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The culture we want to work inWhat we heardFUNCore to the Sportsbet Brand, we want to enjoy coming to workCUSTOMER FOCUSEDWe place the customer at the centre of everything we do and every decision we makeCOLLABORATIONWorking together, both within the Departments and also with other DepartmentsFOSTERING PERFORMANCECreating a culture where everyone is accountable for driving success

FunCustomer FocusedCollaborationFostering PerformanceFunCustomer FocusedCollaborationFostering PerformanceCOMMENTBeing Fun is not only part of the companys DNA but its also something that the Operations team do well now. As such we feel that this is an area that doesnt require too much change. This is not to say that we want to stop focusing on having fun just play on for now!ACTIONFirst and foremost, lets make sure that any cultural initiatives that we do dont detract from the fun culture that we currently have. Secondly, if you do have any fun ideas then let us know. . ACTIONThe customer is a central part of the strategy, if we do a good job of building each of the themes within the strategy then we will nail this one. We also need to make a conscious effort to ensure that with every decision we make every day we have what the customer would want as the top consideration. COMMENTIt was great to see a number of people talk about wanting to put the customer first in everything we do. I wouldnt say it is something we a currently poor at but given its importance (it is the core part of the Operations Purpose Statement) we could always look to improve in this areaCOMMENTThe honest feedback that came from the other departments suggests that we need to focus on how we work with those departments. There is also a piece that came through in your surveys about how the teams within the department need to work better together. ACTIONWe will establish a steering group headed by Tony and Nick focused on how we can improve Collaboration within the Operations Department and also with other Departments in the company. COMMENTThis came up again and again as a constant theme of what we want to see from the Operations team with a lot of words used such as accountability, responsibility, performance, role clarity, achievement e.t.c.ACTIONFirst thing we need to do is flesh out exactly what a performance culture looks like. To do this we will establish a steering group led by Liam and Kirsha who will be looking into ways that we can develop a culture that fosters performance

Moving On UpSo What Can I Do?For each of the Steering Groups we will be recruiting members over the coming week or soThe steering groups working on each initiative will be playing an active role across the department and will be seeking you all out for input. Please do not hesitate to approach the steering groups to share your thoughts and ideasThere will be various initiatives (some big and some small) that the steering groups will look at doing that I encourage people to put their hands up for. Please let myself, Liam, Kirsha or Nick know that you are keenAnd most important of all. Remember that you dont need to be on a steering group or working on a specific initiative to move us towards the culture we want to work in. As leaders in the department everything that you do has the ability to (hopefully positively) effect the culture