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  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


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  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    The Stor ofa NovelThe Genesis of


    D BY

    Rcha an Ca Wnsn

    19 . 61

    R E D K N O · N E W Y O R K

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


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    Copg © Alfed A Knopf n All gs esevedNo pa of s oo a e epodued n an fo ou

    pesson n ng fo e pule exep a eve

    o a quoe ef passages n a eve o e pned a

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    ausus Copyigh 99 by Bm-F V, Asm

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e me o paon every ork o any od

    and pon own fe and aomp on ee Hen

    I ave never en fond of emenng any of mne w

    preae or porp nor ave I oered any apooge o

    e r. Neveree e more wo ecede no e

    pa e more neeve ey eome n meare o er

    eevene a e momen. Indeed ey are e e e

    eemed e more ey ave eowed on e ony'

    re a moer are o eay overadowed a evy o

    eaf daer Terefore mee and ng o n

    or em er ora vae y dng er orgn

    men o nderandng and good

    GOETHE Pery and r

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


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  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)




    ARY ETRIES or 5 how me hat on December that year the Lo Angee corepondent o m caed

    n me t an hour drve rom downtown Lo Angee or country home) e came to chaenge me concernng

    rophecy had mde teen year beore the whch wa

    ng to be ued At the end o Sketch y e

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HO M A S M A NN

    4ren n 1 9 3 and avalable also n Englsh I had hhalsporve bele n ceran symmeres and numercal co

    respodcs n my le venured he guess ha ould passrom hs orld n 1945 a he age o seveny as had mymoher The oreold year he man sad as vrually over

    and I hd no kep my ord ha dd I an o say o he

    publc o ecuse mysel or sl beng alvey rply dd no please my e a allhe less so snce

    her anous hear had or a consderble me been concerned

    abou my healh She red o sop me o proes o unsayhe hngs hch I as pemng an nerveer o dra

    rom me and hch had prevously kep even rom heThe llmn o propheces sad as a curous busness

    Oen y dd no come rue lerally bu suggesvely

    Fullmn mgh be a b de o he mark open o queson

    and umsale Ceran acors mgh be subsue

    or ohr cors. To be sure I conceded n spe o my

    dsre or maers o ork ou n n orderly ashon I asno ye dead Bu my vsor should kno ha n he year Ihad se or my le hadbologclly speakngreached

    a lo such as had never knon beore I hoped ha myval orces ould help me clmb ou o hs abyss Bu mypresen condon seemed o me ully o bear ou my pro

    phec gs and I ould be glad he and hs eseemej ournal ould also consder ood enough

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Sy a Nve

    5hen I poke n thee term three month were yet to

    a beore the boogca ow to whch I had reerredreached etremty: a erou phyca cr whch orcedupon me a urgca operaton or month prevented me

    rom workng and teted my conttuton n a way I hadscarcey magned pobe. menton th however because

    the eperence caued me once more to note the cuosdvergence between boogca and nteectua vtay

    Perod o phyca webeng and boomng heath, when

    the body gve one no troube at a and one te m

    re not at a neceary perod o outtandng cretty.

    wrote the bet chapter o The Beve Retun durng amonth bout wth nectou catca ever have I en

    ured uch wd pant cannot be decrbed to thoe who

    ve not had the deae To ecape thee agonzng twnge

    you vany eek the rght poton day and nght There nght poton Ater nght whch may God keep me rom

    ver havng to ve agan breakat uuay brought a certan

    spte to my burnng named nerve and then ttng at

    y dek at one trange ange or another I woud pero

    e un mystca wth Goethe the tar o ubme beauty and a catca not a deae that reache deep nt

    vta Depte a t torure t not an ne to be

    en very erouy On the other hand the tme o whch Im peakn and or whch I had propheed my death wa

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    H O M A M A N N

    6a erio o rea ecine in a m via orce akabe

    bioogica reucion Ye hi wa he io in

    which a work germinae which rom he mn o iincepion ha ha an unuua arreaching power

    There wou be omehing ocrinaire ao eeing a

    inkng o ia a he caue an preconiion or a crea

    ive eor ha aborb ino ie he u o an enire eha ha unwiing ha conciou nhize an

    une a man enire ie an hereore embo he via

    charge whch he hica e i no onger capabe o I

    wou be eaer o urn he expanaion aroun an o bame

    m ine on he wor For inee ike no oher o mbook hi one conume an ook heav o o m inner-

    mo orce. Wemeaning inimae i ake he reaion

    hi in ha gh an when he aw me ookng o run

    own were ap o commen: I i he boo An i I noa e? There i a nobe aing ha he who gve hi ie

    ha ae ia aing a apicabe o he ream o ar an

    ieraure a o reigon. I i never rom ack o ia ha

    uch an oerng o one e i mae an r no uch

    ack i hown whenrange cae ineea en aman wrie h wie book Nor wa here an gn o

    ha in he ag wih which I roe up rom h operaion

    marke wih a car rom che o back a o he amuemeno he ocor ruhe home o nih ha book

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Sy f a Nve

    u I wan o e he or oausus embee a i i nhe reure an umu o ouwar even wan o r o

    reconruc ha or on he bai o m brie ai noe

    or me an or m rien

    In November 194 a ourne o he a ea he compeion o seph he vide, which I ha oug o brig

    o a cocuion urig he receig week ami he huner o he bae or burning Saigra On hi j ore Iook wih me he manucri o a ecure o he nearnihe eraog The exeiion e hrough Chicago oahingon an New York an wa rich i ecouer

    ubic meeig a aearance Amog ohe hig Ioce again aw Princeon an he rien beonging o ha

    rio o m ie when I ive here Frank Aoeinein Chriian Gau een owePorer a Ra-

    e o he awrecevie Schoo a hi circe rich vonher erman roch an oher The a i Chcago

    a been overhaowe b new o he war in Norh

    ica erurbing accoun o he march o Germa roorough unoccuie France Pain roe he ranhi

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    men of he iler or o n he Ialan occaon o

    orca he recaure of obruk We rea of feverh

    efenive meaure b he German a all robable invaonon of ign ha he French ee wa rearng o o

    over o he e of he Alle

    he igh of Wahingon on a war fooing wa new an

    remarkable o me. A gue once more of ugene eer anh beauiful wfe n heir alaial home on recen Place I

    gae in aonihmen a he heavl miliarize iric

    aroun he ncoln emorial wih barrack oce

    builing an brige an a he rain lan wih war

    maerial ha nceanl rolle ino he ci. wa oreivel ho a belae Inan ummer A a inner n m

    ho houe a whch he Brailian an ech ambaaorwere reen wih heir wve he icuion urne o

    Amercan collaboraion wh Darlan an he roblem ofeeienc Onon were ivie I i no conceal m

    iae for i Afer inner we hear he rio are of

    Wenll illke who ha u reurne from hi One

    orl our ommuniu on he imoran naval vicor

    o he Solomon cheere he gaherng.To m eligh he lecure arrange a he ibrar of

    ongre brough me ogeher once more wih Archbalaceih hen ll braran of ongre an h wife. An

    I regare a a ecial honor ha Vce reien Wallace

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e ry a Nve

    9rouce b acLeih in hi urn ai an inroucor

    or or me Aer uch a reue he reaing ie me

    ih a more han rien reone ex wa coore

    mewha b curren even an he oupeaker ran

    mie m wor o a econ coe packe ha

    The evening wa concue wih a recepion abounin

    peronaiie a he eer houe There I ake chieih men in whom I pace much conence who heigh poiion in he Rooeve aminiraion Waace an

    orne Genera Franci ie The aer peaan wifei man kin hing o me abou m ecure ie wih

    hom I ha correpone abou he rericion impoeuon enem aien" paricuar he Grman exie o

    e o hi inenion o remove hee imiaion ver oon

    rom him I ao earne ha Rooevewhoe reaion

    ih he Vich Rgime were arouing oub an iquiei oher beie mewa a an rae emaning he

    eae o he aniFaci an Jew he in Norh Arica

    I wa graeu o our hoe Agne eero acive inirar poiica an ocia circe, an m parone hee

    a earor arrangin a meing wih he Swi amba-or Dr ruggmann an hi wie a ier o enr

    aace Thi converaion wih he ineigen an warmare rereenaive o he counr ha ha en u iroecion or ve ear wa boh eaurabe an imoran

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    o me The ubec o our ak wa o coure he ark ae

    o Germany i hopeene now ha he poibiliy o

    capiuaion eeme o be cu o Dr ruggmann waconvince ha he Ruian woul oon be pouring ino


    ven more imporan o me wa he perona meeing

    wih aim ivinov Our ho ha invie him an hicharming rih wie o lunch The laer eremey

    prighly ocially gie an uck o ongue omnae

    he converaion a abe. Aerwar owever I ha heopporuniy o epre o he ambaaor my amiraon or

    hi polical aue an acviy beore he war hipeche in he eague o Naion an hi inience on heiniviibiliy o peace. e ha been he ony one I ai who

    ha conenly calle hing by hei righ name an given

    ruh he oounorunaely in vain e hane me

    wih ome melancholy i moo eeme o me rahermoroe an bierwhich wa probably ue no only o he

    errible ria acice an uering which he war wa

    impoing upon hi counry. y impreion wa ha hi

    miion a meiaor beween a an We wa being maea har a poible or him by hi governmen an ha in

    ee he wa no likely o remain or long a hi ambaaor

    o in WahingonIn hour ree o ocia obigaion I rie o puh orwar

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Sry a Nve

    o he curre chaer o Jsp t alrea oe

    o he las he chaer o he blessig o he sos Bu wha

    srikes me a imresses me as somehig mserious is heki o reaig ha I i o his ri urig rai oures

    eveig hours a brie ress Corar o m usual habio lecure ours i bore o relaio o m rese occua-

    io or o he ex work I ha i view. Isea I rea hememoirs o Igor Sravisksuie wh he ecil

    ha is o sa makig uerliigs or rreaig I also rea

    wo books log amilar o me Ntzscs Zusmmruc

    Ntzscs llaps) b rich Frierich Poach a ou

    AreasSalom's recollecios o Niesche which I lke-wise we hrough makig ec marks Faeul msi

    cism uaroable oe arousig i The uoru

    ae Tha is he iar oig aroos his raig usic

    he a Niezsche I woul o be able o exlai wh mhoughs a eress were uig i his aricular irec

    io a ha me

    I our New York hoel oe a he age Armi Robi

    so calle uo us o rese mos emigl a la or

    book o be ublishe o ol i glish bu also i our orve oher laguages; i was o bear he ile T

    madmts The roec was o have a moral a oleic

    sla. Te worlamous wriers were o coribue o i

    ach reaig oe o he commames a ellig he ale

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A


    o ome crmina breach o he mora aw The were oer

    ng me a ee o one houan oar or a hor ea

    nroucing he whoe hing Traveing one i more recepve o uch commiion han a home I agree an wo

