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  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


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  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    Fabio GedaIn the Sea There Are CrocodilesBased on the True Story o EnaiatollahAkbari

    TranslaTedbyHoward CurTis


    What would you do i, when you wereten, you were let to end or yoursel, and,in order to survive, you had to under-take a harrowing journey all the way romAghanistan to Italy?

    In early 2002, Enaiatollah Akbaris village inAghanistan ell prey to the Taliban. His moth-

    er, earing or his lie, led him across the border.So began Enaiats remarkable and oten pun-ishing ve-year ordealtrekking across bitterlycold mountains, riding in the suocating alsebottom o a truck, steering an infatable rat inviolent watersthrough Iran, Turkey, Pakistan,and Greece, beore he eventually sought politi-cal asylum in Italy, all beore he turned teenyears old.

    Here Fabio Geda delivers the moving true storyo Enaiats extraordinary will to survive and othe accidental brotherhood he ound with theboys he met along the way. In the Sea ThereAre Crocodiles brilliantly captures Enaiats en-gaging voice and humor, in what is a truly epicstory o hope and survival.

    Extraordinary. . . .A gripping, strangelysweet tale. . . . Reading o Akbaris eortsto nd a better liealone and at an agewhen children in our country cant even driveyetwill leave you shaken, but his resilient joyleavens the story.The Washington Post

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-74382-4 | 224 PAGES | $14.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    SELECTED BY: Brookhaven College

    Every so oten a book comes along that is anabsolute git to the world. This is one such book.Laura Fitzgerald, author ofDreaming in English

    Itssobering and heart litingto see the stoicaldetermination and achievement o someone whomakes our world look like paradise. This little gem,beautiully and unobtrusively translated, will raisetears o sorrow and joy.The Independent(London)

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-74255-1 | 304 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    SELECTED BY: University of North CarolinaWilmington

    Saslow has a eel or the tender spots in thesepeoples stories. . . . The plainspokenness, decencyand human dignity they display leave a lastingimpression.The Washington Post

    Eli SaslowTen LettersThe Stories Americans Tell Their PresidentNOW IN PAPERBACK

    Every day, President Obama reads ten represen-tative letters among the thousands he receivesrom citizens across the land. The letters comerom people o all ages, walks o lie, and politi-cal points o view. Some are heartbreaking, someangry, some hopeul.

    In this inspiring and powerul look at the issuesacing Americans today, reporter Eli Saslow cre-ates vivid portraits o the lives o ten citizens whocorresponded with President Obama. Their let-ters, and the presidents handwritten responses,tell o the personal struggles behind everythingrom health care to immigration to war.

    One mother writes to express her ears about thewell-being o a son currently deployed in Aghani-stan. A young girl in Kentucky shares her rustra-tions while attending one o the countrys worstschools, and the president relies on her story inhis push or education reorm. What these ten let-ters reveal about the relationship between a presi-dent and the people he governs is deeply aect-ing, and what ultimately emerges rom within thestories is the incredible endurance and optimismo the American people.

    A luminous book. . . . Saslow has ound his wayaround the cynicism and superciality o Wash-ington politics toshow the proound real-lie

    connections between the White House and thepeople.David Maraniss, author ofBarack Obama: The Story















    FABIO GEDA is an Italian novelist who works with chil-dren under duress. He writes or several Italian magazines

    and newspapers and teaches creative writing at Scuola

    Holden, the Italian school o storytelling in Turin. This is his

    frst book to be translated into English.

    ENAIATOLLAH AKBARI graduated rom high schoolin the spring o 2011 and plans to attend university in Italy

    while continuing to support his mother and siblings, who are

    now living in Pakistan. He dreams o having the chance to

    return one day to a democratic and peaceul Aghanistan.




    ELI SASLOW has been a sta writer at The Washing-ton Post since 2004. He covered the 2008 presidential

    campaign, wrote profle stories about Barack Obama and

    then chronicled the presidents lie inside the White House.

    Saslow has won multiple awards or news and eature writ-

    ing. He lives in Washington with his wie and daughter.




    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, visit For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, visit

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Peggielene Bartels andEleanor HermanKing PeggyAn American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny,and the Inspiring Story o How She Changedan Arican VillageNEW

    King Peggy is the charming real-lie airy tale o anAmerican secretary who discovers she has beenchosen king o an impoverished shing village onGhanas central coast. In rising to the new chal-lenge o governing 7,000 souls, Peggy is herseltransormed, rom an ordinary secretary to theheart and hope o her community.

    Upon arriving or her crowning ceremony inbeautiul Otuam, she discovers the dire reality:theres no running water, no doctor, and no highschool, and many o the village elders are steal-ing the towns unds. To make matters worse, heruncle (the late king) sits in a morgue awaiting a

    proper uneral in the royal palace, which is in ru-ins. The longer she waits to bury him, the moreshe risks incurring the wrath o her ancestors. Inthe end, a deeply traditional Arican town hasbeen uplited by the ambitions o its headstrong,decidedly modern emale king.

    King Peggy is a wonderous taleo how awoman rose to great heights in circumstancesone would never dream o, in a place where mosto us cannot imagine living. Compelling andheartwarming, it is a most enjoyable and absorb-

    ing read .Deborah Rodriguez, author ofKabulBeauty School

    In the moving story o Peggielene Bartels, all ous can eel a connection to our ancestors, anda reminder othe good that can come romcourageously embracing unexpected respon-sibilities.Jeffrey Zaslow, author ofThe Girls rom Ames

    DOUBLEDAY | 978-0-385-53432-1 | 352 PAGES | $25.95

    EXAM PRICE $13.00


    SELECTED BY: Russell Sage College

    Theres an unlikely new leader in West Arica. . . .Bartels had to quickly and orceully let tribal eldersknow that despite being ar away and emale, shehad every intention o taking her position seri-ouslyand being taken seriously in turn.NPR

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-27918-7 | 304 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    SELECTED BY: Appalachian State University

    Born to Run is aascinatingandinspiringtrue adventure story, based on humans pushingthemselves to the limits. A brilliantly writtenaccount o extraordinary endurance, ar romhome. . . .Its destined to become a classic.

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes, author ofMad, Bad andDangerous To Know

    Christopher McDougallBorn to RunA Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and theGreatest Race the World Has Never Seen

    Isolated by Mexicos deadly Copper Canyons, theblissul Tarahumara Indians have honed the abil-ity to run hundreds o miles without rest or injury.In this riveting narrative, award-winning journalistand oten-injured runner Christopher McDougallsets out to discover their secrets and mans historyas runnerrom prehistoric persistence huntingto modern day ultra-marathons. In the process, hetakes his readers rom science labs at Harvard tosun-baked valleys and reezing peaks across North

    America, where ever-growing numbers o ultra-runners are pushing their bodies to the limit, and,nally, to a climactic race in the Copper Canyonsthat pits Americas best ultra-runners against thetribe.

    Compelling. . . . Entertaining. . . . [McDougall]uses an extended portrait o one o the worldsleast-known cultures, the Tarahumara Indianso Mexicos Copper Canyons, to put modernAmerican running under an exacting magniyingglass.San Francisco Chronicle

    McDougall recounts his quest to understand nearsuperhuman ultra-runners with adrenalinepumped writing, humor and a distinct voice.. . . [H]e never lets go rom his impassioned mantrathat humans were born to run.NPR

    The book is wonderul.Its unny, insightul,

    captivating, and a great and beautiul discov-ery. There are lessons here that translate torealms beyond running.The book inspiresanyone who seeks to live more ully.Lynne Cox, author ofSwimming to Antarctica




    CHRISTOPHER McDOUGALL is a ormer war corre-spondent or the Associated Press and is now a contribut-

    ing editor or Mens Health. A three-time National Magazine

    Award fnalist, he has written or Esquire, The New York

    Times Magazine, Outsideand Mens Journal. He does his

    own running among the Amish arms around his home in

    rural Pennsylvania.




    Paperback Available February 2013

    PEGGIELENE BARTELS was born in Ghana in 1953and moved to Washington, D.C., in her early twenties to work

    at Ghanas embassy. In 2008, she was chosen to be king o

    Otuam, a Ghanaian village. She lives in Silver Spring, Mary-

    land, still works at the embassy, and spends several weeks

    each year in Ghana.

    ELEANOR HERMAN is the author o three books o wom-ens history. Her profle o Peggy was a cover story or The

    Washington Post Magazine. She lives in McLean, Virginia.






  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, visit For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, visit

    Jonathan HaidtThe Righteous MindWhy Good People Are Divided byPolitics and ReligionNEW

    Why cant our political leaders work together asthreats loom and problems mount? Why do peopleso readily assume the worst about the motives otheir ellow citizens? In The Righteous Mind, so-cial psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores the ori-gins o our divisions and points the way orward tomutual understanding.

    Blending his years o research with ndings o an-thropologists, historians, and other psychologists,Haidt draws a map o the moral domain, start-ing with moral intuition and the origins o moral-ity. Haidt explains that humans are undamentallygroupish, and it is our groupishness that leads to ourgreatest joys, our religious divisions, and our politi-cal aliations. In a stunning nal chapter on ideol-ogy and civility, Haidt shows what each side is rightabout, and why we need the insights o liberals, con-servatives, and libertarians to fourish as a nation.

