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MFMP 3.0 What’s New Office Hours Webinar 2011

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  • MFMP 3.0 What’s New

    Office Hours Webinar


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    • Welcome to MFMP 3.0

    • Webinar Objectives

    • Week One Review

    • Maximize Searches

    • MFMP 2.0 IR attachments

    • Catalogs and Requisitions

    • Q&A

    • Resources


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    Welcome to MFMP 3.0

    MFMP upgraded on September 6, 2011

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    Webinar Objectives

    • Answer your questions about MFMP 3.0

    – Open discussion forum

    – Week One

    – Maximize the search function

    – MFMP 2.0 IR attachments

    – Suggested topics are catalogs and requisitions

    • Demo in the system as needed and as time permits

    Welcome to MFMP 3.0

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    Handling Questions

    • With nearly 200 on today‘s webinar, we need to keep phone lines muted to maintain good sound quality for all participants

    • To address your questions, we‘ll use this process:– Use the webinar ―chat‖ feature to let us know you have

    a question.

    – We will unmute the phone lines and call your name so you can state your question.

    – We will mute the phone lines again as we address your question.

    Welcome to MFMP 3.0

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    System Searches

    • Any customer with MFMP 3.0 access can create system


    • Query group enables you to see transactions

    enterprise wide

    • You can export search results to Excel

    • Use at least three search criteria

    – PUI

    – Date Range

    – Other such as vendor, supplier invoice number, or requester

    Maximize Searches

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    Maximize Searches

    Refined System Searches

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    Steps to locate attachments for MFMP 2.0 IRs• From the Home tab on your Dashboard, select Search

    • Select Invoice eForm

    • In the Supplier Invoice #: field, enter the Supplier‘s Invoice

    number, which should be the first number listed in the IR before

    the dash (-), e.g., 20803835

    • Click Search and the Invoice eForm will return

    • Click on the Invoice eForm number and scroll down to the

    Comments section at the bottom of the INEF

    • Here you will locate the attachments associated with the Invoice

    Reconciliation (IR20803835-1992474)

    MFMP 2.0 IR Attachments

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    Copying MFMP 2.0 items

    • Copy MFMP 2.0 requisitions as a basis for MFMP 3.0


    • Confirm that all fields are updated and relevant

    (including updated accounting information)

    • Order prefix is now ―PO‖ instead of ―DO‖ in MFMP


    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Catalogs and Requisitions

    Create Requisitions

    • State Purchasing creates statewide agreements, State

    Term Contracts (STC) and Alternate Contract

    Sources (ACS)

    • Use of STC are mandatory for state agencies

    • STC and ACS are available in the MFMP catalog

    – Punch-out

    – Line-item

    – Ordering Instructions

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    Create Requisitions

    • MFMP 3.0 streamlines the requisitioning process; to

    put the emphasis on what you‘re buying

    • From the dashboard, you can search the catalogs or

    click the Requisition link to create requisitions

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Create Requisitions

    • Use refined catalog searches

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Create Requisitions

    • Customize your view of the catalog to see multiple items at one

    time by clicking on ‗thumbnail‘ link

    • If you cannot find what you‘re looking for in the catalog, create a

    non-Catalog requisition; fill in all product details

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Create Requisitions

    • Compare line item catalog products to determine the best value

    • Select the items you want to consider and click Compare

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Create Requisitions

    • Your items are available for side by side comparison

    • Select the item you want to add to your cart

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Create Requisitions

    • Master Agreements are now Contracts

    – Applies to both STC and Agency Term Contracts

    – Existing Master Agreements at ―go-live‖ continue to have an

    ―MA‖ prefix until current MA expires and a new contract is

    created in MFMP 3.0.

    • At that point it will have a ―C‖ prefix

    • Change Orders made against an existing MFMP 2.0 order will

    continue to be ―versioned‖ and will include a ―v‖

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Approve Requisitions

    • Finds items that require your approval in your ‗To Do‘

    list on either your Home tab or the Procurement tab

    • Queue displays the requester

    Catalogs and Requisitions

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    Additional training– Exclusive MFMP recorded training ―tours‖

    • ―What‘s New in MFMP 3.0‖ series

    • Usual functional series

    – ―What‘s New in MFMP 3.0‖ webinars

    • Next two weeks

    – ―Office Hours‖ webinars each Friday in September

    – Resume regular fall workshop training schedule in October

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    MFMP 3.0 Tools & Communications– Updated MFMP 3.0 Manual and System Administrator Manual

    – MFMP 3.0 Week One Kit

    – MFMP 3.0 Week One Daily Tips

    • Find all of these, plus links to training registration on our MFMP 3.0

    upgrade website—one spot for you to find what you need!



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    When you have questions, either before or after the

    upgrade, feel free to contact the MFMP Customer

    Service Desk.

    (866) 352-3776

    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

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    MFMP 3.0 Launched September 6, 2011

    Delivering the change our customers requested