    a aer n he oce o a awerwhere I me Sigr

    Une who ha ikewie agree o paricipaeI igne a

    conrac u o pia an barbe hoo I ha carcera he ocumen an n I hane over o he enrepre-

    neur he eerna righ o a work which i no e exi o

    whoe eveopmen I ha no concepion an whch I wa

    eine o ake ar more eriou han he occaion e

    mane I i ooh o bu a pg n a poke evenmore ooih o e one n ha manner

    The hockng war new ha he commaner an crew

    o he French ee ha unk heir hip oue Touon

    came n he mi o our a e wh going o concer

    an o he heaer wih nvaon an meeing wih

    ren a n whch man bi o occaiona wriing ha

    ao o be ahe o The uua uie page o m noe

    book which I i ha rom Swzeran were now

    prnke wh name The Waer an Were a Reinhar he acor Karwei arin Gumper he pubiher

    Lanho Friz von Unruh gure in i; ao charmingo Annee Kob rich von Kaher o Shenone our

    riih ren rom Prnceon an American coeague o

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The S Nve

    he ouger geerao uch a Ge wa Weco Chare

    Neier a Chrioher Lazare I aiio here were our

    chire We e Thakgiig Da wih Souh Americague a Are Ko cour houe i Purchae

    ih he Germaeakg grou we ha arou rea-

    ig rom work i rogre; Kaher rea ome erme

    mrie ecio rom hi ieecua hior o heuma race which wa o be ubihe uer he ie o

    Man th Maur I me oce more roe ou he grae

    u aucaio chaer rom Jph th Prdr ao he

    cu a recogiio ce a receie he rie a

    courageme which i boh he rwar a he aim och reaig o reae urere aage rom he

    ork oe ruggig wh Wha ha bee careu orge

    he coure o og morig oure ou oer he

    ieer i a rai hour o reag he uo o imroiaio o oihe eemorzaio eie he imreo whe oher are rre o mare we or our ar

    iee ha eerhng e

    e reure home beore he mie o December a he wa hrough Sa Fracco where we ie wo o

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A


    he chren our ounges son he muscan an hs re

    Swss we an where once more I was charme b he

    skbue ees o m aore granson e Fro anuer enchanng ch I mmeae resume work onhe bessng chaer. Aer concung hs a I ha e

    was o escre acobs eah an bura an The Grea

    Progress rom g o Canaan The ear 194 was on aew as o when I se own he as nes o he ourhJoseh noe an herewh brough he whoe work o s

    en. I was a curous a or me ha ourh o Januar buceran no one marke b hgh srs Ths grea narra

    e wo whch ha accomane me hrough a heseears o ee nsurng me he un o m e was onewas nshe wh an I was unburenea sae o oub

    u weghessness or one who snce hs ear as snce he

    as o Buddbrs has e uner muarous burens

    ha ha o be carre ong sances an who scarce

    knows how o e whou hem.

    Anono orgese an hs we our Esabeh were wh

    us an ha same eenng I re h wo na chaers o

    he am crce The messon was cmog We rankchamagne. runo Frank norme o h n o he a

    eehone o congauae me hs oc bra wh ee

    ng. Wh I shou hae been suerng sorrowu ee

    erurbe an wear urng he ne ew as s somehng

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Str Nvel


    known on o Go o whoe knowegeeven abou

    imefwe mu conign o much Perhap he prevaiing

    orri wn ike a Swi fhn conribue o m ae ao

    he new of he iioic cue of he Ni who in pie of

    Sweih inervenion were going o epor he eigh

    hreeearo wiow of a iebermann o Poan She

    ook poion inea A he ame ime Ruian corwere avancing upon Roov he euion of he German

    from he Caucau wa near compee an in a rong

    conen peech o he new Congre Rooeve announcehe invaion of urope

    e o work giving ie o he chaper of h fourhvoume an iviing i ino even rincipa ar or book

    eanwhie rea uch hing a Goehe ea Ial n th

    Dt Freu Mo Erich Auerbach' Wt und Glob

    t Land (Dt and Pomd Land) an ao ppe inohe Penaeuch I ha ong been aking mef wh I hou

    conribue on an eaiic forewor o he book of orie

    iinguihe wrierwh no raher an organ pre

    e a Werfe aer u i? Wh no a ae of he iuance

    f he Commanmen a Sina novea? Tha eeme vernaura o me a a oue o he Joeph or; I wa warm from he epic. Noe an rearaion for hi work

    quire on a few a One morning I eivere m raio

    oaca on he enh ear of Nazi rue an he nex

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    6mornng I began wriing he oe or I wa area in

    he eevenh chaer when on Februar 1 i haene

    ao o be our weing annverarhere rew roun forhe enh me he a we ha ef unich wih can

    baggage wihou uecing ha we wou no reurn

    In no uie wo monha hor an for me wih

    wa of working wroe he or own amo wihoucorrecion In conra o he uaicienic circuma-

    iai of he Joh hi one wa wif ace from

    ar Durng he wriing or erha even before I ha

    given i he ie of Da Gt Th Law) b which I wa

    referring no on o he Decaogue bu ao o he moraaw in genera man civiiaion I wa a ubjec I wa

    eriou abou for a ha I reae he egenar maeria

    eing an mae ue of Voairean mocker for he

    characeriaionagain in conra o heJoh

    orierobab uner he unconciou inuence of eine or

    rai of oe I i no give m hero he feaure of

    icheangeo oe bu of icheangeo hmef in orer

    o eic hm a an ar oiing aboriou over refracory

    human raw maeria an uering iiing efea hecure a he en again he reena wreche o whom

    ower wa given o rofane hi work he abe of he

    Law came from m hear an a ea a he en eave no bshed as bls Lw

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Sor of Novel

    oub o he mian nen o h oherwe omewha

    roou hng

    The mornng aer compeng h or I ceare awa

    a he mhoogca an Orena maera ha ha accumuae n he coure o he pcure ecerp

    ra The u wa a packe awa The book I ha

    rea or he purpoe remane on her hee a ebrar n e An on one a aerarch 5 o beacm eenng noe conane he cur ong Dr

    au T r menon an n on he bree o

    rerence ookng hrough o paper or maera on

    r Fau Wha paper? I can har a Bu he noaon whch occur agan he oowng a connce

    wh r o Proeor Gua Ar o he Uner o

    Caorna n o Angee an o aceh n Wahngon

    ng or an eene oan o he Fau chapbook anheer o ugo \o The combnaon ugge ha I ha

    og been purung a raher ene oune o an ea whch

    he oher han wa ao erem nebuou Apparen

    h heme wa o be ome emonc nocaon an

    eang bu caarophc eeche che characer o an ar o a unpece or bu een a comcae creaure Gong hrough o noe n he morn

    I hae own or he h Dug up he hreenene o he Dr Fau o . Aocaon wh he Tono

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    T H O M A S M A N N


    Krger pero he unich a, he neverreaize pan

    for The Loer an Maya O ove, o frenhp rie

    aong wh hee. Shame an rong enmenai a re-membrance of hee ouhfu orrow .

    Forwo ear ha pae nce I ha e own ome-

    hng abou an ar pac wih he ev a a poibe ubjec

    for a piece of wrng, an he eekng an nng of heenoe wa accompane b a egree of emoion, no o a

    inner umu which mae one hing ver cear o me ha

    he meager an vague nuceu ha been urroune from he

    beginnng b a be of perona concern, a eni of bo-

    graphca feeing, whch from he r ene he onghor or for a novehough h wa far from m mn.

    I wa a h inner rrng which caue me o epan m

    uua aconic ar noe ino monoogue: On now o

    I reaze wha mean o be whou heJoeh

    work, heak which awa oo beie me before me, a hroughhi cae On now ha The Law po nhe o

    I become concou of he nov an pr of he iuaion

    I wa comforabe working awa on wha I ha area

    rege up Do I have rengh for new concepionave I no ue u m ubjec maer An f nwi I

    be abe o ummon up he eire for work? oom

    weaher ran, co Wh a heaache, I rew up oune

    an noe for he novea o o Angee for he concer;

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Stor of Nove

    9 Sinberg box wih hi lie orowiz ple he

    B mor Pno Concero o Brhm, he orcher i

    he Don Juan oerure n Tchikok Pahqu.

    In complince wih mn reue, he phre woul once

    he been Ye i i hi melnchol be he highe he

    coul rie o n hre i lw omehing beuiul n

    moing in eeig limie len reching, b who knowwh e o circumnce he pek o biliie I re

    membere, oo, how Srink er go in rich, con

    ee o me h he mire Tchikok I h ke him

    bou i) ih he conucor in he green room

    Re wih muemen orie in he Ga Romaorumlikewie Nzc und d Fraun (Nzch' Womn)

    b ell Wlr Brnn, n Seenon miece,

    r. Jkyl and Mr Hyd wih m hough n he

    u ubecwhich, howeer i r rom king heAlhough he hologicl pec coul be hie io herelm o ble coul be like wih mholog h whole

    hing h omehing orbiing bou i h iculi

    em iuerbl, n i i poible h I hrink rom he

    nrking becue I h lw regre i m l"Reing h oer I know h he uppoiion w righ

    < igh bou he linege o he brel enble ie whoeng roo rech r own no m lien righ h in lie pln which w lw pln o work I h rom

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    THO M A M A NN

    he sar ke he reamen o his iea or he en To

    myl I ha calle his work, which migh some ay have

    o e one my Parsial Srange hough i seem ha awok ol age shoul be lace on he agena in youhi was is likely ha here is a connecion beween hs

    an my conscious inees, eresse in many criical

    esy in he lae woks o ariss al isel, he secnar o Faut he las works o Ibsen he ose o Aalbe

    Sier an Theoor Fonane in he laer years o heir lies

    The quesion was wheher he hour ha come o his

    ask so long ago hough so imly sighe Clearly, I l

    cerain insincive scrules, reinoce by he remoniionha hre was somehing uncanny abou his subjc an

    ha i woul cs hears bloo, a grea eal o i, o whi i

    ino shae Ae o his was a vague noion o how raica

    is emans woul be, how everyhing in i woul have obe crie o eremes This whole hing coul be comis in he cry e me ry somehing else rs The

    somehing else, which ha he meri o uing o he ohe

    roec or a goo ong ime, was o ick u an comlee

    he ragmnary novel ha lai asie beor he FirsWor War, he Cofo of Flx Kull, Condc


    K. ha is my wie seaks o nishing he Kul,

    which iens have oen eiione or The ia is no

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Te Str f Nvel


    ogehe ien o me b h coniee he boo whching m eio when he ibougoi obem

    w m mo ominn concen uennu n ou-moe b he Jo Nevehee eng n ening o

    muc ngh w cou ie b he hough o

    euming chie om he oin o viw o e uni.

