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Gilla designs, markets and distributes electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and accessories. E-cigarettes are replacements for traditional cigarettes allowing smokers to reproduce the smoking experience. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and are not smoking cessation devices.


  • 1. Whats missing from these pictures? Gilla e-cigarettes.They are the perfect un-smoking (smoking, but not really smoking!) accessory for those times when you cant, or shouldnt, light up. GILLA INC. | 2241 HOLLYWOOD BLVD, HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA 33020 | WWW.GILLAINC.COM THE OPPORTUNITY: White label branding Automatically covered under our insurance policy Incredible price point Quality product
  • 2. GILLA INC. | 2241 HOLLYWOOD BLVD, HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA 33020 | WWW.GILLAINC.COM Equal to 1.5 packs of cigarettes, but costs less than one Two piece, all-metal product and ingredients are tested to meet or exceed standards for the EU, NA and SA ISO9001 certied facilities where cartomizers are hand lled (best practice) QUALITY & VALUE WHY E-CIGS? Non-toxic, non-cancer-causing alternative to tobacco products No oensive smells or second-hand smoke All ingredients are organic or vegetable-based FULLY COVERED Proper product liability insurance Participating partners are named on the policy in the amount of USD$5 million We have you covered WHITE LABEL E-CIGARETTES The perfect way to further brand your business with unique, customized packaging A fun, clean way to add value for your community of customers Something that people will take with them and continue to talk about