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If you already have a basic understanding of LinkedIn, learn the nuances of getting noticed and generating new business. Attend this seminar if you already have a LinkedIn account for professional use and would like to maximize your online exposure.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>LinkedIn Strategies for Intermediatesmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>A closer look into developing a fan page, and making our dummies into smarties!1Director of Social Mediaat McDougall &amp; Duval AdvertisingAmesbury, MACarie Schelfhaudtmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Above is an example of a Facebook Home Page, which automatically defaults to the News Feed. LinkedIn Home Pagemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>Main Components of LinkedIn Profile</p> <p> Contacts</p> <p> Groups</p> <p> Jobs</p> <p> Inbox</p> <p> Companies</p> <p> News</p> <p>LinkedIn Home Pagemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Enhance Your LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Above is a screenshot of my LinkedIn profile, which includes my past and current positions, education, recommendations, connections and Twitter handle.LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>6Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete with at least the following: Profile picture</p> <p> Summary of yourself</p> <p> Industry and postal code</p> <p> Current position with description</p> <p> Two or more past positions</p> <p> Your education</p> <p> A minimum of 5 skills</p> <p> At least 50 contacts/connections</p> <p>LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Why complete your LinkedIn profile? Reaching 100% profile completeness will increase the likelihood of you appearing in LinkedIn search results</p> <p>For example: If you listed Residential Mortgages as a skill, a potential client may come across your profile when they perform an advanced search on those keywords</p> <p>LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Link your LinkedIn profile to Twitter: Go to Profile Edit Profile</p> <p> Click Add Twitter Account and follow the steps to authorize LinkedIn</p> <p> Options include:</p> <p> Display Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile</p> <p> Share only tweets that contain #in (#li also works) in your LinkedIn status</p> <p> Show rich link display where possible (picture, page title, and short description)</p> <p>LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Option: Share only tweets that contain #in (#li also works) in your LinkedIn status.9Enhance your LinkedIn profile by adding sections/modules:</p> <p> Certifications</p> <p> Awards</p> <p> Languages</p> <p> Legal Updates</p> <p> Real Estate Pro</p> <p>How? Go to your LinkedIn Profile</p> <p>LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Option: Share only tweets that contain #in (#li also works) in your LinkedIn status.10Request recommendations Colleagues, clients, managers and employees can endorse each others work by requesting and receiving LinkedIn recommendations</p> <p> Get recommendations for past and current positions</p> <p> Review recommendations received</p> <p> Make recommendations</p> <p> Request recommendations for past and current positions </p> <p>How? Go to LinkedIn Profile Recommendations</p> <p>LinkedIn Profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>People you may know</p> <p> LinkedIns algorithm determines people you may know based on their relationship to your connections</p> <p> Use this People You May Know feature to broaden your connections</p> <p> degree connections people you have already connected with on LinkedIn</p> <p> degree connections people that are DIRECTLY linked to your 1st degree connections</p> <p> degree connections people that are friends of friends of your connections</p> <p> connections people who are members of groups that you are a member of</p> <p>LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>See whos viewed your profile by clicking the link in the bottom right corner of the Home page.Whos viewed your profilemcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>Regularly scan the news feed on your Home page. Your news feed will regularly display your connections new connections.Search news feed for connectionsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>LinkedIn Status Updatesmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Use status updates to establish yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) Frequently post status updates that will appear on the Home Page feed of your connections</p> <p> Posting status updates will increase your engagement and top-of-mind awareness</p> <p> Status updates should be professional and/or industry-related (unlike Facebook updates)</p> <p> Share links, events, topics and statistics</p> <p>Use status updates to post job openings</p> <p>LinkedIn Status Updatesmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Follow LinkedIn company pages for content: Just like people, you can follow companies, except they cannot follow you back</p> <p> Simply search for a company in the search box and click Follow</p> <p> Youll automatically be connected to the company and receive updates in your news feed</p> <p> These updates can be used in new business strategies or shared by your personal account</p> <p>LinkedIn Company Profilesmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>LinkedIn Groupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>LinkedIn Groups Currently more than 1.3 mil. groups on LinkedIn</p> <p> Some are open to the public; others require authentication</p> <p>LinkedIn Groups are places where professionals can Share industry-related contest</p> <p> Ask for advice</p> <p> Network with others</p> <p> Post jobs</p> <p> Promote upcoming events</p> <p>Note: Groups should not be confused with company pages (see next section) </p> <p>LinkedInGroupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>How to find a group that interests you Groups Groups You May Like to find groups suggested for you</p> <p> Groups Group Directory to search for groups based on your interests</p> <p>Group Examples: NEFMA (New England Financial Marketing Association)</p> <p> Professional Mortgage Originators</p> <p> Wholesale Mortgage Banking Network</p> <p> Boston Banking and Financial Services Professionals</p> <p> University of New Hampshire Alumni Association</p> <p>LinkedInGroupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>At any time, you can go to Groups Your Groups to see a list of all of the LinkedIn groups you currently belong to.LinkedInGroupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>Above is an example of a group page on LinkedIn for NEFMA. The group is currently in discussion over the most recent NEFMA conference, as well as the dos and donts of creating videos.LinkedInGroupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>Interacting in Groups Discussions</p> <p> Polls</p> <p> Members</p> <p> Promotions</p> <p> Jobs</p> <p> Search</p> <p>How? Go to your LinkedIn Group</p> <p>LinkedInGroupsmcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Q &amp; Amcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising |BankFive</p> <p>Start now! Determine when you have time during your week to post rich content</p> <p> Create a list of trusted blogs for post content and send them to your RSS feed</p> <p> Determine your desired ROI/why this will be important to your company</p> <p> Decide how you will measure and manage your results</p> <p>Start Now!mcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p> <p>Thank You!mcdougall&amp;duvaladvertising | BankFive</p>