    Ae hiwo he wou e omhng inigungou ng u gin whee e o beoe Dth n

    Vnc o whoe e ineue he Kl w

    men h m mjo n incien wo h bn n

    neoion occuing whoe gneion ino h un

    ing h he hiixo h been ngg onAo he vnge o buing on n o ounon"

    Wh hi cme o w Le me omhng

    " An e he hon w in m h he n f

    cuioi bou he new n ngeou Th weiveion uing he nex w h o wie m

    ccion iec boc o Gemn n On L

    Axei Tooi conbion o RuinAmicn

    chnge. Then cme hoc he uen h o enich

    mme he bn noog n hn o Chinmnnh; h wn he mei o Th Tan

    d Had om hi ge boo on nin mhoog.

    m New Yo cme new o conemovmen e b

    fz iin n ohe o ouenhove cii

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Stoy of a Novl

    2 3

    assive a ssemaic bombigs of iers coie A

    vaces of he Russias i he Crimea Sigs of immie

    ivasio of urope A Bruo a iesl Frak's i

    evr ls for ier e rea his Nazi sor o he

    ourh Commame xcellel oe Some wors i

    coece abou he pla for Faus "

    Wha was hawas I alrea aoucig his pla ofie o o fries uclear hough I was i m ow mi

    cocerig form plo maer of preseaio eve ime

    place? ow exacl ha I pu i? I a case his washe rs ime ha I opee m mouh abou i excep for

    cosulaios wih m wife who favore he ew plaher ha he resumpio of he ol oe Icieall I

    was o feelig well A hroa a brochial caarrh wasivig me rouble i spie o he clear warm weaher a I

    ou mself ver ull i spiri" usure of mself assimisic abou m fuure creaivi A e I ha ol

    cel oe higs lke ama, Annuncaon a he

    co half of he oses Dippig io books o

    ezsche ove b a leer of Rohe cocerig him A

    h Mu h omca b E T A oma I Bekkersor of music o plafuless i he ar of a gaie

    he sese of beig beo es a earesess he suruig of reali"

    Oe a i spie of everhig I se abou uig he

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    THO N

    24bune o maeria on he Codc Ma an rereaing

    he preiminar iewih a reu ha wa paing

    range I wa inigh ino he inner kinhip o he Fauubjec wih hi one he moi o oneine, in he onecae mic an ragic, in he oher humorou an roguih)

    neverhee m eeing i ha he Fau, i I am capabe o

    haping i, i more approriae or me oa, more opicamore urgen " The baance ha been wung The

    osh buine wa no o be oowe b a preiminar

    omehing ee in he om o m nove abou a rogue The

    raica eriou, menacing ubjec aroun which he igh

    ning o grave acrce eeme o ah, ha prove heronger in i eman an in i romie eaven gran

    ha i wou rove oibe o e i parake a ie o

    ariic paune an e, iron, rave higher humor

    noe o he nex evera week no onger ea wih

    anhing ee I wa buring me in hi new e, reco

    ecing an ummoning u maeria, accumuaing ieigh,

    in orer o creae a bo or he hovering haow

    On German urban ie in uher region Ao meica

    an heoogica reaing Groping, aemp, an a enaiveeeing o greaer ecuri in he amophere o he ubec

    ake he mounain roa wih K A a reaing uhereer ook u Uch vo Hu b D F Srau

    Decie o u book on muic Finihe ekker hior

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Sor of a No

    2 5

    wih greae aevee Nohig e ha bee oe

    abou ag he book wih characer ig i ou wih

    meaigu ubiiar gure I Th Mac Mountan hee

    were roie b he eroe o he aaorium i Joh

    b he ibe here i wa a ueio o reaizig he oe-

    iaiie o he ibica gure I Krull he wor cou

    ermiib have bee haamagorica. I ma be o hereoo o a cerai exe bu here much uboie reai i

    eee a or ha here i a eciec o cocree ober

    vaio . The characer wi have o be uie ou o

    he a ou o memor icure iuiio u he eou

    rage mu r be ivee a xe I wroe o Proeor Pau Tiich o he Uio Theoogi

    ca Semiar o ak abou he roceure o uig or

    he miir Curiou eough here came amo imu-

    aeou a eer rom erma icher ramiig aSweih rooa ha I wrie a book o Germa, i aa uure I oe cou o o everhig. u he

    ema o he era which emo he oice o eoe or

    i uroea boom we mee hem bu ire rom

    he wa ake Si a a a eer rom he Oce o Warormaio wa ao receive a hi ime hakig meor he arice o Germa uure which ha me wih

    much arova i Swee. I o oger have a iea wha

    ice i reerre o

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    6ae erac o Lamenaion o Fau an mocker o

    he piri inene a a mphon Noe excerp mei

    aion an calculaion on ime euence. Luher leerDrer picure rne Newman Huo Wolf in nglih

    Though on he w he ubec wa ienie wih hing

    German wih German oliue in he wor in genera

    Smbolic vaue here Reaing o he Wch Hamm Deail o ouh in unich Figure o Ru Schwer

    eger vioini in he apener orchera )

    Drawing up a li o characer or he novel an heir

    name acal and h Mdval Dnon of God b

    Nize ."Ami uch urve an uie he monh o a 94 3

    began a monh in which he enere mo elicae impreion an eeling were couple wih a riving eing

    invening whch ha area become he ominan acor inm ie an which arrogae or i own purpoe all ha

    reali brough m wa. The chilren rom San Francico

    came or a ongih vii wih he wo bo who look ne

    an rong ove a awa b Fri beauiu ee

    Wen walking wih him beore inner e ae wih u . uch eing wih he lie elow who i u beginning oak" Tuea a 4: In he aernoon on he promenaewih ile Frioin When he walk i over he a Nu

    Thi or Nepomuk Schneiewein vening reaing he

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Sor of a Novel


    all Malcarum Fro ver che o me

    Afer he wlk unch wh hm n he ramr; he

    cl w ver well behve

    A ler o Bruo \ler n New York w wren ou

    h me no whou connecon wh he ubjecha

    o wh he kech of he novel an ncenall fu

    of ore n ncoe abou he chrmng chl n replWler epree rm nere n he pn for a mucnnovel ng h few were o calle o I e alo

    me wh referre o know no wh wha feelng

    a rmrkble uggeon nmel h ro houl

    la pr n he bookhe coul mgne he epoe he n allro modrao. Th er fren n pen

    mucan h no noon of he col breh of nhumanha blow hrough he book a he en. e cou no know

    woul be conrne o ell he or of he chl ofo n que anoher pr from ha of allgro modrao

    A zable ple of noe ha accumulae efng o hecomple of he plan I foun I ha ome wo hunre

    lfquaro hee: a wl mele of orere boen

    e from mn ellnguc geogrphc polco-cl heologcl mec bologcal horc an mu

    w l connung o gaher an hor everhngful o purpoe bu I n goo o ee ha n pe

    uch preoccupon n obeon m mn wa l

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)




    open o impreion rom ouide he mgic circle rom he

    world h did no perin o he noel Red n ecellen

    ricle in he Naton piece by enry me on icen e down one dy. Wrien in he ge of weny-

    wo Amzing I here nyhing like i in Germny? he

    criicl wring o he We re r uperior en-

    ie reding in Niebuhr book Th Natur and Dtny ofMan ll fer midnigh reding in i enirey Sifer

    wonderful Rock Crytal" Bu hen oo he col miner

    rike eriou crii Goernmen keoer o he mine.roop o proc hoe wlling o worwhich will be

    few Red ome curiou hing on he ingoriou defof he Germn in Afric Nohing of Nzi fnicim o

    he l drop o blood lking in he eening wih

    runo Frnk bou he ne rike we here nd he d

    minirion' reponibiliy or i Concern bou heAmericn home ron eie bombing o Dor

    mund ih more hn hound plne All urope ininion eer Preprion of he French underground

    orgnizion Announcemen o generl rie he grri-

    on in Norwy i inruced o gh o e l mnwhich neer hppen n Aric ooooo prionr wereen. Superioriy o mriel in quniy nd quliy e-

    plin he icory xpecion o he inion ofIly nderking gin Srdini nd Sicily re in he

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Str f a Nvel

    2 9

    og n he eeng read Lo' Labou Lot"

    he Shepere play i perine all wihin he

    mgic circlewhile around i oud he upror o he

    world upper wih he Werel nd ra oerio

    on Niche ad he piy he aroueor hi or moregenerl deperaio Meeig wih Schberg and Srin-

    y plned . . alcuaio o ime ad ge reliohipi he oel il ic nd m . O Rim-

    cneider d hi ime. Purcha V olbch' tuntn-

    d a hadboo o muical inrum No concrnig Leerhn a muicin Hi gin m o be

    elm Adrea, or Adri Noe on aci idogy ohe period Ghering a he Werl wih Scberg

    umped S a gre dea on muic and he lie o comper

    o my dep peaure he hime ii we mu ll ge

    oeher more oen he Ared Neumn wih ur upper hie he ladie were preparig he meal (we

    e wihou a maid), epounded he pln o he noe o

    N, who w irred o mazeme

    hal neer orge ha hi aihul riend or whom

    d awy hd uch hig regard liened wih ecmaion he ee inere Hi aiude cormed me in all d e abou he booall he pleaure ad pain whic

    aed rom he dea a oulined i o him, my word

    mig o me wly and eaily Wha mo impreed him

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    hink w he cenr ide he igh from he diculie

    of he culur crii ino he pc wih he dei h cing

    of proud mind hrened by eriliy for n unblocingof inhibiion ny co, nd he prlel bwen perni

    ciou euphori ending in colpe wih he nionliic

    frenzy of cim herd ler h on he drie home he

    oe o hi wif he whole wy of wh hd conded ohim

    On My 2 3 94 Sundy morning il more hn womonh fer hd fched ou h od noebook nd lo

    he de on which hd my nrror Serenu eiblom

    o work begn wriing Docto Fautu

    My diry of he period doe no ecord ecly when mde

    he deciion o inerpoe h medium of he frind be

    ween myef nd my ubjec; in oher word no o ell he

    ife of Adrin Leerkhn direcly bu o h i old ndherefore no o wrie a nol bu biogy wih l irpping Auredly ecollecion of h hm uobiogr

    phy of eli Kull inuenced me here. Beide hi regy

    wa bie neceiy in orde o achiee cerin humorou

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Stor of a Noe


    leeig of he ombe mel d o mke hoo

    beble o mylf well o he ede. o mke he

    dmoic i p hough udemoic medium oeu hrmle d imple oul well meig d imid,

    wih he ecil of he oy w ielf comic de I

    remoed ome of he burde fo i ebled me o ecpe he

    urbulece of eeyhig diec, peol, d cofeiolwhich uderly he beful cocepo, o ee i o i

    diecio d o ey I depiced hough he eye

    of hi good uheroic oul, who could oly wig hi hd

    d he hi hed hee ee

    Bu, boe ll, he epoiio of he o mde oible o ell he ory o dul ple of ime, o wee

    ogehe he ee which hke he wrir he wrie wihhoe he i ecouig, o h he quieig of hi hd i