    The Righteous Mind, is a tour de orcea brave,brilliant and eloquent exploration o the mostimportant issues o our time. It will challengethe way you think about liberals and conservatives,atheism and religion, good and evil. This is the bookthat everyone will be talking about.Paul Bloom,Yale University, author ofHow Pleasure Works

    This elegantly written book has ar-reaching

    implications or anyone interested in politics, reli-gion, or the many controversies that divide modernsocieties. I you want to know why you hold yourmoral belies, and why many people disagree withyou, read this book.Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge University, authorofThe Science o Evil

    PANTHEON | 978-0-307-37790-6 | 448 PAGES | $28.95

    EXAM PRICE $14.50


    Haidt is looking or more than victory. Hes lookingor wisdom. Thats what makes The RighteousMindwell worth reading. . . .A landmark contri-bution to humanitys understanding o itsel.The New York Times Book Review

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-59348-1 | 320 PAGES | $26.95

    EXAM PRICE $13.50


    The connections we share with the rest o lie onour planet are a source o beauty and, in Natter-son-Horowitz and Bowers luminous new account,the inspiration or an emerging and powerulapproach to human health.Zoobiquityis a bookthatexplodes barriers and myths all in thepurpose obettering the human condition.

    Neil Shubin, author ofYour Inner Fish

    Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, M.D.and Kathryn BowersZoobiquityWhat Animals Can Teach Us About Healthand the Science o HealingNEW

    In 2005, cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horow-itz was called to consult on an unusual patient:an Emperor tamarin at the Los Angeles Zoo.While examining the tiny monkeys sick heart,she learned that wild animals can die o a orm ocardiac arrest brought on by extreme emotionalstress. It was a syndrome identical to a humancondition but one that veterinarians called by a

    dierent nameand treated in innovative ways.

    This remarkable medical parallel led Natterson-Horowitz to search or other connections betweenthe human and animal worlds, and her ndingswere astonishing. Dinosaurs suered rom braincancer. Koalas catch chlamydia. Reindeer seeknarcotic escape in hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    Joining orces with science journalist KathrynBowers, Natterson-Horowitz employs ascinatingcase studies and meticulous scholarship to pres-ent a revelatory understanding o what animalscan teach us about the human body and mind.Both authoritative and accessible, this provocativebook encourages us to see our essential connec-tion to all living beings.

    Illuminating. . . . This very engaging book is di-cult to put down. Itprovides lots o inorma-

    tion in an easy-to-understand manner thatdoesnt eel overwhelming,perhaps becauseo the liberal use o humor throughout. ReadingZoobiquitygave this reader a totally new perspec-tive on his urred and eathered neighbors.The Boston Globe

    JONATHAN HAIDT is the Thomas Cooley Proessor oEthical Leadership at New York Universitys Stern School

    o Business. His previous book is The Happiness Hypoth-

    esis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom. He lives in

    New York City.



    Paperback Available January 2013

    Paperback Available April 2013

    BARBARA NATTERSON-HOROWITZ, M.D.,earned her degrees at Harvard and the University o

    Caliornia, San Francisco. She is a cardiology proessor at

    the David Geen School o Medicine at UCLA and serves

    on the medical advisory board o the Los Angeles Zoo as

    a cardiovascular consultant. Her writing has appeared in

    many scientifc and medical publications.

    KATHRYN BOWERS was a sta editor at TheAtlanticand a writer and producer at CNN International.

    She has edited and written both popular and academic

    books and teaches a course at UCLA on medical narrative. Joanna Brooks




  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Nicholas D. Kristof andSheryl WuDunnHalf the SkyTurning Oppression into Opportunity orWomen Worldwide

    From two o our most ercely moral voices, apassionate call to arms against our eras most per-vasive human rights violation: the oppression owomen and girls in the developing world. WithPulitzer Prize winners Nicholas D. Kristo andSheryl WuDunn as our guides, we undertake anodyssey through Arica and Asia to meet the ex-traordinary women struggling there. Drawing onthe breadth o their combined reporting experi-ence, Kristo and WuDunn depict our world withanger, sadness, clarity, and, ultimately, hope.

    Hal the Sky helps us see that the key to econom-ic progress lies in unleashing womens potential.Kristo and WuDunn make clear how so many

    people have helped to do just that, and how we caneach do our part. Throughout much o the world,the greatest unexploited economic resource is theemale hal o the population. Countries such asChina have prospered precisely because theyemancipated women and brought them into theormal economy. Unleashing that process globallyis not only the right thing to do; its also the beststrategy or ghting poverty.

    Urgent. . . .Passionate. . . . Compelling. . . .Hal the Sky is a grab-the-reader-by-the-lapelswake-up call.Bill Williams, The Boston Globe

    Hal the Sky is a passionate and persuasive pleato all o us to rise up and say No more! to theseventeenth-century abuses to girls and womenin the twenty-rst-century world. This is a bookthat will pierce your heart and arouse yourconscience. It is a powerul piece o journalismby two masters o the crat who are tireless in theirpursuit o one o the most shameul conditions oour time.Tom Brokaw

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38709-7 | 320 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    SELECTED BY: Eastern Illinois University;George Washington University; Illinois College;Linfield College; Luther College; Meredith College;Mills College; Mount Mary College; Mt. HolyokeCollege; New England College; North Carolina StateUniversity; Rochester Community and TechnicalCollege; Rollins College; Smith College; St. JohnsUniversity; Trinity University; University at Buffalo,School of Social Work; University of Connecticut;University of Maryland; University of Richmond;Vanderbilt University; Webster University; WellesleyCollege

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38992-3 | 304 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    AlthoughIncognito is ast-paced, mind-bendingstu, its a book or regular olks.Eagleman doesa brilliant job rening heavy science into acompelling read. He is a gited writer.Houston Chronicle

    Eagleman engagingly sums up recent discoveries

    about the unconscious processes that dominate ourmental lie.The New York Times Book Review

    David EaglemanIncognitoThe Secret Lives o the BrainNOW IN PAPERBACK

    In this sparkling and provocative new book, therenowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navi-gates the depths o the subconscious brain to il-luminate surprising mysteries: Why can your ootmove halway to the brake pedal beore you be-come consciously aware o danger ahead? Whydo you hear your name being mentioned in a con-versation that you didnt think you were listeningto? How is your brain like a conficted democracyengaged in civil war? Why is it so dicult to keep

    a secret?

    Taking in brain damage, plane spotting, dating,drugs, beauty, indelity, synesthesia, criminallaw, articial intelligence, and visual illusions,Incognito is a thrilling subsurace exploration othe mind and all its contradictions.

    Incognito proposes a grand new account o therelationship between consciousness and the brain.It is ull o dazzling ideas,as it is chockablockwith acts and instances.The New York Observer

    Fascinating. . . . Eagleman has the ability to turnhard science and jargon into interesting and relat-able prose, illuminating the minds processeswith clever analogies and metaphors.Salt Lake City Weekly

    Incognito reads like a series o ascinatingvignettes, oering plenty o pauses or sel-refection. Eaglemans anecdotes are unny andeasily tie to the concepts he explains. Moreover, hisenthusiasm or the subject is obvious and conta-gious.Spectrum Culture

    NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF AND SHERYL WUDUNNare the frst married couple to win a Pulitzer Prize in journal-

    ism or their coverage o China as New York Timescorre-

    spondents. They received the 2009 Dayton Literary Peace

    Prize or Lietime Achievement and many other prizes in-

    cluding the George Polk and Overseas Press Club awards.




    DAVID EAGLEMAN is a neuroscientist at BaylorCollege o Medicine, where he directs the Laboratory or

    Perception and Action as well as the Initiative on Neurosci-

    ence and Law. His scientifc research has been published

    in journals rom Scienceto Nature, and his neuroscience

    books include Wednesday Is Indigo Blue: Discovering the

    Brain of Synesthesia, Why the Net Matters, and the orth-

    coming Live-Wired. He is also the author o the internation-

    ally bestselling book o fction Sum: Forty Tales from the






  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Isabel WilkersonThe Warmth of Other SunsThe Epic Story o Americas Great Migration

    Winner of the National Book Critics Circle AwardWinner of the Mark Lynton History PrizeWinner of the Stephen E. Ambrose Oral History AwardWinner of the Sidney Hillman Prize for Book Journalism

    In this epic, beautiully written masterwork, Pulit-zer Prizewinning author Isabel Wilkerson chroni-cles one o the great untold stories o American his-tory: the decades-long migration o black citizenswho fed the South or northern and western cities,in search o a better lie. From 1915 to 1970, thisexodus o almost six million people changed the

    ace o America.

    With stunning historical detail, Wilkerson tells thisstory through the lives o three unique individuals:Ida Mae Gladney, who in 1937 let sharecroppingand prejudice in Mississippi or Chicago; sharpand quick-tempered George Starling, who in 1945fed Florida or Harlem; and Robert Foster, wholet Louisiana in 1953 to pursue a medical career.Both a riveting microcosm and a major assessment,The Warmth o Other Suns is a bold and remark-able work, a superb account o an unrecognizedimmigration within our own land.

