mobile game testing insights: common mistakes and tips to avoid them

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Mobile Game Testing Insights: Common Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

When moderating a testing session, try and talk as little as possible about the game or the app. It is perfectly fine to be mute and not provide the player any information about the game.

Let the players figure out by themselves. Let them comprehend the mechanics of the game from the installation to the very first play.

1. Too much guidance

Dont assume that the players will always understand the in-game menu. While testing the game, try and speak to the test subjects to speak about the menus and items in the game. Are the players able to understand what each button and setting do? How do they think when moving around the different items in the menu?

It is often observed that teams skip past the start screen and the menu options, which is bad. There may lay usability errors in the menu system and you may not even know it.

It is recommended to check if the options include easy mode and handicapped mode for the players with disabilities. The options might change the color scheme for the players with impartial eye sights, enable detailed subtitles for the players who cant hear and change the game pace for the players with mobility or cognitive problems.

2. Assuming too much

If you are making a game that appeals the different age and gender groups, then you should test the game with all of them. With learning games aimed for small children, you should test the game with their parents who actually would buy the game to the children.

If they cant understand the concept then chances are they wont buy the game.

3. Testing with just one demographic

Dont distract your customers by asking too many questions and taking them away from the gaming world. Rather, ask them to play and express their experience. Ask them what they feel about the game at the moment and try making questions as open ended as possible.

The less you interrupt the player, the better! Try to observe the body language- are they tensed or relaxed? How does their body react to the certain actions in the game? When during the game do their eyes glare? And more...

4. Talking too much

Taking notes is important, but so is recording the actual tests. It is recommended to use a combination of screen recorder and a video camera aimed at the face of the test subject. Couple this setup with skin response sensors to validate your test results efficiently.

The skin response sensor will show what the player is actually feeling by measuring the strong emotional responses. These sensors are also available for testing video games like Play Stations or Xbox, which is built into the game controller itself, giving you a pleasant, non-invasive way to test your game. The eye tracking device allows you to have maximum results for in-depth data.

5. Not recording the sessions

To share insights about this article or mobile game testing as a concept, contact Bugraptors, a CMMi5 certified quality Assurance Company with an extensive experience in various testing forms and processes. And remember: dont assume, Test!

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