    mbiguouly d ye obiouly eplied boh by he ib-io of di bomb hi d by h ie coerio

    h Profeor eiblom begi hi ie o he me

    dy h I myelf pu he r lie o pper i chceiic

    f he eire book, of he cuiou brd of eliy h clig

    i, which e from oe pec i ol rice i p of plyful eor o chiee pecieprecie o he poi of

    g ifuriigeliio of omehig ciol he

    phy d he chrce of Leekh hi wok

    oer, ook curiouly ruhle fom, d w co

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    THOA A


    ny mzed by he y i nic mechnim dre

    upon cul, hioricl peron nd een lierry d A

    in e pnorm on in my childhood, plpble reliyw oreer indiinguihbly merging ino pined perpec

    ie nd illuion hi monge echnique w coninuly

    rling, een o me, nd ge me cue o orry Ye i

    rigly belong o he concepion o he ide, o heboo; i h o do wih he rnge nd licenio piriul

    relion rom which i emerged wih i gurie nd

    en gin lierl direcne i crcer rcnum nd

    coneion o long I w woring on e boo,

    e concep o i public eience did no nr y mindhe muggling o liing peron, nmed ly by nme

    mong he crcer o he noel, wih wom ey eheir plce eqully rel or unrel, i only minor emle o

    e monge principle I m peing o ere i e iner

    weing o Leern rgedy wi o Nizchewhoe nme doe no pper in enire boodiedly,

    becue e euporic muicin h been mde o mucNiece ubiue he originl i no lone permied

    epre eience. here i he ing o Niceeperience in e Cologne bordello nd o e ympom

    ology o hi diee; here re he deil quoion rom

    Ecc Hom; lo he borrowing rom die menu o be

    ound in Niezche ler rom Nice (which mu he

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Str f a N

    33eped he enion o o reder) likewie borrowed

    ro Pul euen oun o hi l ii o hi dernged

    riend o who he brough bouue o ower. uo

    ion of hi kind he oehing uil bou he

    diregrding he inne ehnil uliy hey re ore

    oer reliy rnored ino ion ion h borb

    he rel nd hu rngely proen nd rie inglingo he phere. lo quoedbu hi i obiouro he

    biogrphy o hikoky whoe iniible friend Fru

    on Mek i here preened Mde de oln he oryo he wooing i lo uoed fro reliy he rekle

    hough i w in ruh by no en reklepuing o propol hrough friend

    Sine here i o uh Niehe in he noel h i h

    been lled Niehe noel i beoe ey o ue

    h he ringle o Adrin Mrie Godeu nd RudiShwerdeger i righ piure of Niehe propolo Lou Andre hrough Re nd o Frulein rpedh

    hrough ugo on Senger who w lredy hlf enggd

    o her) Bu een een ro he poin o iew of Leerkhn

    hielf he ringle i rher Shkeperen reiniene uoion ro he onne whih Adrin lwy h by

    hi nd whoe plohe relionhip o poe loer nd

    riend he oi o he reherou wooing h ii lo

    hee o eerl o he ply hee ery ply in lie

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    4upon he muician dek Twlfh Nh Much Ado abou

    Nohng and Two Gnlmn of Vrona And Adrian

    ae michieou deigh n weaing no hi remrk oeiblom, who i no more aware of i han he reder, direc

    quoaion from hee play. curiouy formal phrae

    You would be obliging me ery much by hi friendly

    erice" a quoe from Much Ado abou Nohn whereClaudio confee o he prince hi loe for ero Laer e

    repe he bier Friend are ike ha oday" from Two

    Gnlmn of Vrona and cie almo word for word he


    Whom can you trust, hen yor own rigt hnd

    Stke you te breat?3

    n he peruaon cene beween himef and Rudi n Pfef

    fering, one of my faorie cene in he book he uie h

    faal reqe wih hee word from Twlfh Nh

    T ad oog quoao rom Saar audrgo om rrv ag ramuao romEg o Gma ad rom Grma a io Egppay Toma Ma dd o form aaor or Fustus o dd quoao Grma of uh d bu Nhng orga adMy g, our g o may do m good. Sapar oga "or u rd o8 Orga "Wo oud ud o' o rg ad

    I rjur'd oom

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Stor of a Noe

    3 5

    e w e e ea o yo wod oe o ayg

    u a oee woud ay

    d afewad, pupoedly lameig hi folly, he oceagai quoe fom Much Ado about Noth cig o

    eblom he imge of he foolih choolboy who d a

    bid e ad ou of hee j oy how i o aohe boy, whohe goe ad eal ." 5 Wheeupo Seu, o op i o,

    ucociouly oi i he game of quoaio a he eplie

    I o i o hame o be uig, uely; hey ae hepoio of he hef" e come peilouly cloe o ayg

    lieally he ageio he eale." wa Fak ai wo hi igeiou book o Shake-

    peae poied ou ha he woog moif of he oe

    ecu hree ime i he play. Faustus i ake a peculia

    fom of moage. dia, goeed by h pecial elo-

    hip wh he wooe" Schwedfege, delibeaely ad whiie playfle epea a clch, o myh, wh dead

    pupoe. O he deil igaio, wh malice afoe

    hough, he bigig Rud o hi deahad eiblom

    ow i.  Origna "S and i br in y you

    Tan n a nunio o mor gv ap. Orgna "Wo bng ovrjoyd ndng a brd n

    o ompanon and a i.6 Origna "W o mak a r a rangron?

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    TOA A


    Ough I a cie a an eampe f uch an ac f mn

    age ad hef fm reaiy an eeme hich may pern

    hve fud becinabe; namey, Adrian Leverhn ap-prpran f Schnberg cncep f he evene

    r yem f muc I uppe I mu, and frm n he b, a Schnberg eque carry a pcrp

    peig u he neecua prpery righ fr he uninfrmed Th i beng dne a b again my n cnvcin

    n much becaue uch an epanan c a ma

    brech i he ruded, negra rd f my nve, a be

    caue hin he phere f he b, h hi rd f

    a pac i he dev and f bac mac he dea f heevene echnque aume a cran and a charace

    hch de n pe n n rgh and hch h

    n n a ene mae eay my prpery, r, rahe

    he prpery f he b Schberg' dea ad my ad hoc

    vern f der dey a, ade frm he yic

    fau, ud have eemed am nung, my mind,

    have menned hi name n e e

    When I began rie ha Sunday mrning my eere cny and here a acua ren une Ye

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Stor o a Nov

    37he b, nsfar as he sequence f evens as cncerned,

    mus have an pany befre my eyes mus have had a

    fary gd vera ve f be abe a nce ae ups nre cmpe f mfs, gve he begnnng he per

    specve n dph f he he, and py he par f heremuus bgrapher s d h hs subjec ha he s a-

    ays hapssy ancpang and sng hmsf n aer de-vepmens s nervusness as mn as pardyng myn verbrmng egerness. And as a bn pay

    hs par e h b be ren fr me as ere be

    cnscus f he ndrecness f my respnsby ang

    h such nense resv acheve drecness ng nhe game reay and my prvae rd necssary he

    mas and he payfunss ere n ve f he earnesness f

    my asand hs I as ceary cnscus f frm he very

    sar If earer rs f mne had assumed a mnumenacharacer, a eas n se, hey had dne s unepecedy

    and unnennay Buddnbook, Th Magc Mounan,

    he Joh sres, even Th Bovd Run had been n-

    ended rgnay as eremey mdes e narraves and

    had grn Ony Buddnbook n fac had been cned as a nve, and Th Bovd Run as a bes a sma

    nehe rds A ma Nov sand n he e page f he

    anuscrp Ths me, hever, n hs r f my d

    ge, as deren. Ths ne me I ne ha I as se

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A


    ng ut t d and wat task I was ipsing upn myself

    t write nthing less tan te nvel f my er, disguised as

    the stry f an artists life, a trribly iperild nd snfulrtist r all y curisity and eagerness I ws nt at ese

    abut the busness. prpse tt a wrk be big in every

    sense t plan it s fr te start, was prbably nt right

    niter fr te wrk nr fr te stte f mnd f the uthr.herefre must intrduce as uc jesting s uch ridi

    cule f the bigrapher, s uc ntisefimprtnt ck-

    ery as pssibles uch f al tht s ws huanly pssibe And te wife my narrating unist was t be

    naed Helen lhafene very day after I had begun I again ad an ccsina

    piece t write t eet te demands f the ur ne f mynthly brdcsts in Gern, tis ne t cmemrte

    te b burnigs By the end f May, te mnuscript f tebk cnsistd f n mre tn tw pages une ws brken

    in te idle by a lecture trip t San rncisc, whic, aside

    fr the ltrry prepratin fr it, cst e r dys than

    I ied. Neverteess, in the curse f that nth, during

    wich d my sixtyeigt birthday, fur chapters fFauu were written And n June 28 ccrding t y

    diry, cae te rst reading fr te nvl. he rnks

    fr supper Later, in y study, read alud fr Docto

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    e Stor of a Noel

    39Faut, te rst tree cpters Ws deeply oved, nd te

    erers proved receptive to te ur of exciteent tt e-

    nted fro it ll

    Strusss biogrpy of Ulric von utten occupied me.

    Professor iic replied to my questions bout sdying fo

    te inistry red Luters coentry on te Aocal

    nd Berio eoirs in Engis tnstion At n eveninggtering t eucwnger's we et Miss Dodd duger

    of te forr Aericn bssdor to Hiers Gerny,

    te ctor Hool, nd ong oters rnz Werf wo

    took occsion to tel e bout is new nove project te

    utopin fntsy a of th Ubo, nd of te enoousdiculties it invoved Here ws cordeone o d

    so let iself in for soeting insne, probbly ipos-

    sible .

