Lesson1:Higher,Faster,Stronger The ancient Olympics:The ancient Olympics: The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. It lasted for only.

Download Lesson1:Higher,Faster,Stronger The ancient Olympics:The ancient Olympics: The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. It lasted for only.

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<ul><li><p>Lesson1: Higher,Faster,Stronger</p></li><li><p>The ancient Olympics:The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. It lasted for only one day and there was only one contest. It was a short distance race=sprint. And then events were added, and the duration was extended to seven days. </p></li><li><p>The modern Olympics: It started in Athens, Greece, in 1896. They are held every four years in different countries in turn. And the words most important contests of sports and games are held in the Olympics. Higher,faster, Stronger is the motto of the Olympic Games.</p></li><li><p>Answer the questions:1.When were the first Olympics?2.When did the modern Olympics start?3.A man named Bob Beamon won the gold medal in the high Jump,didnt he?4.Did Xu Haifeng won Chinas first Olympic medal?</p></li><li><p> 1.Did women compete in the ancient Olympics?( )2.There was only one sportthe sprint at the first ancient Olympic.( )3.Two thousand countries sent athletes to the 2004 Olympics.( )4.Less than eleven thousand athletes competed at 2004 Olympic.( )5.It had twenty-eight different sports at the 2004 Olympic.( )</p></li><li><p>Words checkpoint:First:eg:This is my first visit here. Xu Haifeng won Chinas first Olympic medal. If youre first,you get a gold medal. He is _in class. A.the first B.first C.one D.a2.ancient--very very old;modern now and today Eg:There are many ancient buildings in Rome. Environment is one of the problems of modern time.</p></li><li><p>1.We call the first Olympic Games the_Olympics. A.modern B.now C.today D.ancient2.What is the opposite word of modern? A.Now B.Ancient C.Today D.Yesterday3.begin,startExercise:What time did you _____out? A.begin B.start C.began</p></li><li><p>4.beat,win eg:Our team was easily beaten. They won the competition. The girls team ___us in the football match. A.beat B. beated C.won D.winPhrases:1.break ones record----set ones record2.in the high/long jump/shooting/swimming/diving</p></li><li><p>Exercise:1.When ___the first____? A.was,Olympics B.were,Olympics C.was,Olympic D.were,Olympic 2.In our class there is a runner,hes a good boy.He broke all kinds of___in our school. A.mens records B.men records C.mans records D.men record3.Fu Mingxia won two gold___(medal)in diving at the1996Olympics.</p></li><li><p>4.I often record music_the radio.A.to B.from C.about D.in5.The programme reviews the most important _ (event)of 1980.6.If you are second at the Olympics,you get a ___medal. A.gold B.silver C.bronze D.iron 7.Who won the long jump? I ___. A.was B.do C.am D.did8.In 2008,the Olympic Games will be __()in Beijing.9.When did the _____()Olympic begin?10.What do you mean by _____()?11.Who won the ____()400-metre relay race?</p></li><li><p>12.Therere some _()sports many years ago.13.How many __(China)took part in the Olympics in Athens,Greece?14.Who ____(win)the match in this game yesterday?15.In__(shoot),Du Li got the Olympic gold medal in Athens,Greece.16.Listen!The boys ____(talk)about the football.17.This pot is made of_____().18.He won a gold medal in ______().</p></li><li><p>18.Please tell me where we should_____(run)away.19.Very,very old means a_____.20.H__,F__,S__ is the motto of the Olympics.21.The ancient Olympic Games began__Greece__. A.at/in 776BC B.in/on 776BC C.in/in 776BC D.at/on 776BC22.Which one do you want to choose? Please give me ____,thanks. A.the ninth one B.the fifth C.twentieth D.twelve</p></li><li><p>23.All Chinese know Beijing will have a great meeting.It is __ Olympics. A.29th B.the 29th C.the 29 D.2924.It was surprising that the girls___us and ____another game. A.beat/win B.beaten/won C.win/win D.beat/won</p></li></ul>


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