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Next Steps. Guy Warner NGS Induction, NeSC, March 15 th 2006. Acknowledgements. Most slides are from GOSC / NGS: Stephen Pickles Neil Geddes Andy Richards. Goal of talk. Thus far the emphasis has been on what the NGS is, and how to use its core services. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Policy for re-useThis presentation can be re-used for academic purposes.

    However if you do so then please let know. We need to gather statistics of re-use: no. of events, number of people trained. Thank you!!

  • AcknowledgementsMost slides are from GOSC / NGS:Stephen PicklesNeil GeddesAndy Richards

  • Goal of talkThus far the emphasis has been on what the NGS is, and how to use its core services.

    The goal of this talk is to ensure that intending users of the NGS know what support services and procedures are provided by GOSC.

  • OverviewStory so far

    The Grid Operations Support Centre

    Joining the NGS

    More training??!

    Information sources

  • The story so farThe National Grid Service is providing a production serviceIt is a developing, dynamic service!Core services in place: data, computation, portalNew middleware en routeMore sites joining International perspectives EGEE, TeragridGrid Operations Support Centre is poised to help you

  • GOSCThe Grid Operations Support Centre is a distributed virtual centre providing deployment and operations support for the UK e-Science programme.

  • GOSC RolesUK Grid ServicesNational ServicesAuthentication, authorization, certificate management, VO management, security, network monitoring, help desk + support NGS Services Job submission, data transfer, data access and integration, resource brokering, monitoring, grid management services, operations centre,NGS core-node ServicesCPU, (meta-) data storage, key software Services coordinated with others (eg OMII, NeSC, LCG, EGEE): Integration testing, compatibility & Validation Tests, User Management, training

    Administration:SecurityPolicies and acceptable use conditions Resource providers: service level agreements, Coordinate deployment and Operations

  • Help Desk Access GridCertificationCondorETFFor InformationGeneralGT2GT3GT4Globus-MDSGridFTPInternalMaillistMyproxyNGSOGSA-DAIProject RegistrationRASecuritySRBSupport NoticesTrainingUnicore

  • Joining the NGSWhy join?!Joining asUsersIndividualProjects (VOs)Resource providers

  • Why Join?Users increasingly want resources as services and not as complicated bits of kitcommon interfaces across a range of facilities

    Funders of regional and national facilities want common interfaces to lower barriers to access

    By joining you leverage the national expertise in running these servicestechnical advice and supportsecurity procedures and incident responsetools to help monitor and patchGet it at lower cost by joining the NGSMembers get a say in the technical decisions about the NGSBasis for collaboration, sharing resources with UK and International colleagues

  • How Do I Get A Certificate?You need a valid UK certificate before applying for an NGS account:, the UK Certificate Authority.You will probably need to provide non-electronic proof of identity to your local representative of the CA.For example: a photocopy of your passport.See that you use the same browser (on the same computer) that you sent the request from to download your certificate.Always keep this certificate secure.

  • User Registration (Process)User Applies(Via Website)Application Submitted to Peer Review PanelApplication QCApproved ?Rejected(User Notified)Accepted(User Notified)User added to NGS VO(includes SRB account)User added NGS-USER andNGS-ANNOUNCEMailing lists

  • Projects and VOsJust need access to compute and data resources for users in your project?Currently, mainly applications from individualsproject-based applications being dealt with case-by-case, as procedures are establishedif in doubt, talk to GOSC!

    Want to host your data on NGS?consider GridFTP, SRB, Oracle, or OGSA-DAINGS maintains infrastructureyou populate and manage data

    Want to use NGS resources to provision services, portals for a community of users?next slide

  • Providing services for a VONGS resources can be used to provide a portal (or portlets) or other service for your communityDeployment and security scenarios are negotiableNGS policies (core nodes):your portal can present its own, or a delegated users credential to NGS, but tasks should be traceable to initiating end-useryou should not run your own services in user space without prior agreement of NGS and hosting sitewe need to know that services are secure, will not jeopardise operation of other NGS services, or consume too much precious resource on head nodesTalk to GOSC!

  • Resource providersResource providers join the NGS byDefining level of service commitments Adopting NGS acceptable use and security policiesRun compatible middlewareas defined by NGS Minimum Software Stackand verified by compliance test suiteSupport monitoring and accounting

    Two levels of membershipAffiliates run compatible stack, integrated supportPartners also contribute significant resources

  • More training?Watch for EGEE events and materials repository.

    TELL US WHAT YOU WANT !!!!In future versions of this courseIn application developer courses..

  • NeSC UK TrainingEstablishing set of core courses:Induction, sysadmin, application devel.,For EGEE (current and gLite), NGSCooperating with OMIIFundamentals: WS, WS-RFIn NeSC national role:Building collaborations to support/co-deliver training with UK e-science centres and VOsEstablishing repository (for EGEE) and website NeSCs regional role, providing: events in ScotlandTraining and support for potential & current users of grids

  • Information Sources

  • EU WEB SITESEGEE activity homepage: training events since the start of EGEE



    The Grid Cafe www.gridcafe.orgMore EU sites: 4th Conference in Pisa go via e-Infrastructures Reflection Group

  • UK resourcesNational Grid Service Operations Support Centre e-Science Centre Training Roadmap ALSO: regional centres, centres of excellence and NIEeS, NCeSSUK AHM 2004:

    User Registration Process

    Schematic overview of the user registration process including peer review process now in place.

    The process can take up to 7 days (maximum) during which time if no reject statements have been received from anyone on the peer review panel, then the user is accepted and granted an account and subscribed to the User related NGS mailing lists.

    (Note: SRB account is also automatically generated at this stage, but until we know the licensing issue then we are not making this publicly known!)