    A few dys te Enst Keneks boo Muc H adNow ce y wy. t proved to be rerbly usefuwok of reference uc redi of enes �c

    recurs sever ties in te diry At te se ie subled

    coss soe curious infortion in soe gine con

    cerning spirul usic ong te SeventDy Bptists ofPennsylvni, wit epsis on te strnge gure o onn

    Conrd Beissel, wo ten nd tere decided to incude

    n te ectures wit wic Kretsc te Stmerer open

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    up e wrld f uic yung Adian (and e eade

    e bun yeaician and ce we

    ery aun e we nve w l ring ee wa cncern e ecnica

    uic pec f e bk w giving e ne f e

    cief dend f e bk w a cnd f ee ecni

    cliie e e exen a n pfeinal (and eei n re jealuly guarded pfein culd aug a e

    Afer l, ad alway been very cle uic ad drawn

    innie iulin and any aiic len fr i,

    d a yeller de ue f i prcice nd criicl

    eyi decribed i prduc uc a prineneber f e guild En c, d dened y uic

    aking a bliing e bundry beween uic a pe

    ciy nd univer eleen e ruble wa a i

    ie e univrl eeen did n uce i wa pac

    icly e e a blundeing aaeurine. e pecialy w needed. ee i ning illier in nvel bu an

    ri n eey er e exience f r lk bu

    geniu bu wrk, il ee nd ve bu ei ef-

    fec pn e ul f eir udence ccree rliyexaciude were neededi w uery cler e I

    al ve udy uic I id y brer wen d

    i f y prjec And a e e ie y diy cnfeeecnical uic udie frigen and bre e a de

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    h Sor o a No

    n ean ha I cked he uge and indusy eneae

    by eading nd eseach in he el f usica echnique

    life nd creaiviy jus as hd in he inees f he Jo

    f epe eneed in he wd f Orienis

    riiive eigin nd yh. I culd lis a sl cgue

    f bks n usic nd usicins in English nd Gean

    ceriny gd w dzen wic sudd wh he encl eding wih ha eanesness nd lerness h ne e

    plys nly f creive ends fr he ske f a wk in g

    ess. Bu al his eiera cnc ws n cul sudy f

    usc i wuld n sve e fr eposng my ignnce in

    ec deils nd i did n equp e build up e lifewkf n ipn cse s h i relly seeed s if he

    cpsiins culd be herd s ey were absluey

    believbe (nd his is wh dmndd f ysef T d

    needed uside id n dviser n eer in he subjecw ws ls cble f ge insih in my liery innins wh culd serve s e knwedgeble nsuc

    hrng y ginive es. Suc help wuld be he

    e wece since e usic ofr s he nve eas f

    fr be sure he nvel l pcices ibu ha is ac in isefe usic ws nly fregrund nd e-

    nin ny prdg f sehing e genea

    ly ens expess he siuin f r in genea f

    ure even f n and he inllec iself in u s iic

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    ea nve f usic? Yes But it ws s cceived as a

    nve f te cultue nd te era t ws terefre f supree

    rtnce t cieve recise reliztin f te ens dte fregrund, nd tt I suld ccept elp wit tis ws

    seting tt I egrded as uttery selfevident d ntur

    e elper, dviser nd syptetic instructr ws fud

    ne w, trug exceptinl tecnicl nwedge ndintelectul ttients ws recisely te rigt persn

    Bk Enbun m mukalcn chan [naton

    Mucal aton] is rcded fr n erly dte in uly

    1943 rtnt. Brugt by Dr. drn. s tter f

    fct te b in qusti turned ut t ve speci i-rtnce fr y w But te n f te briger (w

    ust ve wn wt I ws engged i) bbs up gin

    se tw wees terit ws te tie f te tig f P

    e nd f te get Russin esive d ws in teidst f te sevent cpter f Fautu Muscipt frD drn Zu Phlo o d mod n Muk [On th

    hloohy of Modn Muc] . Redig drns

    k . . Studying drs uscipt . n te

    evenig re eadig f te nuscrit wic is very in-structive and t te se tie pints up te vst diculty f

    y rject inisd reding drns essy M

    ents f luinti n Adrins siti e dicultesust ec teir igest pe befre tey c be verce.

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Th Stor o Nvel


    he desperate siuain art the st via factr. ustn se sight f the ain idea f igten inspirain, wse

    ecsasy carries it beynd isef . . .Here indeed was sehing ipran. he anuscrip

    deat wih dern usic bth n an arisic and n a sci

    gica pane he spirit f i was rearkaby fwardk-

    ing, sube and deep and he whe hing had he srangestaniy the idea f y bk, he cpsiin" in

    which I ived and ved and had y being he decisi

    was ade f isef his was y an

    hedr iesengrundAdrn was brn in 93 in

    rankfur a ain His father was a Geran ew isher, hesef a singer was he daughter f a rench ary

    cer f Crsicanriginay Genesdescent and f

    Geran singer He is a cusin f aer Benjain harried

    t deah by he Nazis, wh ef behnd an aazingy perspi-cacius and prfund b n Geran tragedy (Deutch

    aueel) which is actuay a phsphy and hisry

    egry. Adnhe has taen his hers aiden nae

    is a persn f siar ena cas, uncprising, trag-

    y brant, perating n he highest eve. Havingwn up in an asphere enirey dinaed by thery

    (iica hery as we and aisic, priariy usica,

    ess, he sudied phisphy and usic In 1 9 3 e as-ed the pst f ecturer at rankfurt University and

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    taugt pilspy tere unt e was expeled by te Nazs

    Since e as been lving n Ls Angeles s cls t us

    as t be alst a neigbrAl is fe tis an f rearkable intelect s refused t

    cse btween te prfssins f pilspy and usce felt tat e was actuly pursuing te sae ting in bt

    diverge reals s dialectic turn f ind and bent t-ward scia istry s nterlined wit a passin fr usicte penenn is n lnger unique nwadays nd is dubt-

    ess cnnected wt te le cpex f prbls f ur

    te. n pursuit f tis passin e studied cpsitin and

    an at rst wit usic instructrs in rankfurt ten wtAban Berg and Eduard Stuerann n Venna r

    t e was editr f te Vienna Abruch and was ac-

    tve prting radical dern usicBut ten w is it at tis radicalis wic te layan

    tends t tink f as a kind f usical sansculttis is ac

    caned by an ntense feeng fr tradtin a distncty

    strica atttude and an unswervng nsistence upn tec

    nca astery and craft disciplinesuc as ave fund tie

    and agan ang usicans f ts type? at tey depren Wagner s nt s uc s rantcs s excess is

    burges caracter r is deagguery Rater it s very

    spy tat e s ften cpses badly cannt judge

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sy a Nvel

    45Adrns cpsitins But is knwledge traditi is

    astery the wle istrical bdy usic is erus

    An Aerica singer w wrs wi hi said t e t is

    incredible He knws every te n th wrld"

    e anuscript e brugt e at te tie wse star

    tlig pertinency t te wrld f y nvel instantly arrested

    e, dealt largely wit Scnberg, is scl ad tetwelvetne tecique e autr presses is belie i

    Scnbergs canding iprtace but te ges t

    subject te syste t a prund ad searcing criticis

    a pithy excessively sarpeed style tat wes uc t

    Nietzsche and still re t Karl Kraus/ e sws te drecnsequeces tat ust w r te cstructive Sc -

    bergia apprac t usic Hwever necessary it ay

    jectively be t subject usic t rigrus ratinal aalysis

    and wever illuinating tat ay e te eect s just tecnverse ratiality Over te ead te artist as itwere te art is cast back it a dark ytlgical real

    Wat culd t etter int y wrld te agic square

    discvered i ysel r, rater, rediscvered as a lg

    filiar eleet i ysel a etal alacrity r apprpri-ting wat elt t be y w, wat belnged t e tat

    Viennese stirist rt, nd po ( 874 936 one dor o e oleil reie Die Fakel.

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)




    t ay, t te subject. Te analysis f te rw syste

    and te criticis f it tat is translated int dalgue in Cap-

    te XXII f Fauu s entirey basd upn Adrns essay ae cetain ears n te tnal anguage f te ate

    Beetven, suc as ccur early in te b in rescar's

    sputterings: te cents n te uncanny relatinsip tat

    deat estabises between genius and cnventin. Tesedeas, t, I ad encuntered in Adrns anuscipt, wt

    a eeling f te strange failiarity. As f tewat wd

    sa I use?serenity wit wic put y versin f te

    nt te ut y staee, ave ny tis t say:

    ate prlnged activity f te ind it frequently appenstat tings wic we nce upn a tie tew upn te

    ates eturn t us ecast by antes and and put int di-

    eent eatinsips but still reinding us f wat was nce

    u wn. Ideas abut deat and f, te self and te bective wrld, ay wel be egarded by te aut a

    enetan nve f se ttyve yeas ag as ecllectins

    ise. Tey culd wel ave tei place in te yunge

    ans usiclgical essay and at te sae tie serve e in

    y canvas f persns and an epc An idea as suc wilneve pssess uc persna and pprietay vaue in te

    yes an artist. Te ting tat atters is te way it func

    ins witin te faewk is creatin

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sry a Nel

    47Tward te end f Septeber 43 tug I was already

    wrking n Capter IX, I was by n eans satised wit

    te existing ersin f Capter VIII Kretscars lectures.One eening aftr dinner at ur use I read Capter VII

    t Adrn. At table talking abut ne pints f usical

    pilspy Afterward reading f te lcture capter n

    tiacy wit usic glriusly cnred Questins abucertain details, se f wic are easily aended se n

    s easily. On te wle reassured.

    Tat reassurance did nt last Te nex seeral days were

    again deted t crrectins reneents additins t te

    lecture capter. Early in Octber (I ad eanwie againprceeded wit Capter IX), we spent an eening at te

    Adrns Our d w grae ranz Werfel ad just ad

    is rst seere eart attack and seeed t be recering

    slwly and painfully I read tree pages cncerning tepian wic I ad recently interplated int y alaringly

    yprtrpc capter and ur st read t us fr is stud

    ies and apriss n eetenin wic a certain quta

    tin fr Musaeus Rbzahl played a part Te ensuing

    cnersatin passed fr uanity as te puried ct-ian eleent t parallels between Beeten and Gete

    to uaneness as rantic resistance t sciety and cn

    ntin Russeau and as rebellin e prse scene in

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A


    Getes Fau) Ten Adn sat dwn at te pian and

    ie I std by and watced payed f e te entie

    nata Opus in a igy instuctive asin. I ad nevebeen e attentive. I se ealy te flwing ning and

    te next tee days iesed ysef in a tugging

    evisin and extensin f te ectue n te snata wic

    becae a signicant enicent and ebelisent f tecapte and indeed f te we b Int te petic itteustative pases I wte f te aietta tee I sippeddns patnyic Wud (Madowlad) by

    way f swing y gatitude

    nts ateit was by ten eay n te ccasin a gateing at u use I ead t i and Max k

    ee is fiend and cleague f te Institute f cia

    eseac te st tee captes f te nve and ten te


    episde. Te eading ade an extadinay i-essinintensied it seeed by te cntast between testngy Gean basis and clatin f te k and y

    wn atgete dispaate pivate attitude twad te ania

    ca cunty f u igin Adn fascinated by te usical

    ateia and eve tuced by te itte tibute t cae up t e and said: I cud isten a nigt

    ket i cse by e enceft knwing tat I wudave need is aid f abve a in te ete eaces te nve

