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  • 1. LMS Next Steps: Moving from ANGEL to CanvasWashington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges April 22, 2012
  • 2. The Washington System Governor Appointed 4-year Board Private Colleges & Colleges Universities SBCTC 29 Community & 5 Technical Colleges
  • 3. Enrollment Distribution 10 Basic Skills and Pre-38 College Workforce 49 Transfer
  • 4. System Highlights 34 community and technical colleges in Washington In 2010-11 161,000 FTEs 330,000 headcount 96,600 students who took an online class 34,000 students who took a hybrid class 37 percent of all graduates earn 15 or more credits online or hybrid Total eLearning FTES increased by 25 percent from 2007-08 to 2008-09.
  • 5. Strategic Technology PlanStrategy I: Create a single, system-wide suite of online teaching and learning tools that provides all Washington students with easy access to anywhere, anytime learning. http://www.sbctc.edu/general/a_strategictechplan.aspx
  • 6. WashingtonOnline (WAOL)
  • 7. WAOL supports Single ANGEL license for 22 colleges, plus pooled enrollment system Blackboard Collaborate for all colleges Tegrity for all colleges NW eTutoring Consortium Professional development for all tools The Open Course Library..saving our system $6 million/year
  • 8. The SearchCommittee: SBCTC Staff, eLearningDirectors, LMDC (Librarians), ITC,Instruction Commission, StudentServices, ADA Council, FacultyAssociation, Six Universities
  • 9. The Search Timeline: Sept, 2011 Committee Formed Oct, 2011 Faculty Surveyed Nov, 2011 RFP Out Jan, 2012 RFPs scored, Finalists Chosen Feb, 2012 Sandboxes Open to Faculty Testers Mar, 26th, 27th Onsite Demos, Successful Vendor Chosen
  • 10. Why Canvas?Why Canvas: First choice of faculty testers Highest score on technical response Highest score on vendor references Hosts in the cloud Great use of mobile and social media Integration and sharing/trust relationships
  • 11. Timeline/What Happens NextTimeline July 2012 Contract begins Summer 2012 Integration and Set Up Fall 2012 Pilots and Scaled Up Training Winter 2013 Colleges transition on their schedule June 2014 ANGEL contract ends
  • 12. Cost Model (Prospective) FTE based rather than active user Will cost less than $4 per active user Questions: Is the learning management system a core technology? If so, should it be centrally funded?
  • 13. http://www.slideshare.net/sbctc98632 Scott Dennis eLearning Professional Development Manager (360) 747-7211 / sdennis@sbctc.edu Connie Broughton Director, eLearning and Open Resources 360-704-4334 / cbroughton@sbctc.edu