    [A]deeply aecting, nely crated and heroicbook. . . . Wilkerson has taken on one o the mostimportant demographic upheavals o the pastcenturya phenomenon whose dimensions andsignicance have eluded many a scholarand told

    it through the lives o three people no one has everheard o. . . . This is narrative nonction, lyricaland tragic and atalist. The story exposes; thestory moves; the story ends. What Wilkerson urges,nally, isnt argument at all; its compassion.Jill Lepore, The New Yorker

    VINTAGE | 978-0-679-76388-8 | 640 PAGES | $16.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00



    SELECTED BY: Howard University; Grand ValleyState University; Commonwealth School

    The Warmth o Other Suns is epic in its reachand in its structure. Told in a voice that echoesthe magic cadences o Toni Morrison or the olk

    wisdom o Zora Neale Hurstons collected oralhistories, Wilkersons book pulls not just theexpanse o the migration into ocus but itsoverall impact on politics, literature, music,sportsin the nation and the world.Lynell George,Los Angeles Times

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-70021-6 | 320 PAGES | $26.95

    EXAM PRICE $13.50

    Most o us Americans dont have a clueabout how the criminal court system reallyoperates and we need a good writer likeBonner to take us through, step by step. Butbe warned: I you have pressing duties waiting,dont begin reading this book. This is seductivestorytelling at its best.Sister Helen Prejean,author ofDead Man Walking

    Raymond BonnerAnatomy of InjusticeA Murder Case Gone WrongNEW

    Anatomy o Injusticeis Pulitzer Prize winner Ray-mond Bonners moving, suspenseul, and vital con-tribution to our nations ongoing, increasingly impor-tant debate about inequality and the death penalty.

    In January 1982, an elderly white widow wasound brutally murdered in the small town oGreenwood, South Carolina. Police immediatelyarrested Edward Lee Elmore, a semiliterate, men-tally retarded black man with no previous elony

    record. Although only loosely connected to thevictim, Elmore was tried, convicted, and sentencedto death. He had been on death row or elevenyears when a young attorney named Diana Holtrst learned o his case, and would spend the nextdecade ghting on Elmores behal.

    With the exemplary moral commitment and te-nacious investigation that have distinguished hisreporting career, Bonner ollows Holts battle tosave Elmores lie and shows us how his case isa textbook example o what can go wrong in theAmerican justice system. He reviews police work,evidence gathering, jury selection, work o court-appointed lawyers, latitude o judges, iniquities inthe law, prison inormants, and the appeals pro-cess. Throughout, the actions and motivations oboth unlikely heroes and shameul villains in our

    justice system are vividly revealed.

    Accomplished and meticulously researched. . . .Masterul. Bonner builds the story, and his argu-ment, careully, rarely editorializing, mixing in aprcis o capital punishment in the United States.. . . Bonners book is an important addition to thebody o evidence against the death penalty.The Boston Globe

    RAYMOND BONNER practiced law or a decade andtaught at the University o Caliornia, Davis School o

    Law. He later became an investigative reporter and oreign

    correspondent or The New York Times, where he was a

    member o a Pulitzer Prizewinning team in 1999. He is the

    author o Weakness and Deceit: U.S. Policy and El Salva-

    dor, which received the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award and

    Waltzing with a Dictator: The Marcoses and the Making of

    American Policy, which received the Cornelius Ryan Award

    rom the Overseas Press Club and the Hillman Prize or

    Book Journalism.



    ISABEL WILKERSON won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize orFeature Writing or her reporting as Chicago bureau chie o

    The New York Times. The award made her the frst black

    woman in the history o American journalism to win a Pulit-

    zer Prize and the frst Arican American to win or individual

    reporting. She is currently Proessor o Journalism and Di-

    rector o Narrative Nonfction at Boston University. During

    the Great Migration, her parents journeyed rom Georgia and

    southern Virginia to Washington, D.C., where she was born

    and reared.





    Paperback Available January 2013

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Avi SteinbergRunning the BooksThe Adventures o an Accidental Prison L ibrarian

    While Avi Steinbergs classmates advance in theworld, he remains stuck at a crossroads, unable tomeet the loty expectations o his Orthodox Jewishupbringing. Seeking direction, Steinberg takes a jobas a librarian in a tough Boston prison. Running theBooksis a trenchant exploration o prison culture andan entertaining tale o one young mans earnest at-tempt to nd his place in the world.

    Hilarious enough to make you want to read its linesto anyone who happens to be around, andprooundenough to have you care deeply about many o themen and women whose crimes have brought them toBostons Suolk County House o Correction.San Francisco Chronicle

    Heartbreaking and entertaining. . . . Steinbergs com-passion or those he mentored clearly comes through.Yet, this is ar rom a preachy memoir on prisonreorm. Its a young mans blundering, but touch-ing, journey to nd a place in the world.Fortu-nately, he makes us laugh andsometimes cryin theprocess.The Seattle Times

    ANCHOR | 978-0-7679-3131-1 | 416 PAGES | $16.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    David K. ShiplerThe Working PoorInvisible in America

    A powerul, humane study o American amilies strug-gling against insurmountable odds to escape povertyand take part in the American dream.

    The working poor ought to be an oxymoron, because noone who works should be impoverished. In this thought-ul assessment o poverty in twenty-rst-centuryAmerica, David Shipler shows why so many workingAmericans remain poor, andoers a powerul guideor how to resuscitate the American dream.Robert B. Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor andauthor ofAtershock

    This is one o those seminal books that e very Ameri-can should readand read now.The New York Times Book Review

    SELECTED BY: Alaska Pacific University; CarletonCollege; Case Western Reserve University; IndianaUniversity Southeast; Lafayette College; Ohio StateUniversityMansfield; Presbyterian College; RogerWilliams University; University of AlaskaAnchorage;University of Arkansas; University of North Texas;University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    VINTAGE | 978-0-375-70821-3 | 352 PAGES | $16.00EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Jim YardleyBrave DragonsA Chinese Basketball Team, an American Coach,and Two Cultures ClashingNEW

    FormerNew York TimesBeijing bureau chie Jim Yard-ley tells the wonderully original story o a strugglingChinese basketball team and its quixotic attempt toright its ortunes by hiring a ormer NBA coach. Whatollows is a season o cultural misunderstanding thattranscends sports and reveals Chinas ambivalent rela-tionship with the West.

    Rollicking. . . . Lively and oten hilarious. . . . Yardleystaleresonates ar beyond sports. . . . He manages tocapture, in touchingly human detail, the essence o anation in transition.The Washington Post

    Brave Dragons has all the ingredients o a arce:larger-than-lie characters, sudden plot twists, anddont-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out moments.But Jim Yardley sees the bigger picture: In many ways,basketball is a metaphor or the emergence oChina as an economic power and its relationshipwith the rest o the world.The Seattle Times

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-27221-8 | 320 PAGES | $26.95

    EXAM PRICE $13.50

    Daniel L. EverettDont Sleep, There Are SnakesLie and Language in the Amazonian Jungle

    Part passionate memoir, part scientic exploration,Everetts lie-changing tale is a riveting look into thenature o language, thought, and lie itsel.

    Daniel Everett arrived among the Pirah with his wieand three young children hoping to convert the smalltribe o Amazonian Indians to Christianity. Everettquickly became obsessed with their language and itscultural and linguistic implications, becoming so im-

    pressed with their peaceul way o lie that he insteaddevoted his lie to the science o linguistics.

    Agenuine and engrossingbook that is bothsharpand intuitive; it closes around you and reaches insideyou, controlling your every thought and movement asyou read it. . . . Impossible to orget.Sacramento Book Review

    Absorbing. . . . Shares its authors best traits:perseverance, insight, humor and humility. Both the

    Pirahs and their interpreter make splendid com-pany.The Plain Dealer

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38612-0 | 320 PAGES | $16.00EXAM PRICE $3.00








    Paperback Available January 2013

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Jaron LanierYou Are Not a GadgetA Maniesto

    Among the rst to predict the revolutionary chang-es the World Wide Web would bring to commerceand culture, Jaron Lanier takes a provocative andcautionary look at the way the Internet is trans-orming our lives or better and or worse. He oersinsight on everything rom the origins o the Inter-nets structure to its eects on our nancial marketsand social networking.

    Aprovocativeand sure-to-be-controversial book.. . .Lucid, powerul and persuasive. It is neces-sary reading or anyone interested in how the Weband the sotware we use every day are reshapingculture and the marketplace.Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

    At the bottom o Laniers cyber-tinkering is aundamentally humanist aith in technology, a beliethat wisely designed machines can bring us closertogether by expanding the possibilities o creativesel-expression.Ben Ehrenreich, Los Angeles Times

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38997-8 | 240 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    SELECTED BY: Indiana University Southeast;Lane Community College; University of CaliforniaSanta CruzCrown College

    Brian ChristianThe Most Human HumanWhat Articial Intelligence Teaches

    Us About Being AliveNOW IN PAPERBACK

    A provocative, exuberant, and proound explorationo the ways in which computers are reshaping ourideas o what it means to be human.