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Th Sy Nvl



    On Juy 4, 1943, e ceebrated y if itiet birtdayMany a penive recolection cae to ind of t rt period

    of our eile in Sanary ur Mr ere we ad clbrated er

    ftiet of t inc decad friend wo ad bn wit uten Rn Scickl Aong te congatultoy tlega

    wa one fro our Eika no a ar corrpodnt in Cairo

    e nw of Muolini fal cae around ti ti Ba

    doglio ad ben appointd prir and con in cif

    and furter liquidation oud certainly follow in pite ofocia aurance tat e will keep our pldg ad con

    iue t war" e ary ad already takn ov te ili

    tia dontation re braking out all ov county

    ailing te end of Muoini and caling fo pc and nwpapr ifted teir line radicaly im ieri! wa t

    cy of te Crriere dll era

    a aborbed in Anton Scindle biogpy of Bee

    ovn an intelectualy liied pilitin k but full o

    ting ancdot and uful fact. e etcapter a well along but y day no toe dy

    ak of fatgue and dprion of y dcion to put t

    vel aide now for ad been forcing it pce and woktad on a ctur I ad proid to give in aington in

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    te fall. I ped tat in ts nterval y entusias fr te

    deils bk" wuld be refresed After seenty pages

    te stry initial ipetus s exausted I ust ake a break,but I d nt feel yself t fr anyting else eier Hw-

    eer a task cae y way wc I ad n trule fullling,

    setig fr a fellwwriter and ne dear t e. Te

    exiles were planning a celebratin fr Alfred Dblins sity-ft birtday Bertld Viertel was getting tgeter an

    albu f andwritten cngratulains, and I cered a

    andse fli seet f parcent wit wrds f deeply

    felt veneratin fr te pwerful talent f te autr f -

    li A lada and all w was leadg a lfef altgeter unerited bscurty n Aerca I attended

    te celebratin tself in te Playuse n Mntana Avenue

    ere was a ne prgra f recitatins and usic y

    brter Heinric spke and in cnclusn te cief gureiself ade a wellturned, sypateic speec Oer te

    punc afterard, y diary recrds cnversatin wtDblin and rnst Tc n te laters usc His surprisngadratin fr Pitzners Palia T uc fuss is ade

    abut atnality e sad. It s unprtant Te etrnallyrantic quality f usic . "

    Ntes n e lecture d its rganizatin ccupied es s te lecture tat later appeared in te AlaiMoly under te title f Wat is Geran I dictated te

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sory o a Novel

    5 1

    st daft t y wfe, apled t by hand nshed te d-

    ttn, and afte an nteuptn f tw wees nce aga

    went bc t the nvel, ng cectns and vnghead. I ead alud seveal eale chptes, wth Bun ad

    esl n as eceptve lstenes, wth the dea f spung

    mysel nwd Dstubng eectwhch s the ght, the

    nnt eect f the b Outwad ccustances weels dstubng, hwevthe pltcl undecuents f the

    w a subject whch n tl wth fends t pecedence

    pesnal dcltes Talng wth u fends f te

    eltnshp t Russa, te dsunty, the dstust nu

    shed by the absence f a eal secnd fnt the ecll fLtvnv and Msy Ipessn that what s gng n sccely cncened wth ths w any lnge, but wt the

    epatn f te next. That was wtten n August

    The agnets f a cncen tat lls the whle sul swefl and ysteus Ang peple t wl wtut

    cnscus ntentn f the pesn cncened, gde the

    vestn daw t esstbly nt ts sphee f attac-

    t gvens fs, and cls extenal expeences, s-l nuntes. The scal ccasns tht at tht te nte d the even ten f y lfe ad, s f by hzd a

    cl cast Dnng wth the Schnbegs n Bentwd

    llent Vennese cee Talng wth Sch at length

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    5 2

    but music . " Siree t te erfels' wit Strvinsy

    ted ut Scnberg. . uet dinner t Scn

    bergs t clbrte is sixtynint birtdy. Mny guestsled wit Gustv Arlt Klemperer ru eisRein-

    rdt Spent sme time wit Klemperer nd Scnergled t c "

    At tis tie Scnberg sent me is b n ry teHamonele nd te librett f is rtri Jacob'

    Ldde, wse religius petry fund impure On te

    ter nd ws ll te mre impressed by is extrrdi-nry tet wse pedggic ttitude is ne f sm cn-

    servtis te strngest mingling f piety twrd trditinnd revlutin

    At tis perid t we begn t see muc f Artur Rubin-stein nd is fmily. ere is smeting bslutely rejuve-ntig fr me in bserving te life f tis frtunte virtus

    Curted nd led fr is enrmus tlent wic verleps

    ll diculties pssessed f urising useld mrvel-

    us elt ll te mney e wnts ting intellectul nd

    sensuus plesure in is cllectins is precius bs nd

    pintingseveryting cnspires t me ne f teppiest persns ve ever met He s cnd f six

    lngugesif nt mre. His csmplitn merry cnver-

    stin lng wit is nc f giving te drllst imittins

    f peple mes im sine in slns s e sines n te

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Te Str f a Novl

    5 3stage. His tremendus artstry makes im a success in every

    part te glbe. He des nt deny is gd rtune and

    certainly s cnscus wat it means. I ve nted dwns caracteristic i te instincive mtual espect r

    te ter a wc came ut in a ew wds we nce ad

    He and is wie, ang wit te Stravinskys nd a ew ter

    guests, ad spent an evenng wt us, and I sid t m npartng Dear Mr. Rubnsten, yu must knw w greatl

    nred I ee t ave ad yu ere wt us e urst nt

    lugter. Yu d Nw tat wil be ne my unny


    e wrk n te capter te ur lctres wre nep int September, te mnt te cpture Srrent,

    Cpr, and Isc te German evacuatin Sardina and

    te retreat tward te Dneper ine in Russia, te prpara

    ns r te Mscw cnerence Our minds were mucccuped wit specuatn n te uture Germany, r

    wc te Russans bviusy ad ne pan and te West

    ter. But te abt slatng te rst urs te day

    ltgeter rm te pressure events, and rcgnzng

    ny ne cncern durng tese urs, elped me t cn-trate Ardently at wrk n Capter VIII New md

    wrk r tese srange and extremely persnal abrs I am gng aead and bldy wrtng Kretscmar'stures ut n ul, wt te certanty tat tey will be able

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    54t stand as they are Wred eagery n the chapter

    (Beethoven Did st re n the nve in the afternn

    (dicult . h literary event of these days was public reading by

    Brun ran at which a large part of the Gern colny

    was present t ade e wnder alented and ne, as

    always oreover, excelenty read. But what stries e dd is this: he uses the huanistic narrative stye f eitbl

    with cplete seriusness as his wn n atters f style

    realy n onger adit anything but pardy. n this, clse t

    J,oyce . .

    was reading the eirs f Hector Berliz His cery f Palestrina His contept for the talian teper in

    usic and, incidentally, fr the rench vein as well. hetaians lc of feeling fr instruental usic (Verdi He

    lso qetions their sense f harony Mere songbirds. Hehiself, with his incessant nave basting, reinds e stri

    ingly f Benvenuto Cellini"

    he overbriing ecture chapter was povisinaly

    opleted during the rst twenty days f Septebr in in-

    fernal heat, and began n the nineteenth in which Adriansusical education is carried forward n this chapter his de-

    scriptin f the Leonre Overture No 3 gave e the ostpleasure recall an evening with Lenhad ran, wh was

    wring on his delicate nve of a wans life, Mathild

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    he Sy a Ne

    5 5fr wic e read aud t us y surprise e spke a

    tabe f w stirred e ad been by wat e ad eard

    octo Fautus He was sure, e said, that e wud ike tis

    bk re than any f y ters it tuced at te rts f

    is nature understd ery we what e eant ciais

    in is piica beifs and an ader f Russia, e was at te

    e tie ed wi a new feeing fr Gerany and itsidiisibiity. Gien te tenacity wit wich Hiters trps

    ee si in tis was a patritis tat seeed curi

    usy preature. Yet it was beginning t deep ang te

    Geran exies and was t be gien igy petic epressi

    ite ater in ranks utch Noll (A Gemaoy. His etina ineent wit Faustu was we-

    e t e but at te sae tie wrried e cud nt

    p taing it as a warningagainst te daner f y nes

    ing its part in creating a new Geran yh attering teans wit teir denis I saw y ceagues

    ise, terefre as being e t prceed wit cautin- thees f te bk, crisis tees, ad an extreey an cratin ust attept as uch as pssibe t

    te in te uniersaities f te era and f Eurpe And_ cud nt keep fr incuding te wrd Gema i te

    tite . At te tie f wic a speaking tis subtite ad

    t visina and ratr inapprpriate fr Th tac o Ada Lekh a told by a fed A year ater

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    s 6te cress tae lfe was t and I ad nstead The Lifeof the Gem Comoe

    ee wre aways te deands f te day ntevenngupn y an task. Nw I wud ave t wte a new ad

    badcast for Geany nw a ectue f te ews

    wens rganzatn, Hadassa, a speec f a eetng

    f Wrters n Exe ed eary n Octber befe a ageaudence n the Educatn Budng n te Westwd

    capus. An Engshwan pesded. Ln euctwange

    spke as a rencan naed Pgd a Geek by te

    nae f Mts, Prfessr Gstav At and ysef Once

    e I fund that pubc actvty a vst t te wd fuanty fr th kes f e s prne t take n a caactef fantasy da, and buney s tat wen I descrbe

    c an aa n y bks I a nt addng ts eeent f

    teay eect rathe, tat s just w tese aas appea te Mns wfe was n bed at e sueng fr pe

    tnts. e an sef was vey pae and wre ournng,

    as f s wfe wee aready dead (I ave n dea whethrse ded s was te cef pessn tat I cared he

    f te eetngOne f te wdest gaps n te wtng f Fautu was

    ased by a ney t te East and t Canda, t wc I

    ad ctted ysef sete ag. Begn n Octbe 9t was a trp arked by any stps and t ed p y wk

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sy Nvl

    5 7or a ful wo months However, I did not part with the

    nuscript the as yet meger pages cme along with me in

    brief case which aso contained my ecture notes nd which

    never eft in the care of a porter No sooner had reached

    Chicgo on my way through to the East, than received

    via my broherinaw the physicist Peter Pringsheim, a

    ighly signicnt gift from collegue of his te univery t ws nothing ess thn the appratus for mking os

    otic growths" of the kind ather Leverkhn dbbles in ate begining of the novel vesse contining solution of

    ter glss and the necessary crystas for sowng cr

    id this curious gift with me for weeks to Washington,ew York, Boston, and Montrel And one evening in our

    ew York hotel, after a supper at Voisin's, wih mny a

    ck shudder, we had crck at the pseudobiologica e

    iment By we mean ourselves nd a group of our friends,ong them dear Annette Kolb, Mrtin Gumert, ritz ndsho, nd our Erika. had just read oud the tpters of Dc Fauu and now we actully wchd

    muddy water sprouting those colored shoots which o

    n Leverkhn had found so melanchoy while Adrin been moved to lughter

    n Wshington we stayed, as always, with our odest

    erican friends and ptron, Eugene and Agnes Meyer r handsome house on Crescent Pce, a center of the

