and iOS) 10www.voverc.com/en GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS COMPLETE MOBILITY We offer a totally customisable white label VoIP App for iOS and Android. We also help you publish branded applications to both Google Play and Apple App Store.
  10. 10. Contact us for a free demo!