    The Most Human Human is immenselyambitious and bold, intellectually provocative,while at the same time entertaining and wittyadelightul book about how to live a meaningul,thriving lie.Alan Lightman, author ofEinsteins Dreams

    An eye-opening inquest into human imagina-tion, thought, conversation, love and deception.Who would have guessed that the best way to under-stand humanity was to study its imitators?David Eagleman, author ofSum

    Machines are getting so smart that itorces us to

    take a completely resh look at what smart is,and at what human is. Brian Christian takes onthis very weighty task, and somehow makes it un.David Shenk, author ofThe Genius in All o Us

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-47670-8 | 320 PAGES | $15.00EXAM PRICE $3.00

    John VaillantThe TigerA True Story o Vengeance and Survival

    Outside a remote village in Russias ar east a man-eat-ing tiger is on the prowl, murdering people almost asi it has a vendetta. A team o trackers is dispatched tohunt down the tiger beore it strikes again. They knowthe creature is cunning, injured, and starving, makingit even more dangerous. As John Vaillant re-createsthese extraordinary events, he gives us an unorget-table and masterul work o narrative nonction thatcombines a riveting portrait o a stark and mysteriousregion o the world and its people, with the naturalhistory o natures most deadly predator.

    Few writers have taken such pains to understand theirmonsters, and ew depict them in such arresting prose.The New York Times Book Review

    An extraordinary book, bringing vividly to lie thisrare and terriying creature and the men who aresetting their lives at stake every day in a barely civilizedpart o the world. This is a real-lie adventure storythat is rarely encountered.The Washington Times

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38904-6 | 352 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Adrian Bejan and J. Peder ZaneDesign in NatureHow the Constructal Law Governs Evolution

    in Biology, Physics, Technology, and SocialOrganizationNEW

    This groundbreaking book takes the recurringpatterns in naturetrees, tributaries, air passages,neural networks, and lightning boltsand revealshow a single principle o physics, the ConstructalLaw, accounts or the evolution o these and allother designs in our world. Written in an easy stylethat achieves clarity without sacricing complexity,Design in Natureis a paradigm-shiting book thatwill undamentally transorm our understanding othe world around us.

    Fascinating. . . . By reraming things as fowsystems, they reveal how unction determines ormin everything rom corporate hierarchies to Canadageese.Nature

    Bejan masterully uniesunder a deep commonlawphysics, chemistry, biology, and even parto the social sciences. His treatment o naturaldesign, fow systems, and complex order. . . is novel,powerul, and highly plausible.Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, co-author ofWhat Darwin Got Wrong

    DOUBLEDAY | 978-0-385-53461-1 | 304 PAGES | $27.95EXAM PRICE $14.00








    Paperback Available January 2013

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Neil ShubinYour Inner FishA Journey into the 3.5-Billion-YearHistory o the Human Body

    Neil Shubin, a leading paleontologist and proessoro anatomy who discovered Tiktaalikthe missinglink that made headlines around the world in April2006tells the story o evolution by tracing the or-gans o the human body back millions o years. Byexamining ossils and DNA, Shubin shows us thatour hands actually resemble sh ns, our head is orga-nized like that o a long-extinct jawless sh, and major

    parts o our genome look and unction like those oworms and bacteria. Your Inner Fish is science writ-

    ing at its nestenlightening, accessible, and told withirresistible enthusiasm.

    An entertaining and originalbook. Cleverly weav-ing together adventures in paleontology with veryaccessible science, Neil Shubin reveals the manysurprising deep connections between our anatomyand those o sh, reptiles, and other creatures. Youwill never look at your body in the same way again.Sean B. Carroll, author ofThe Making o the Fittest

    SELECTED BY: Penn State Brandywine; SkidmoreCollege; University of Montana; University ofPennsylvania

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-27745-9 | 256 PAGES | $16.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Climate CentralGlobal WeirdnessSevere Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless

    Drought, Rising Seas and the Weathero the FutureNEW

    Written in clear, accessible prose, Global Weirdnessis a ascinating new book that explains climate changeto the layperson. Produced by Climate Central, Inc.a highly regarded independent, non-prot journalismand research organizationand reviewed by scientiststhe world over, Global Weirdness summarizes the sci-ence o climate change, explains what is likely to hap-

    pen to the climate in the uture, and lays out, in practi-cal terms, what we can and cannot do to avoid urthershits.Illustrated throughout with clariying graphics,Global Weirdness enhances our understanding ohow climate change aects our daily lives.

    Slim and elegant . . . written in the kind o plainEnglish o which Strunk and White would ap-

    prove, that lays out what we know about climatechange while hewing to the acts and taking great careto avoid bias and hysteria.The New York Times

    PANTHEON | 978-0-307-90730-1 | 214 PAGES | $22.95

    EXAM PRICE $11.50


    Richard ForteyHorseshoe Crabs and Velvet WormsThe Story o the Animals and Plants That TimeHas Let BehindNEW

    Written in buoyant, sparkling prose,Horseshoe Crabsand Velvet Worms is a ascinating chronicle o lieshistory told not through the ossil record but throughthe stories o organisms that have survived, almost un-changed, throughout time. Scattered across the globe,these remarkable plants and animals oer us a tantaliz-ing glimpse o pivotal points in evolutionary history.These are not living ossils but rather a handul otenacious creatures rom days long gone.

    Reading this book is like stepping into the eld with aman whos equal parts naturalist and poet. . . . Hisbook is not only well built and witty but emotion-ally proound too. . . . An inducement to be as awakeand observant as possible.The New York Times

    A lively writer with a penchant or slightly gooy jokes,a vast storehouse o arcane knowledge, and an inex-haustible und o enthusiasm or his subject,Fortey isthe perect interpreter and guide to the marvelsand mysteries o archaic existence.The Boston Globe

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-26361-2 | 352 PAGES | $28.95

    EXAM PRICE $14.50

    Michio KakuThe Physics of the FutureHow Science Will Shape Human Destiny and

    Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100NOW IN PAPERBACK

    Space elevators. Internet-enabled contact lenses. Carsthat fy by foating on magnetic elds. This is the stuo science ctionits also daily lie in the year 2100.

    Based on interviews with over three hundred o theworlds top scientists, here is the most authoritativeand scientically accurate description o the revo-lutionary developments taking place in medicine,computers, articial intelligence, nanotechnology, en-ergy production, and astronautics. Synthesizing a vastamount o inormation, The Physics o the Futureis athrilling, wondrous ride through the next one hundredyears o breathtaking scientic revolution.

    Mind-bending. . . . Fascinating. . . . Kaku has a gitor explaining incredibly complex concepts, on subjectsas ar-ranging as nanotechnology and space travel, in

    language the lay reader can grasp. . . . Engrossing.San Francisco Chronicle

    [Physics o the Future]has the ability to surprise andenthrall and righten.The New York Times

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-47333-2 | 480 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00





    Paperback Available December 2012

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Margaret Atwood

    The Year of the FloodSet in a visionary uture, The Year o the Floodis atonce a tale o lasting riendship and a landmark worko speculative ction. By turns dark, tender, violent,and thoughtul, the book portrays the atermath o along predicted natural disaster that leaves the earthin ruins and a handul o survivors to navigate thisstrange new world.

    Leave it to Atwood to nd humor in a post-apocalyp-tic world as she covertly, andbrilliantly, addressesquestions o how we need to live on an imperiledplanet.Kansas City Star

    Atwood is unny and clever, such a good writer andreal thinker. . . . The Year o the Floodisnt proph-ecy, but it is eerily possible.The New York Times Book Review

    [An] entertaining, oten mesmerizing, conscious-ness-raising novel. . . . This is a work that amuses,inorms, enlightens and, remarkably, also chal-lenges its readers to be better persons.San Antonio Express-News

    SELECTED BY: Austin College

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-45547-5 | 448 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00



    Charles Yu

    How to Live Safely in aScience Fictional UniverseEvery day in Minor Universe 31 people get into timemachines and try to change the past. Thats whereCharles Yu, time travel technician, steps in. He helpssave people rom themselves. Literally. When hes nottaking client calls, Yu visits his mother and searchesor his ather, who invented time travel and then van-ished. The key to locating his ather may be ound ina book. Its called How to Live Saely in a ScienceFictional Universe, and somewhere inside it is inor-mation that will help him. It may even save his lie.

    Glittering layers o gorgeous and playul meta-science-ction. . . . Like [Douglas] Adams, Yu isvery unny, usually proportional to the wildness ohis inventions, but Yus sound and ury conceal (andconstruct) this novels dense, tragic, all-too-humanheart. . . . A complex, brainy, genre-hopping joyride oa story.The New York Times Book Review

    [A] truly original novel. Charles Yu has built astrange, beautiul, intricate machine, with a pulsethat carries as much blood as it does electricity.Kevin Brockmeier, author ofBrie History o the Dead

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-73945-2 | 256 PAGES | $14.95EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Colson Whitehead


    At once a chilling horror story and a literary novel bya contemporary master, Zone One is a dazzling por-trait o modern civilization in all its wretched, sham-bling glory.

    Ater a pandemic has devastated the planet, MarkSpitz becomes a member o one o the three-personcivilian sweeper units tasked with clearing lowerManhattan o the remaining eral zombies.Zone Oneunolds over three surreal days in which Spitz is oc-cupied with the mundane mission o straggler re-moval, the rigors o Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder(PASD), and the impossible task o coming to termswith a allen world.