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    s citys soci life e news o f ty's coing over to te side

    of te Allies er declrtion of w ginst Gerny

    eced us tere. Once gin spoke t te Lbrry of Con-gress introuced by McLei nd two dys ltr tlked

    t unter College in New York t se evening we

    went on to Boston ere it ws Getno Svemini wo

    ws overoyed to see gin wo introduced e to te pub-lic in ost engging ddress. e udience ws rge

    undreds d d to be turned wy nd te utterly quiet

    ttentiveness of tose wo istene to y one nd qurter

    ou reding d s lwys soeting overweling

    bout it for me. Wt brings tese people to er e? sk myself. A Cruso? t do tey expct? An do

    tey nd teir xpecttions in te sigtest fulled? "

    t wou see so. But of course te strngest mispce-

    ments nd isunderstnings lso occu for s stopgpgents wi soeties sel one to plce were one s no

    business being n cuts te oddest gure t ws ow it

    ws in sll industril town were soe sort of povincil

    public eeting ws being ed in te goo cuse of collect

    ing oney for id to te wrtorn counties. e woleir took plce wit oors open i te coming n

    going of te crow wt plenty of bnd uic rousing

    speeces nd populr oks. My lecture copletely out of

    plce s it ws ws evidently te windup of te vrigted

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    Stor of a Nov

    59ogr. At sort notice cut it down to lf n our n

    nuscript, nd in spekng condensed it to twenty inutes.

    u tis ws stil fr too long, nd, boe l, not word wsble All te wle spoe people were pouring ut ofe ll to ctc teir busses nd trins." At te en te

    irn ssured e tt te wole ting d been ery

    uig tougt so, too. ut te orgnizer serous-nded lttle tron wo d trougout regrded e wit

    ey worried expresson, too dierent iew Se ws so

    ed tt we could not ssure er suciently of ow

    d we were to e prticipted Een fter we were n-

    led in our tiny otel roo se tleponed to s weter could not send us qurt of il by wy of refreent.

    Ater isit to Montrel, we returned to New or

    ere busy tie wited e On te spot tis tett

    sy dircty fro C edquters d to dr; Gern brodcst. ere ws lso lecture to be gien

    ; Colubi Unersity, nd speec to be prepred for celebrtion of Ain onsons seente bitdy. Minrdt d died Bcue of sere cold ws unble

    < e prt in te N ew or ril eeting ws lso cry of ppeing bcuse Gern exile

    es, supported by Aericns of Gern descent like

    ur, wee uc concerned wit te re Gerny

    eent nd ws being sked to prticipteeen to

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HO NN


    take te leading le Te iea was t eae a decatic

    Gean gvenent tat wuld be eady t take ve afte

    Hitle's inevitable cllase Telgians wites scialistand Catlic statesen belnged t te gu and it was

    sggested tat I be laced at te ead f it Idealists wte

    elix Lange in is bk St Sto to Pac dea

    f Tas Mann as te esident f te secnd GeanReublic a st tat e iself wul bably st de

    cidedly efuse

    He was igt Te idea f etuning t a Geany be

    ce s lien t e educd by wa t a state I culd

    etty well iagine and tee laying a ltical at abs-lutely cunte t y natue and fessin was antiatetic

    t e t te dets f y sul. But I cncued witte lannes tat any citte ing t aticiate i

    te saing f Geanys futue needed te snssif te Aeican gvenent just as te Pauus gu in

    Rssia te Czc gvenent in exile in ngland enjyed

    suc tectin. And igt at te utset I exessed gave

    dubts as t wete te State Detent wuld fav

    any ganizatin tat even etely esebled a Geangvenent in exile Neveteless I eed t g t as-

    ingtn t claify tis cucial uestin I did s and in a cn

    vesatin wit Assistant Secetay f State Bele fund y

    negative exectatins cned. Wit ixed feelinsf

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sy a Nv

    6 1

    desite al my esect f wat my felw cutyme

    we tying t d, tis dnueent was a lf t e

    eted te falue f my ssin at a secnd metingAt te teate we saw Pau Rbesn as Otelgd

    nd cnvncing i te beginng, inadequate ate wechas etuns His Desdemda was nexistent te ag

    ug, inteliget, but t ade f tat alst alegicalyudicus incanati f absute ev cany wit u

    iend Cane Newt we as saw a mden play. was

    nce again stuck by te efected natualness f te Ameian teate t is nt a questi f natuasm, wic is a

    e O te cntay, it is utte unstyizti te ey-et f eality, and is me ack f inibitins tan at A

    uean act, eve a secndak ne, stands ut in such

    tue as a fascinating feig bdy ust als nt fget

    glius matinee efance by the Busc Quatet atw Halthey layed Beetves Ous 1 3 , tat sueme wk wc, by wat migt be caled te kindness f

    videce ad te cace t ea at east ve times dug te yeas was wkng n Fautu

    ly i Decebe we set ut f te Middle West ging st t Cincinnati s tat culd kee a eading engagement

    t the unvesity, ad tetaveng i watime discft

    t St Luis ad Kasas City Tee, at te use f Me esident f te Univesity f Kansas City, we

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    were ined by ur edest sn aus a sldier in the Aeri-

    can ary n the pint eaving r verseas tat is t say

    r the urpean teater war. He preceded is brtherG w was still at the stage basc trainig. Eria was

    with us se t was deterined t return t Eurpe t resue her activity as war crrespndent S we were t-

    gether with tese dear cdren r ne last tie bere aparting that presuaby ight be r very lng.

    And s at ast ater any adventures erts acive

    ents we returned e by the st direct rute. Durig

    all tat tie in al te places we ad been tin ay say

    tat the nve had nt been absent r y thugts evena ent. r Dr Martin Gupert had btained

    dica wrs n sypiis the central nervus syste As

    ed ver tese bs during te trip was again re-

    inded w ng tis prject had ad t stand in inewaiting its turn waiting r te ulness tie re

    calld tat as early as 1 ur years that is ater te ear-liest nte abut a aust stry had ased te bseer

    Scer n aiilianstrasse in Munic abut such litera

    ture reebered that y query had started the gdan r t way he raised his eyebrws it was car ethugt ad an all t persna interest in te subject.

    Atgeter y readig n trains and in te rs was

    entey reated in se way r ter t the b. Nting

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sy a Nve

    63else cceed e r culd d y aeiexce if i

    ay be called a excei, ewsaer accus f curre

    aeigs wic were eibls aair as well as ie:e scw cferece f Hull, Ede, ad lv say

    ad crresdig liiciliary eergecy eeigs f

    arsal Keiel ad is cries. A vlue f sixeece

    uy urus ales ad accaied efr y arraivelways sd wi e f i a ceury ars f i wuld

    ave be cas i e laguage f e erid, ad i leisure

    urs e rue I busied yself exracig lder Ger

    wrds ad rases. I read arlwes Fauu ad a Ger

    Rieesceider i e Peasas War I is gd, ifwe are be up serius acievee i arrai, kee

    i uc w grea eical wriig, seep urselves iswaers s seak Ad s I read ereas Gelf,

    seSchwa Snn ( Th Black Sd)

    I adire alsre a ayig else i wrld lieraue I read is Ul dnch ( U h Hd Man) wi is fe Heric vr

    s ad is paler pslude d Pch (Ul h Tn-

    n Fam)

    usic, , f cuse, culd be lef aside I ad e e b Berliz eirs ad Ads auscp

    berg His rigrus aer f verai e ragi

    ly cerebral relelessess f is criicis f e ce

    orary usical siuai was recisely wa I eeded r

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    64wat culd draw fr it and wat I arriated fr it

    in rder t prtray te wle cultural crisis in additin t te

    crisis f usic was te fundaental tif f y bk teclseness f sterility, te innate desair tat reares te

    grund fr a act wit te devi. Mrever tis reding

    nursed te usical cnceptin wic ad lng been y

    ideal f fr and fr wic tis tie tere was a secialestetic necessity. felt clearly tat y bk itself wuld

    ave t bece te ting it dealt wit naely a usical


    Wit se astnisent, but nt witut etin, re

    read wat ad written in y jurnal n te jurney frDenver t s Angeles wile te trin rcked under eay te nvel clrify and take rper fr tis winter

    rt task is t reve all errrs fr te lecture ca

    ter A dicult wrk f art, like battle, eril at sea r danger

    t life brings us clse t Gd in tat it fsters a religiusd and akes us raise ur eyes reverently in an appeal

    fr blessing el, grace."


    Hecing is a lvely adventure, esecially ecing

    tis Pacc Cast I was encanted by te ligt by te

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    h Sr Nve

    6ssecia fragrance f the ar, by the blue f the sy, te sun

    te exhilaratg cean breeze the sruceness ad cleness

    f this suthlad. ide ce me ver the stetc fm

    lad statn t hme (lmst an hurs urey wit as

    much imedng as when yu went the same way n te re-

    vese diecti has smethng mrbabe abut t u

    never wuld hve tugt f it qute lie tat funegbrs wh had bee eeng an eye n ur ts ad

    tg cae f the mil bugt a uge sac f lettes alng

    wt ceam ca ad wers. he Alfred Neums delvered the dle wh had bee left wth tem d w

    nw wavered, bewdered, between tw sets f msts nder t se n tme uttg tigs n an dely bss yuertire yurself siftig trugh and destrying te ccu

    muated rinted matter classifyng leers brugt alg r

    witng at hme One etter was frm Bert Bect tingme t tas f my lac f faith in Germn demcracy Int wy ad sw t ts lc f fit? Ad ws te

    cge usted? Pers my thugt ws tt terrble

    mut had stl t be de befre tee wuld be y Ge

    m demcacy t discuss be sue Hitle ws te lye w dd nt w that he was lst desite te fct tat

    ll Eure excet fr Ity ws sti n s ands Cse

    ]uently we had the rght t ti beyd s feseeabe

    d But hw shud we g abut t?

