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"You know the basics of Resharper. In this presentation I show you what's next." I gave this presentation as a follow up on an earlier one that showed the very basics of Resharper. This time I demonstrated things like code analysis, project-level assistance, unit testing, code generation, navigation and search and templates.



R#Next steps1Areas to R#Code analysis

Controls in the editor

Coding assistance

Project-level assistance

Unit testing

Code generation

Navigation and Search

Code Templates


Code analysisCode inspectionErrorWarningSuggestionHint

Finding out whats wrong

Code analysis ErrorCode inspection

Code analysis WarningCode inspection

Code analysis SuggestionCode inspection

Code analysis HintCode inspection

Code analysis HoverFinding out whats wrong

Code analysis Marker barFinding out whats wrong

Code analysis Status barFinding out whats wrong

controls in the editorAction bar

Marker bar


controls in the editorAction bar

controls in the editorFixed indicatorsUnit test methodUnit test classInterface has implementationsType is overriddenMember is interface implementation Member overrides virtual or abstractMember hides same in base class

Action bar

controls in the editorDynamic indicatorsQuick fix errorQuick fix Warning, suggestion or hintInplace refactoringCode refactoringContext actionSurround action Action bar

Unit testingRecognizing Unit Tests

Unit test explorer

Unit test sessions

Running tests

Unit testingRecognizing Unit Tests

Unit testingUnit test explorer

Unit testingUnit test sessions

Unit testingRunning tests

Code generationConstructors



Code Generation Constructors

Code GenerationPropertiesConverting

Code GenerationOtherImplement and override members Generate delegating members Generate partial members Generate equality members (Equals() and GetHashCode() methods) Generate equality comparer class for your type Generate formatting members (ToString() methods)

MoreSearch & Navigate


Custom patterns

Code cleanup

Quick documentationRefactorings

MoreSearch & NavigateGo to everything

Find usagesNavigate To/From

MoreSearch & NavigateExceptions


MoreCustom patternsSearch patterns

Replace patterns

MoreCode cleanup

MoreQuick documentationQuick info

MoreRefactoringsAdjust NamespacesChange SignatureConvert Abstract Class to InterfaceConvert Anonymous to Named TypeConvert Extension Method to Plain StaticConvert Indexer to MethodConvert Interface to Abstract ClassConvert Iterator to MethodConvert Method to IndexerConvert Method to PropertyConvert Property to Auto-PropertyConvert Property to Method(S)Convert Static to Extension MethodCopy TypeEncapsulate FieldExtract Class from ParametersExtract InterfaceExtract MethodExtract SuperclassExtract ClassInline ClassInline FieldInline MethodInline VariableInline ParameterIntroduce FieldIntroduce ParameterIntroduce VariableMake Method/Property Non-StaticMake Method/Property StaticMoveLoading...Move Types Into Matching FilesPull Members upPush Members downPush/Pull ParametersRemove Unused ReferencesRenameReplace Constructor with Factory MethodSafe DeleteTransform Out ParametersUse Base Type Where PossibleInplace RefactoringsResolving Conflicts in Refactorings