    [Zone One] resembles Cormac McCarthysTheRoad. . . .An intense meditation on the way wecope with disasterand the stubborn, oten inexpli-cable, persistence o the human will to survive.Minneapolis Star Tribune

    A zombie story with brains. . . . [Whitehead is a]certiably hip writer who can spin gore into macabrepoetry.The Washington Post

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-45517-8 | 336 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Erin Morgenstern

    The Night CircusNOW IN PAPERBACK

    Winner of the Alex Award

    Behind the scenes o the magical, mysterious LeCirque des Rves, a duel is under way between twoyoung magicians, Celia and Marco, who have beentrained since childhood expressly or this purpose.Unbeknownst to them, this is a game in which onlyone can be let standing, and the circus is but the stageor a remarkable battle o imagination and will. De-spite themselves, however, Celia and Marco tumbleheadrst into lovea deep, magical love that makesthe lights ficker whenever they so much as brushhands. True love or not, the game must play out, andthe ates o everyone involved, rom the cast o extraor-dinary circus perormers to the patrons, hang in thebalance.

    Part love story, part able, and a knockout debut. . . .So sparklingly alive, youll swear the pages are breath-

    ing in your hands. . . . The Night Circus dees bothgenres and expectations.The Boston GlobeANCHOR | 978-0-307-74443-2 | 528 PAGES | $15.00EXAM PRICE $3.00






















  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Julie Otsuka

    When the Emperor Was DivineJulie Otsuka paints a portrait o the Japanese intern-ment camps unlike any we have ever seen. Withcrystalline intensity and precision, Otsuka usesa single amily to evoke the deracinationboth

    physical and emotionalo a generation o Japa-nese Americans. In ve chapters, each fawlessly ex-ecuted rom a dierent point o viewthe motherreceiving the order to evacuate; the daughter on thelong train ride to the camp; the son in the desertencampment; the amilys return to their home;and the bitter release o the ather ater more thanour years in captivityshe has created a small tour

    de orce, a novel o unrelenting economy and sup-pressed emotion.

    Exceptional. . . . Otsuka skillully dramatizes aworld suddenly oreign. . . . [Her] incantatory,unsentimental prose is the books greatest strength.The New Yorker

    SELECTED BY 36 SCHOOLS INCLUDING:Albertson College; California State University;Bellevue Community College; Brandeis University;

    Johnson & Wales Universi ty; Mid dlesex C ommunityCollege; Niagara University; Temple University;University of Dayton; Utah State University;Washington University in St. Louis

    ANCHOR | 978-0-385-72181-3 | 160 PAGES | $12.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Michael Ondaatje

    The Cats TableNOW IN PAPERBACK

    Michael Ondaatjes stunning new novel about themagical, oten orbidden, discoveries o childhood.In the early 1950s, an eleven-year-old boy in Co-lombo boards a ship bound or England. At meal-times he is seated at the cats tableas ar romthe captains table as can bewhere he beriendstwo other boys, Cassius and Ramadhin. As the shipcrosses the Indian Ocean, the boys tumble romone adventure to another and together they spy ona shackled prisoner, his crime and ate a galvanizingmystery that will haunt them orever.

    Enthralling and poignant. . . . A captivatingreminder that it can take decades to comprehend thepast, let alone to make amends with it.The Seattle Times

    To capture truly any moment o lie is an achieve-ment o art. To nd captured, in a single work, such

    disparate experienceso youth and age, o actionand refection, o innocence and experienceis arare pleasure.Claire Messud, The New York Review o Books

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-74441-8 | 288 PAGES | $15.00EXAM PRICE $3.00

    David Malouf

    RansomDavid Malouarguably Australias greatest livingwritergives us a stirring reimagination o one othe most amous passages in all o literature: Achil-les rageul slaughter and desecration o Hector, andPriams attempt to ransom his sons body in HomersIliad. A moving novel o suering, sorrow, and re-demption,Ransom tells the story o the relationshipbetween two grieving men at war. Each mans sorrowmust conront the others or surcease and resolu-tion: a resolution more compelling to both than thedemands o war.

    Ransom is a rich meditation on literary genre.. . . Embroidered with imaginative details that otenreanimate amiliar elements o the epic. . . . LikeEuripides, Malou has scrutinized the vast abric oHomers story, looking or open spaces in the weave toinsert his own design.The New Yorker

    Thrillingly proound. . . .Malous prose eels time-lesslyric and direct in ways that recall the sourcematerial yet seem wholly contemporary.San Francisco Chronicle

    SELECTED BY: Ithaca College; Troy University

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-47524-4 | 240 PAGES | $14.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Alan LightmanMr gA Novel About the Creation


    From Alan Lightman, author oEinsteins Dreams,comes a playul and proound new novel that com-bines science, theology, and moral philosophy to tellthe story o creation as narrated by God. With echoeso Calvino, Rushdie, and Saramago, Mr g is a stun-ningly imaginative work that celebrates the tragic and

    joyous nature o existence on the grandest possiblescale.

    A charming, comic explanation o how TheMaker might have created the cosmos. . . . I yourphilosophy allows or the possibility that science andaith in a creator can coexist, youll enjoy this cleverand witty creation.The Boston Globe

    A soulul ri on the birth and eventual demiseo our universe. . . . Lightman the humanist allowsroom or the compatibility o rationality with spiritu-

    ality and mystery, while Lightman the scientist playsdevils advocate with the partisans o Genesis, blindingthem with logic.The New York Times Book Review

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-74485-2 | 224 PAGES | $15.00EXAM PRICE $3.00











  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Mark Haddon

    The Curious Incident of theDog in the Night-TimeNarrated by a teen-year-old autistic savant obsessedwith Sherlock Holmes, this dazzling novel weavestogether an old-ashioned mystery, a contemporarycoming-o-age story, and a ascinating excursion intoa mind incapable o processing emotions. At teen,Christophers careully constructed world alls apartwhen he nds his neighbors dog, Wellington, impaledon a garden ork, and he is initially blamed or the kill-ing. Christopher decides that he will track down thereal killer, and turns to his avorite ctional character,the impeccably logical Sherlock Holmes, or inspi-ration. But the investigation leads him down someunexpected paths and ultimately brings him ace-to-ace with the dissolution o his parents marriage. AsChristopher tries to deal with the crisis within his ownamily, the narrative draws readers into the workings oChristophers mind.

    Moving. . . . Think oThe Sound and the Furycrossed with The Catcher in the Ryeand one o OliverSackss real-lie stories.Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

    VINTAGE | 978-1-4000-3271-6 | 240 PAGES | $14.95


    SELECTED BY 47 SCHOOLS INCLUDING:Assumption College; California State UniversityNorthridge; Eastern Kentucky University;Northern Arizona University; Occidental College;University of WisconsinMadison

    Dai Sijie

    Balzac and the LittleChinese SeamstressTranslaTedby ina rilke

    An enchanting tale that captures the magic o reading.An immediate international bestseller, it tells the storyo two hapless city boys exiled to a remote moun-tain village or re-education during Chinas inamousCultural Revolution. There the two riends meet thedaughter o the local tailor and discover a hidden stasho Western classics in Chinese translation. As they firtwith the seamstress and secretly devour these bannedworks, the two riends nd transit rom their grim sur-roundings to worlds they never imagined.

    A unny, touching, sly and altogether delightulnovel. . . about the power o art to enlarge our imagi-nations.The Washington Post Book World

    Poetic and aecting. . . . The descriptions o lie inthis strangest o times and places are so riveting thatthe reader longs or more.

    The New York Times Book Review

    SELECTED BY: Carleton College; Ithaca College;Penn State New Kensington; Southern New HampshireUniversity; St. Louis Community College; University ofAlabama; Valparaiso University

    ANCHOR | 978-0-385-72220-9 | 192 PAGES | $13.95EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Kazuo Ishiguro

    Never Let Me GoFrom Booker Prizewinning author Kazuo Ishiguro,this is a devastating novel o innocence, knowledge,and loss. As children, Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy werestudents at Hailsham, an exclusive boarding schoolin the English countryside. It was a place o mercu-rial cliques and mysterious rules where teachers wereconstantly reminding their charges o how special theywere. Years later, with the dawning clarity o hindsight,the three riends are compelled to ace the truth abouttheir childhoodand about their lives now.

    A gothic tour de orce. . . . What Mr. Ishiguro hasdone so artully in these pages is not only assemblea chilling jigsaw puzzle, but also create a distinctctional world.The New York Times Book Review

    An elegaic, deceptively lovely book. . . . What begins as amystery with uturistic undertones ends up an engross-ing meditation on the he re and now.Newsweek

    SELECTED BY: California State UniversityChico;Florida State University; Juniata College; LehighUniversity; Murray State University; Pomona College;Rider University; University of Maryland, BaltimoreCounty; University of MinnesotaTwin Cities; Universityof North CarolinaWilmington; University of SouthCarolina; Middlebury College

    VINTAGE | 978-1-4000-7877-6 | 304 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Jennifer EganA Visit from the Goon SquadWinner of the Pulitzer PrizeNational Book Critics Circle Award Winner

    Bennie is an aging ormer punk rocker and recordexecutive. Sasha is the passionate, troubled youngwoman he employs. Here Jennier Egan brilliantly re-veals their pasts, along with the inner lives o a hosto other characters whose paths intersect with theirs.With music pulsing on every page, A Visit rom theGoon Squad is a startling, exhilarating novel o sel-destruction and redemption.