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A


    ry after y return I ad t dea wt a etter fr a

    news syndicate ey wised e t d an artce fr te

    London Enng Standad n te questn f Wat t Dwit Gerany My nner nlgue ran Precarus,

    carrying uc respnsbiity, and at te sae te unneces-sary Very ikey tis partcular cncern wl be einated

    by unfreseen develpents. Wat revlutinized, pre-tarianized, naked and sripped, sattered sses beleving n

    nting we sall ave t dea wit after ts war. Prcaa-

    tn f a natna Blsevis and a ging ver t Russa

    are nt ut f te questin. s cuntry is lst fr a decent,

    lberadecratic repubic. . .I did nt write te artice. My next task, undertaken

    gadly and wit feelings f tankfu reebrance, was twrk up a speec fr te Max Reinrdt era etg,

    wic tk place n Deceber n te Wisre Ebeeatre n Ls Angeles. at ws prbably te rst te

    tat te tw wen w ad sared s lfe, Heene i

    and Else Heis, fund teseves tgeter n te sae

    r Krngld and zigeti played. Parts f te l f A

    Mdumm Nght' Dam were swn. elw rtists andpups spke, ang te an Aercan squrt eeven r

    tweve years f age, fr Renardts Hllywd teater

    sc, w gave us a sape f typca Arican ngenu-

    usness and straigtfrwardness n pubic speakng wc

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    The Sor o a Novel

    67was ast cedy. dnt knw w t speak abut Max

    in a sen way We sipy were gd friends . We

    cncuded t evening wit te ranks at te Brwn

    Derby but neiter private nr pubic aairs seee abe t

    prvide bigtr ateria fr ur cnvesatin ranz

    Werfes cnditin was causing us te gravest cncern. And

    prspects fr te war in Eupe nce again seeed dakand dubius. e disastrus episde at Bari ad just been

    ade pubic. Winstn Curci was i in Egypt suering

    fr is secnd but f pneunia. ad begun wrk again n te revisins f Capter V,

    gave it a new na f, and decided tat ad it rigt atast. resued Capter X wic ad begun ny t turn

    back nce re t ake furter reviins n te earier

    capter. My estetic cnscience was never t be fuy satis

    ed wit tat bterse sectin. Muc ater again rewrte te na diague At te end f te year was in te

    idst f te next capter. Wrking n X and cut Dubts

    abut te cpsitin be canged Reincences f

    teatic ateria. . . . rigtfu bbing f Berin

    Reading Scnbergs Hamony Begun t write Geran bradcast . . . . e ai as brugt a surprise rdert appear fr naturaizatin exa Read parts f Le

    on n nh"

    On Deceber : We unite in te eartfet wis ta in

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOM M


    te wld year t ce ur sns ay t e safe On te rst

    day f te new year ust agan take up wrk n te per

    aps pssle ne. May setng wrty e adef t

    Oy a few days f 19 ad passed wen a eraeletter fr Werfe arred. Dctated fr s scked

    wc gt e s deated He spke f Buddbookwc e ad ust reread n tree days and wc e calle

    te mst earnest anner, an mmrtal sterpece.

    tug ts wrk f y yut ad fr s ngalst a

    a century nween eadng ts wn lfe ndependent

    me, and altug t scarcey seeed t pertan t e anyngr, was deepy aected y ts essage, reacng e

    as t dd under suc curus crcustances. r y presen

    udrtkg was setg lke a elated return and e

    cmg t te ldfasned Geran and usca spere

    tt t nel at Buddbook suld nce re ae

    captd a rstrate artsts nd ke Werfes at ts f a

    tes was und t tuc e deepy r te rest, te cn

    sderatns arused y te etter were far fr arrgant. "

    a wnderng wrte weter ts k ay nt e teery ne ang al y wrks wc s destned t sure

    Peraps y ssn was fullled n te wrtng f t, and

    as een y lt nly t te rest f a lng lfe n a ter

    ay dgned and terestng anner I d nt wan t e

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    r f Nve

    69ungrateul and denigrate te urse f my lie after that

    yutful ast te die as it develed thrugh

    and But this iht

    be a ase like that the that era alone hs reained alive amng the ele although the moser fl-

    lwed it u by a god deal f musi that was even bter

    nbler Still and all, and are als n tereertire

    A ew days later I went t see Werfel w loked vey

    ad ut immediately egan t lay ral variatins uon the

    eulogies in his letter I std at te ft f is bed beside

    wi the xygen aaratus was munted With eyes xedun me he exlained tat it seemed almst inredible to im

    t see te autr f standing s materially e

    fre him.

    Hw arateristi f him was the hildlkeness tis entusiasm I ave always een very fnd f ranz Werfel I

    ave admed is great lyrial git as a et and herised isalways interesting narrative art altug at es it ak

    artiti selfntrl I ad my doubts aut his laying wit

    irales in intelleually tere is someting iure abut it But I uld never really lame his nave and

    hly talented artisti nature r te mystial inlinatins

    hat mre and mre to r n im r is irting wit

    me is ius weakness fr r and Vatian Nne

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)




    tat botered e excet at toe unfortunate oent

    wen e ecae aggreivey arguentative about it At

    botto e wa a gure out of oera e coud even ooke an opera inger (wic it ad once been i abition to

    e) toug at te ae tie e ad te ook of a Catoic

    prit. He ad teadfaty rej ected te teptation to becoe

    a convert on te ground tat it woud not do for i todey i udai at a tie of ewi artyrdo Wie e

    w ieraby recovering fro ti i econd eart at-

    tak and wa pending ore or e oitary tie in Santa

    bara niig i utoian novetat tane and a it

    wre potuou worI wa abe to ake i acquaintedwit oe part of te growing Fauu and to e wared

    by eagr ypaty We ad dined at Roman wit

    Aa Mar and ten joined i e aving eatn at oe

    wit i perona yician. Lying on te ofa e itened toy rt tree capter and I a not forget ow truc e

    waor a I ay reonitivey diturbedy Adrian

    laughe in wic e intanty recognized oeting of te

    uncanny an eeent of reigiou diaboi He aked about

    it again and again. e augter! e aid Wat are yougetting at tere? O know I know . We wi ee.

    Wit inigt and foreit e tu icked out one of te

    a otif of te book te ind I ot enjoy working

    witike ay te erotic otif of te bue and back eye;

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    T f Nv

    te mte mtf te arallelsm f te landscaes r, me

    sgncant and essntal rangng trug te wle b

    and aearng n many varatns te mtf f cld wc

    s elated t te mtf f laugter

    n tat laugter te devl as e secret er f te bk

    s nvsbly resent. He s tere t n te exerments f

    Leverkn's fater ad my tsk was slwly t rvde utlnes fr wat culd be sensed fm te begnnng t allw

    t mre and mre t assume frm and resence, as s dne n

    te capters n telgy at Hallerst f all by Prfessrumf's crcature f Luter (wc s at te sme tme a

    cmc relude t te lgustc devces f te bk, s tatlate n te Old German s really n every case a qute frm

    umf) ad ten by clefuss' sdy cleague ad

    advanced t ts regn f te bk by te mddle f eb-

    ruay. And altug an artcle ayng trbute t ru Wal-ter n s ftet annversary as a cnductr was nt teoy nterrutn t te bk, ad te wtc stry dne

    d als Cter X by te begnng f Marc My cm

    ment: Lttle satsfactn n te wrk, wc seems t be ds

    lvng under my nds Certanly t s an rgal enterrsebut I dubt tat my strengt wll suce. A msguded deat let t assume frms and dmensns ak t e Mai

    oua e bass f tat s fatgue and sluggsess

    s wrry ver te bks frmlssness crs u reet

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    HOA A

    edly n te accanyg nte and te aance eet I

    dew u f y wn enet. Cyi Cnnlly nce c

    ened peceively at ne ut nt e t vain t d aing adly and n t caven t adi it Well I a ave

    enug t adit at I was ied at te spect f un

    gling a maj wk nd a I ften sueed t e pin f

    despai f e belief t I was actually ding s Uliately it as is vanity wic cnqueed te fatigue and

    luggishness and ade f e nvel te slid ceent suc

    tue at it is.

    I ald wi Adn weneve we et scially and

    tug tese cnvesains I ateped get e gin usical pbls f e bk. I was aleady cn

    cened u e idea f e beaktug wic wa

    gealy in need f claicatin Wi sypaeic inteest

    and eageness t elp in any way e culd Adn uge a ighly petinent bk n Alan Bg w was n n

    te same yea as Adian and wit w, inciden-tally I d nce cespnded I ad cpleely fgtten

    tis pably ecause I ad nt en clealy gasped is

    ce Alma Male ad t eind e tat afe te ub-lcain f e st vlue f Joeh ad Hi Brother e

    d wien a vey cdial lee t e f Vienna andta ad eplied gaefully. I wuld give a gat deal

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)


    r f Nv

    7 ave i letter till Wit mc ele it wa left by te


    A memable literary event ccrred wile wa wrking

    n Capte XVte tdent talk f wic incidentally

    I ed a dcment tat I fnd amng my vai ld pa-

    per a German yut magazine publied by te Wander-

    vgel r me milar grp. e literary event wic frday cncerned me in te deepet and mt pernal way

    wa te arrival frm witzerland bt vlume Her

    mann Hee Magit Ludi. After year wrk my fried

    in ditant Mntagnla ad cmpleted ti diclt and beau

    tiful nvel f i ld age wic I ad itert een nlyte mgnicent intrdcin tat ad cme ut in te u

    Rundchau ad ten aid tat ti writing wa a cle t

    me a if it were part melf" a it ge in te ld pem

    I Had a Comad. Nw eeing te wle ting I wa al-mt alarmed at it kinip wit te tak ad elected te

    ame idea f ctinal bigrapywit te dae f pardytat ti fm necearily invlve te ame cnectin wit

    muc Al a criticim f culture and r era altug

    frm te pint view f a viinary cltural utpia andtey clture ater tan a painate and telling

    dramatizatin r tragedy Wit all te dierence tere

    emained a ditrbing imilarity My diay nte e e

  • 8/17/2019 Mann, Thomas - Story of a Novel (Knopf, 1961)



    74mnded tat ne s nt ane n te wrldalways unea

    ant" bluntly renders ts asect f my feelngs t s anter

    versn f te questn n Getes Wlcr DwaD we ten live f ters lve?" and s as reminscent f

    certan remars by Saul itelberg n te unwillngness f

    artsts t knw abut ne anterrearks tat ater

    wrte witut ayng te t mysef admt t a weearted cntemt fr medcrty e

    medcre knw ntng f excence and terefre lead an

    easy, stud life y mnd, t many ele wrte. But

    wit tse w tread te same dicult at, tink may

    cl mysef a gd cleague w des nt k grudgnglyat te gd and great tngs tat are being dne angsde

    , and w s far t fnd f admratn, and beeves n

    it far t deely t reserve s wn fr te dead.

    was face t face wt mature ecelence ere Certanlymuc er deely cncealed and carefully aled, adgne nt ts wrk Wt wat umr and artistry ad tese

    cntrved t kee te ntelectuazatn tat cms wit