    Egan has accomplished the tricky eat o using metac-tion techniques without sacricing old-ashionedstorytelling. . . .A Visit rom the Goon Squadhas acircuitous structure thatseems almost designed orour Internet-rewired brains.The Wall Street Journal

    A rich and unorgettable novelabout decay andendurance, about individuals in a world as it changesaround them. . . . [Egan] is one o the most talentedwriters today.The New York Review o Books

    The smartest book you can get your hands on.Los Angeles Times

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-47747-7 | 352 PAGES | $14.95EXAM PRICE $3.00





  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    PANTHEON | 978-0-375-71488-7 | 208 PAGES | $16.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00




    Marjane Satrapi

    The Complete PersepolisHere, in one volume: Marjane Satrapis bestselling,internationally acclaimed memoir-in-comic-strips.Persepolis is the story o Satrapis unorgettablechildhood and coming o age within a large and lov-ing amily in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution;o the contradictions between private lie and publiclie in a country plagued by political upheaval; oher high school years in Vienna acing the trials oadolescence ar rom her amily; o her homecom-ingboth sweet and terrible; and, nally, o hersel-imposed exile rom her beloved homeland. It isthe chronicle o a girlhood and adolescence at once

    outrageous and amiliar, a young lie entwined withthe history o her country yet lled with the univer-sal trials and joys o growing up.

    Youve never seen anything likePersepolisthe in-timacy o a memoir, theirresistibility o a comicbook, and thepolitical depth o the confict betweenundamentalism and democracy. Marjane Satrapimay have given us a new genre.Gloria Steinem

    SELECTED BY 79 SCHOOLS INCLUDING: AuroraUniversity; Carleton College; Kent State University;New York University; University of California, SantaCruz; University of MassachusettsLowell; RoanokeCollege; SUNY Cortland; University of WisconsinMadison; Whitman College

    PANTHEON | 978-0-375-71483-2 | 352 PAGES | $24.95



    Josh Neufeld

    A.D.New Orleans Ater the Deluge

    A.D. is a masterul portrait o a city under siege.Cartoonist Josh Neueld depicts seven extraordi-nary true stories o survival in the days leading up toand ollowing Hurricane Katrina. As beautiul as itis poignant,A.D.presents a city in chaos and shinesa bright, prooundly human light on the tragediesand triumphs that took place within it.

    A.D. is one o the best-ever examples o comicsreportage, andone o the clearest portraits opost-Katrina New Orleans yet published.Dave Eggers, author ofZeitoun andWhat Is the What

    Josh Neueld is a master storyteller. A.D. is inti-mate and yet seismic in its scope. Through six nelydrawn lives, we end up with new understanding o

    both devastation and redemption.His art takes usto the depth o the humanity o those wecherish.Cornel West, author ofRace Matters

    SELECTED BY: SUNY Brockport; St. EdwardsUniversity; University of WisconsinMadison;Washington State UniversityVancouver

    Dave EggersZeitounImagine Charles Dickens, his sentimentality incheck but his journalistic eyes wide open, roamingNew Orleans ater it was buried by HurricaneKatrina. . . .Fity years rom now, when peoplewant to know what happenedto this once-greatcity during a shameul episode o our history, theywill still be talking about a amily namedZeitoun.The New York Times Book Review

    Zeitounoers a transormative experiencetoanyone open to it, or the simple reason that it is . . .an adventure story, a tale o suering and re-demption, almost biblical in its simplicity, the tri-

    als o a good man who believes in God and happensto have a canoe. Anyone who cares about America,where it is going and where it almost went, beoreit caught itsel, will want to read this thrilling,heartbreaking, wonderulbook.Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times

    SELECTED BY 56 SCHOOLS INCLUDING: ElonUniversity; Louisiana State University; MichiganState University; North Central College; NortheasternUniversity; Southern Methodist University; TuftsUniversity; Tulane University; University of California,Los Angeles; University of Kentucky; University ofNorth CarolinaGreensboro; Whitman College

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-47527-5 | 240 PAGES | $14.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Rick Bragg

    All Over but the ShoutinThis moving recollection o a lie on the Ameri-can margin is the story o Rick Bragg, who escaped

    poverty in northern Alabama to become a PulitzerPrizewinning reporter or The New York Times. Atthe center o this soaring memoir is Braggs mother,who picked other peoples cotton so that her childrenwouldnt have to live on welare alone.

    All Over but the Shoutinis a work o art. . . . Ithought o Melville, I thought o Faulkner. . . . Byexplaining his lie to the world, Rick Bragg explainedpart o my lie to me. You eel things in e very linethis man writes. His sentences bleed on you.Pat Conroy, author ofThe Prince o Tides

    A record o a lie that has been harrowing, cruel andyet triumphant, written so beautiully he makes thebook a marvel.Los Angeles Times

    SELECTED BY: Amarillo College; Carleton College;Davidson College; Kentucky Wesleyan University; MiddleTennessee State University; Mississippi University forWomen; Murray State University; University of Alabama,Birmingham; University of Southern Mississippi

    VINTAGE | 978-0-679-77402-0 | 352 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


























  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Dave Eggers

    What Is the WhatWhat Is the Whatis the epic novel based on the lie oValentino Achak Deng, who, along with thousands oother childrenthe so-called Lost Boyswas orcedto leave his village in Sudan at the age o seven and trekhundreds o miles by oot, pursued by militias, govern-ment bombers, and wild animals, crossing the desertso three countries to nd reedom. Moving, suspense-ul, and unexpectedly unny, What Is the What is anastonishing novel that illuminates the lives o millionsthrough one extraordinary man.

    Told with humor, hu manity, andbottomless com-passionor his subject. . . . It is impossible to read thisbook and not be humbled, enlightened, transormed.Khaled Hosseini, author ofThe Kite Runner

    A testament to the triumph o hope over experience,human resilience over tragedy and disaster.Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

    SELECTED BY: Champlain College; Duke University;Eckerd College; Macalester College; Miami University;Ohio State University; University of Maryland; Universityof Maine; University of Tampa; University of TexasTyler;West Texas A&M; Whittier College

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-38590-1 | 560 PAGES | $16.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Edwidge DanticatBrother, Im DyingWinner of the National Book Critics Circle Award

    Deeply aecting. . . . Danticat brings the lyriclanguage and emotional clarity o her remarkablenovelThe Dew Breaker to bear on the story oher own amily, a story which, like so much o herction, embodies the painul legacy o Haitisviolent history, demonstrating the myriad ways inwhich the public and the private, the political andthe personal, intersect in the lives o that countryscitizens and exiles.The New York Times

    Powerul. . . . Danticat employs the charms o astoryteller and the authority o a witness to evokethe political orces and personal sacrices behindher parents journey to this country and her unclesdecision to stay behind.The Washington Post Book World

    SELECTED BY: Adelphi University; BrooklynCollege; College of Wooster; Fontbonne University;Framingham State College; Mar ywood University;

    Transylvania University; Tufts University; University ofMichiganFlintVINTAGE | 978-1-4000-3430-7 | 288 PAGES | $15.00EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Wangari MaathaiUnbowedA Memoir

    The winner o the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize recountsher lie as a political activist, eminist, and environmen-talist in Kenya. Maathais Green Belt Movement hasshown the world that good governance and the wiseuse o resources can bring peace and create sustain-able surroundings ree rom ear, amine, and drought.Maathai tells her remarkable story with characteristicsimplicity, generosity, and strength o spirit.

    Wangari Maathais memoir is direct, honest, andbeautiully writtena gripping account o modernAricas trials and triumphs, a universal story ocourage, persistence, and success against great odds ina noble cause.President Bill Clinton

    [Maathais] storyprovides upliting proo o thepower o perseveranceand o the power o prin-cipled, passionate people to change their countries andinspire the world.The Washington Post

    SELECTED BY: CUNY Lehman College; MeredithCollege; Mississippi State University; Pace University;Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Salem College

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-27520-2 | 368 PAGES | $15.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Cheryl StrayedWildFrom Lost to Found on the Pacic Crest Trail


    Following the death o her mother and the destruc-tion o her marriage Cheryl Strayed resolved to hikethe Pacic Crest Trailand to do it alone. Though shehad no experience as a long-distance hiker, the journeyheld the promise o piecing back together a lie thathad come undone. Told with sparkling warmth andhumor, Wildvividly captures the terrors and pleasureso one young woman orging ahead against all odds ona journey that maddened, strengthened, and ultimatelyhealed her.

    [Strayed] reminds us, in her lyrical and courageousmemoirWild, owhat it means to be ully alive,even in the ace o catastrophe, physical and psychichardship, and loss.Mira Bartk, author ofThe Memory Palace

    The clarity o Ms. Strayeds prose, and thus o her

    person, makes her story, in its quiet way, nearly as riv-eting an adventure narrative as Jon KrakauersInto the Wild.The New York Times

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-59273-6 | 336 PAGES | $25.95EXAM PRICE $13.00







  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Will SchwalbeThe End of Your Life Book ClubNEW

    A prooundly moving testament to the power o read-ing in our lives.

    Mary Anne Schwalbe is waiting or her chemother-apy treatments when her son Will asks her whatshes reading. The conversation they have growsinto tradition: soon they are reading the same booksso they can have something to talk about in the hos-

    pital waiting room, choosing books that range romclassic to popular, rom antastic to spiritual, and wehear their passion or reading and their love or eachother in their intimate and searching discussions.

    I was so moved by this marvelous book. . . . It isa true meditation on what books can do.Edmund de Waal, author ofThe Hare with theAmber Eyes

    This book is a passionate, purposeul andelegant guide to human existence. Living lie,learning lie and loving lie. . . . Mary Anne andWill have given us an exquisite git.David Rohde, co-author ofA Rope and a Prayer

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-59403-7 | 352 PAGES | $25.00

    EXAM PRICE $12.50

    Harold S. Kushner

    Living a Life that MattersDrawing on the stories o his own congregants,

    on literature, current events and, above all, on thebiblical story o Jacobthe worldly trickster whoevolves into a man o GodHarold Kushner ad-dresses some o the most persistent dilemmas o thehuman condition: Why do decent people so otenviolate their moral standards? How can we pursue

    justice without giving in to the lure o revenge?How can we turn our relationships with amilyand riends into genuine sources o meaning? Per-suasive and sympathetic, lled with humanity andwarmth, Living a Lie T hat Matters is a deeplyrewarding book.

    A valuable companion. . . . A set o guideposts orliving a useul and ullled lie, no matter whatthe uture holds.The Boston Globe

    Full o . . . great stories and subtle wisdom.This is a book you dont want to put down or allow

    to be too ar rom you in times o crisis.Thomas Moore, author ofCare o the Soul

    SELECTED BY: Catawba College; NorthwoodUniversity; University of North CarolinaGreensboro

    ANCHOR | 978-0-385-72094-6 | 176 PAGES | $13.95EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Terry Tempest Williams

    Finding Beauty in a Broken WorldAlways an impassioned and ar-sighted advocate ora just relationship between the natural world and hu-mankind, Terry Tempest Williams has broadened herconcerns over the past several years to include a recon-guration o amily and community in her search or adeeper understanding o what it means to be human inan era o physical and spiritual ragmentation.

    How a book could be this gentle and this heart-breaking simultaneously I do not know. But over asimple trajectory o mosaic to prairie dog to contempo-rary genocide, Terry Tempest Williams leads us withmethodical accuracy into the devastations and delightso now.John DAgata, author ofHalls o Fame

    Passionate. . . . [Finding Beauty in a BrokenWorld] will not leave the reader with the thought allis well but with the challenged belie that the beautyin all lie can beand must beidentied, believed inand brought orth.New Thought

    VINTAGE | 978-0-375-72519-7 | 432 PAGES | $16.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00


    George ProchnikIn Pursuit of SilenceListening or Meaning in a World o Noise

    In Pursuit o Silence gives context to our increas-ingly desperate sense that noise pollution is, in a veryreal way, an environmental catastrophe. Listening todoctors, neuroscientists, acoustical engineers, monks,activists, educators, marketers, and aggrieved citizens,George Prochnik examines why we began to be soloud as a society, and what it is that gets lost whenwe can no longer nd quiet. A brilliant, ar-reachingexploration o the rontiers o noise and silence, andthe growing war between them, In Pursuit o Silenceis an important book that shows us the benets o de-cluttering our sonic world.

    George Prochnik has gited us with an impassioned,searching meditation on the antique virtues osilence, the evolving natural history o our most over-taxed sense, the etiology o sound in the modern worldand the discrete joys o earbud-ree listening.Tom Vanderbilt, author ofTrac

    [A]genial and inormativestudy o the noisiness omodern lie.The New Republic

    ANCHOR | 978-0-7679-3121-2 | 352 PAGES | $15.95EXAM PRICE $3.00
















  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Tali SharotThe Optimism BiasA Tour o the Irrationally Positive BrainNOW IN PAPERBACK

    Using cutting-edge science, neuroscientist Tali Sharotinvestigates the bias toward optimism that exists on aneural level in our brains and plays a major part in de-termining how we live our lives.

    Optimism is in part a sel-ullling prophecy: it allowsus to attempt things we might not otherwise try andto imagine ourselves succeeding. At the same time,it is, as Tali puts it, a cognitive illusionthe GreatDeceptionthat can prevent us rom anticipating thenegative outcomes that lie ahead. We see the world not

    as it is but as wed like it to be. Thats not always thebest recipe or dealing with reality. But i you read herstory, youll get a better grip on how we unction init.Time

    An intelligently written look into why most peopletake an optimistic view o lie. . . . [A]ascinatingtrip into why we preer to remain hopeul about ouruture and ourselves.The New York Journal o Books

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-47351-6 | 272 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Daniel Gilbert

    Stumbling on HappinessMost o us spend our lives steering ourselves toward

    the best o all possible utures, only to nd that tomor-row rarely turns out as we had expected. Why? AsHarvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert explains, when

    people try to imagine what the uture will hold, theymake some basic and consistent mistakes. Stumblingon Happinessuses groundbreaking research and (o-ten hilarious) anecdotes to show us why were so lousyat predicting what will make us happyand what wecan do about it.

    This is a psychological detective story about one othe great mysteries o our lives. I you have even theslightest curiosity about the human condition, youought to read it. Trust me.Malcolm Gladwell, author ofThe Tipping Point

    Stumbling on Happiness is an absolutely antas-ticbook thatwill shatter your most deeply heldconvictions about how your own mind works. . . .

    You wont know or sure until you have read this book.Steven D. Levitt, co-author ofFreakonomics

    SELECTED BY: Boston University; CreightonUniversity; Gwynedd-Mercy College; Washington & LeeUniversity

    VINTAGE | 978-1-4000-7742-7 | 336 PAGES | $16.95EXAM PRICE $3.00


    Leonard MlodinowSubliminalHow Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your BehaviorNEW

    A startling and eye-opening examination o howthe unconscious mind shapes our experience o theworld. Leonard Mlodinow, author oThe DrunkardsWalk, explores the complexities o the subliminal sel,increasing our understanding o how the human mindworks and how we interact with riends, strangers,spouses, and coworkers. In the process he changes ourview o ourselves and the world around us.

    With the same det touch he showed in The Drunk-ards Walk, Mlodinowprobes the subtle, automatic,and oten unnoticed infuences on our behavior.Daniel J. Simons, professor of psychology, Universityof Illinois

    Think you know the whys and hows o your choices?Follow Mlodinow on a gorgeous journey that willmake you think again.David Eagleman, author ofIncognito

    Mlodinow never ails to make science both accessibleand entertaining.Stephen Hawking, author ofA Brie History o Time

    PANTHEON | 978-0-307-37821-7 | 272 PAGES | $25.95

    EXAM PRICE $13.00

    Richard Wiseman59 SecondsChange Your Lie in Under a Minute

    From mood to memory, persuasion to procrastina-tion, resilience to relationships, Wiseman outlines theresearch supporting the new science o rapid changeand, with clarity and inectious enthusiasm, describeshow these quirky, sometimes counterintuitive tech-niques can be eortlessly incorporated into studentsslives every day.

    Richard Wiseman has distilled decades o experiment,theory and analysis in behavioral science into 59Seconds. The result o his labors is a witty, scien-tically accurate, and astonishingly powerulowners manual or the human brain.Neil Shubin, author ofYour Inner Fish

    Wiseman is a brilliant name or a psychologist, andthis book proves the proessor is not misnamed. . . . [59 Seconds]contains dozens o ascinating anduseul nuggets, and they all have science on their

    side.The Independent(London)ANCHOR | 978-0-307-47486-5 | 336 PAGES | $15.95EXAM PRICE $3.00WWW.RICHARDWISEMAN.WORDPRESS.COM




    Paperback Available February 2013

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Saul FramptonWhen I Am Playing with My Cat,How Do I Know That She Is NotPlaying with Me?Montaigne and Being in Touch with LieNOW IN PAPERBACK

    This delightul introduction to the lie and works oMichel de Montaigne explains the enduring relevanceo this sixteenth-century genius. Through essays onsubjects as varied as riendship, war, travel, cannibal-ism, and even the ot-neglected thumb, Montaigneconveys a sense o wonder and curiosity, displaying azeal or lie that has captivated readers or more thanour hundred years.

    Excellent. . . .Montaigne celebrates lie in all itsglorious messiness, while reminding us that noth-ing matters more than human connectedness. . . .An endlessly digressive writer, Montaigne is as muchraconteur as moralist, and his book oers some o thebest ater-dinner conversation in the world. You cannever be sure what this French humanist will say next.. . . Frampton approaches Montaigne rom unexpectedtangents. . . . Where [he] excels is in his sharply intel-ligent and sharply phrased insights.Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-27865-4 | 320 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Karen Armstrong

    Twelve Steps to aCompassionate LifeOne o the most original thinkers on the role o reli-gion in the modern worldauthor o such acclaimedbooks asA History o God, Islam, andBuddhanowgives us an impassioned and practical book that canhelp us make the world a more compassionate place.In this straightorward and thought-provoking book,Karen Armstrong sets out a program that can lead ustoward a more compassionate lie, teaching us thatbecoming a compassionate human being is a lielong

    project and a journey lled with rewards.

    Rich with wisdom and provocative ideas thatstimulate deeper thinking and encourage individualsto identiy a particular contribution to the global e-ort. . . . Chock-ull o practical ideas or examin-ing ones lieand modiying aims and behaviors.The Christian Science Monitor

    Leaning on the wisdom o disparate aiths and belie

    systems, Armstrong lays out a pluralistic and, ulti-mately, secular way to spread compassion thats easyto believe in.The Washington Post

    ANCHOR | 978-0-307-74288-9 | 240 PAGES | $14.00EXAM PRICE $3.00



    Rabbi Jonathan SacksThe Great PartnershipScience, Religion, and the Search or MeaningNEW

    An impassioned, erudite, thoroughly researched, andbeautiully reasoned book rom one o the most ad-mired religious thinkers o our time that argues that notonly are science and religion compatible, but that theycomplement each otherand that the world needsboth.

    Sacks oers an intelligent, optimistic credo thatallowsor the happy coexistence o science and religion.. . . For those people who know that science is r ight butstill want to believe, this cake-and-eat-it argument is

    made with erudition, scholarship, and charm.The Times (London)

    The learned and humane Sacks normally speaks romwithin the Jewish tradition. But here he is much moreinclusive, drawing rom Judaism, Christianity and, heclaims, Islam. . . . His erudition is extensive [and he]is engaging and thought-provoking throughout.His exploration o the deep dierences between classicalGreek and Hebrew thought is quitebrilliant. . . .Without a doubt he is a wise thinkerand a nationaltreasure.The Independent(London)

    SCHOCKEN | 978-0-8052-4301-7 | 384 PAGES | $28.95

    EXAM PRICE $14.50

    Mark MatousekEthical WisdomThe Search or a Moral Lie


    In this insightul and important book, Mark Matousekexamines a question that has plagued humanity sincethe days o the rst primitive tribes: What makes oneman good and another evil? Drawing on the latest sci-entic research and interviews with social scientists,spiritual leaders, ex-cons, altruists, and philosophers,Mark Matousek examines morality rom a scientic,sociological, and anthropological standpoint, makingthis book both utilitarian and un.

    Mark Matousek guides us through a revolution in ethi-cal science with det, thought-provoking style. EthicalWisdomis a riveting, un, and insightul tour olies meaning and purpose, essential reading oranyone drawn to the query, How ought we to live?Daniel Goleman, author ofEmotional Intelligence

    Ethical Wisdom is a beautiul work. Bringing

    together the best o todays scientic research with aplainspoken orthrightness,Ethical Wisdom doeswhat ew books o this type can do: it inspires.Mark Epstein, M.D., author ofThoughts Without a Thinker

    ANCHOR | 978-0-7679-3068-0 | 272 PAGES | $15.95EXAM PRICE $3.00


  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Charles C. Mann1493Uncovering the New World Columbus CreatedNOW IN PAPERBACK

    Charles C. Manns deeply engaging history o howEuropean settlements shaped the world ater thevoyages o Christopher Columbus, shows how the

    post-Columbian network o ecological and eco-nomic exchange ostered the rise o Europe, devas-tated imperial China, convulsed Arica, and or twocenturies made Mexico City center o the world.

    In the wake o his groundbreaking book 1491Charles Mann has once again produceda brilliantand riveting work that will orever change theway we see the world. Mann shows how the eco-logical collision o Europe and the Americas trans-ormed virtually every aspect o human history.David Grann, author ofThe Lost City o Z

    Fascinating and complex, exemplary in itsunion o meaningul act with good storytell-ing, 1493 ranges across continents and centuries toexplain how the world we inhabit came to be.The Washington Post

    VINTAGE | 978-0-307-27824-1 | 720 PAGES | $16.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Jill LeporeThe Mansion of HappinessA History o Lie and Death


    Renowned Harvard scholar Jill Lepores strikinglyoriginal and beautiully crated history o Americanideas about lie and death rom beore the cradleto beyond the grave. As much a meditation on the

    present as an excavation o the past, The Mansiono Happinessis delightul, learned, and altogetherbeguiling.

    Written with sardonic wit and penetrating intelli-gence, The Mansion o Happiness is a ascinat-ing and startlingly original guideto the waysin which the human lie-cycle has been imagined,manipulated, managed, marketed, and debased inmodern times. . . . A ast-paced, hilarious, angry,poignant, andrichly illuminating book.Stephen Greenblatt, author ofThe Swerve

    Lepore has a brilliant way o selecting just the

    right historical detail to illuminate a largerpoint. . . . The most valuable lesson here is that oimpermanence. Everything changes. And although,as Lepore writes, its best to have a plan, as hermultiaceted, sometimes dizzying joyride o a bookreveals, the next roll o dice could, in act, changeeverything.The Boston Sunday Globe

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-59299-6 | 320 PAGES | $27.95EXAM PRICE $14.00

    Anne LamottBird by BirdSome Instructions on Writing and Lie

    An honest and humorous step-by-step guide onhow to write and how to manage the writers lie.From Getting Started, with Short Assignments,through Shitty First Drats, Character, Plot,and Dialogue to How Do You Know WhenYoure Done? Lamott encourages, instructs, andinspires.

    Ive used this book over and over. Its one o the ewbooks on writing Ill have anything to do with. Thebest thing it does or students is to make themeel that they are not alone in their strugglesto write. Oten they will come to me ater nishingthe book and say, I never knew anyone else elt thisway.Susan Perabo, Assistant Professor,Dickinson College

    A git to all o us mortals who write or everwanted to write. . . . Sidesplittingly unny, patientlywise and alternately cranky and kinda reveille toget o our dus and start writing now, while we stillcan.The Seattle Times

    SELECTED BY: Marquette University

    ANCHOR | 978-0-385-48001-7 | 272 PAGES | $15.95

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Verlyn KlinkenborgSeveral Short Sentences About WritingNEW

    Drawing on years o experience as a writer and teachero writing, Verlyn Klinkenborg oers an indispensableand unique book that will give students a clear under-standing o how to think about what they do when theywrite and how to improve the quality o their writing.

    Having readSeveral Short Sentences AboutWriting, I do not think that it would be possible tonot have this book on hand. . . .No other book, old ornew, is as well reasoned as this, as ent ertainingor as wise. . . . Indeed, no other book is as lled with asmuch grounded, practical advice or putting words tothe paper or electronic page or gives better, more helpulexercises. . . .Best book on writing. Ever. New York Journal o Books

    An exceptionally interesting and useul book aboutwriting. There have been good books on grammarand style, some classics, but none to compare tothis one or understanding where sentences come rom

    in the rst place, where their vitality is ound, andwhat distinguishes their energy, their authenticity, andtheir prospects or lie ater birth.Thomas McGuane, author ofDriving on the Rim

    KNOPF | 978-0-307-26634-7 | 224 PAGES | $22.00EXAM PRICE $11.00















    Paperback Available March 2013

  • 7/29/2019 Freshman Year Reading Titles from Knopf Doubleday


    For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions, For excerpts and a complete list of Freshman Reading adoptions,

    Tobias Wolff

    Old SchoolTobias Wol gives us his rst novel about a boy determinedto t in at a New England prep school whose mystique andtradition are rooted in Literature.

    Old Schoolis as much about the shaping o character as it isabout the shaping o a writer and exposes the kind o class-based phoniness that Holden Cauleld so amously detested.. . .Wol again proves himsel a writer o the highest or-

    der: part storyteller, part philosopher, someone deeply en-gaged in asking hard questions that take a lietime to resolve.Carmela Ciuraru,Los Angeles Times

    A compact marvel o a book, with its tale o a paradisegained and lost, its study o a young mans emerging characterand mind, and its look at the subtlest workings o class-con-sciousness and prejudice in an idyllic, ideal-driven setting.Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

    SELECTED BY: Brandeis University; Davidson College; OhioState University; Roger Williams University; Santa ClaraUniversity; SUNY New Paltz

    VINTAGE | 978-0-375-70149-8 | 208 PAGES | $14.00

    EXAM PRICE $3.00

    Ernest J. GainesA Lesson Before DyingWinner of the National Book Critics Circle Award

    A Lesson Beore Dying, set in a small Cajun communityin the late 1940s, is about the bond orged between twomenJeerson, convicted o murder and sentenced todie, and Grant Wiggins, a college graduate returning tohis hometown to teach. Through their riendship and thewisdom they impart upon one another, they both cometo understand the simple heroism o resistingand dey-ingthe expected.

    We did useA Lesson Beore Dying at UNCG as parto our All Freshman Read program that we do each all.This novel was very well received by both the teachersand the students. It is a story that is set in the 1940s,but easily translates to today. Many o us used it as aspringboard or discussions and writing assignments