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  • Join Mayor Kenneth W. Bernard at6 p.m. on Sunday, December 2 for theAnnual Mayors Christmas TreeLighting Ceremony. Entertainmentwill include music and dance perform-ances. The Mayor will recognize in-vited guests, accept donations, andask everyone to join in singing tradi-tional carols while watching the light-ing ceremony.

    Those wishing to donate to theMayors Christmas Tree Program areencouraged to bring their donations tothe Lighting Ceremony. Private indi-viduals, civic organizations, and busi-nesses are encouraged to participate inthe fund drive. City of Lansing em-ployees will be selling baked goods toraise funds for the program. Everyone

    is invited to enjoy complimentary hotchocolate and cookies. Join us in cele-brating the holiday season!

    26th ANNUAL MAYORSCHRISTMAS TREE PROGRAMEvery year, the Mayors Christmas

    Tree Program benefits Lansing fami-lies in need during the holiday seasonby providing them with nonperishablefood, toys, clothes and grocery storegift cards. Beginning Monday, No-vember 9, 2012, Angel Trees will belocated in the Lansing City Hall lobbyat 800 1st Terrace, the Lansing Histor-ical Museum at 115 E. Kansas Av-enue, and the Lansing CommunityLibrary at 730 1st Terrace.

    Those interested in participatingcan pick up a tag at one of the loc-

    tions listed, purchase the gifts on thetag and return the new unwrappedgifts to Lansing City Hall by Friday,December 12, 2012. Gifts must benew items in original packaging orwith tags attached. You may alsobring in monetary donations or re-quest to adopt a family for the holi-days and purchase all of the familysrequested gifts.

    Please consider participating in thisimportant program.Your assistancewill help brighten the holiday seasonfor these local families. If you havequestions, please contact the Adminis-tration Department at 913-727-3036.


    Join us for the 26th Annual MayorsChristmas Tree Lighting Ceremonyat 6:00 P.M., December 2nd!

    DECEMBERDecember 2 Mayors Christmas Tree Lighting

    CeremonyDecember 6 City Council MeetingDecember 20 City Council MeetingDecember 24 City Offices Close at noonDecember 25 Christmas Holiday Observed

    (City Offices Closed)December 27 Lansing City Council Work Session

    JANUARYJanuary 1 NewYears Day Holiday Observed

    (City Offices Closed)January 2 January 31

    Spring Soccer RegistrationJanuary 3 City Council MeetingJanuary 17 City Council MeetingJanuary 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

    (City Offices Closed)January 31 Lansing City Council Work Session

    FEBRUARYFebruary 7 City Council MeetingFebruary 18 Presidents Day Holiday

    (City Offices Closed)February 21 City Council MeetingFebruary 28 Lansing City Council Work Session

    BERNARDSBY-LINEBy Mayor Kenneth W. Bernard

    As I sat down to write my final byline asMayor, I reflected on the past. To put a timeline in the proper perspective - when Ijoined the City Council my daughter was asophomore at Lansing High School, nowher son has graduated from Lansing HighSchool and I have another great grandsonwho is in the fifth grade at Lansing Ele-mentary. In looking back on the number ofyears I have spent in city government, itseems like a long time but in retrospectthere were a lot more good times than badtimes. It has been truly enjoyable to watchthe city grow and prosper over the years.

    The evolution of the community is not the work of any one individual, but ofthe entire city. The volunteers have always stepped up when the city needed as-sistance and their help is greatly appreciated. The city has been truly blessed tohave a number of excellent employees over the years who were interested in thecommunity and not just doing their job. We have also been fortunate to have agood city council over the years. During my time as Mayor, I worked with morethan 20 different council members and they all had something to contribute to-ward the overall growth of the community.

    Many folks, including the Leavenworth Times, have asked me, What is theproject you are most proud of during your time as Mayor? In looking back, Ican honestly say I never really had a favorite project. Some of the projects weaccomplished will serve the city for a long time. One of those projects wouldbe City Hall. For those who remember, the old city hall had just enough roomfor three employees and the conference chamber. Back then we had five coun-cil members and if they were all present during a council meeting, we hadenough room for about 10 citizens to attend a meeting. The new city hall hasample space, is a fine looking building, and represents the community well.

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  • Calendar ofUpcoming EventsBy Kim TurnerDirector of The LansingCommunity Library

    November 14, 28, and December5: American Girl Book Club featur-ing the book Meet Caroline: AnAmerican Girl by Kathleen Ernst.Our Friends of the Lansing Commu-nity Library purchase the books forparticipants to keep. At this writingthe club is full. Be sure to check backin 2013!November 13: A very special Vet-

    erans Day Story Time with a real liveAmerican Hero, Jim Fricke! Join usas we send special messages to serv-ice members.November 13: Sign up begins and

    rules available for Gingerbread Housecompetition.November 11-17: Kansas Reads

    to PreschoolersNovember 16: Mayor reads Lola

    Loves Stories to Story Time Bunch

    November 16: Snapshot Day @Your Lansing Community LibraryNovember 23: Harry Potter

    Movie-thonNovember 26: Gingerbread

    House competition entries due to Li-brary.November 27: LCL Board Meet-

    ingNovember 30: Read to Dogs with

    the Story Time Bunch.December 11: Story Time Bunch

    creates gingerbread houses.December 14: Story Time Bunch

    creates gingerbread houses.December 14: 3:30 Gingerbread

    House Gala (Winners determined bysuper secret panel of judges) / An-nounce Battle of the Arts competition(LEGO creations versus Winter Won-derland in 3D) Details to follow!December 18: Santa visits Story

    Time Bunch with City Administrator,Mike SmithDecember 21: Read to Dogs &

    Santa visits Story Time Bunch (Call-ing all graduates to make a specialappearance!)December 21: 1:00 - ? Engineer-

    ing/Science LabDecember 27: 1:00 - ? Put a Little

    Jingle Jangle inYour Tune (Librar-ians version of Holiday Karaoke)December 28: 1:00 - ? Win It In

    a Minute. Snow Day? Check the Li-brary for a movie and popcornJanuary: Join us for a blizzard in

    the Library. Followed by, what elsebut . . . a snowball fight in the Li-brary! Stay tuned for more!January 2: Rules available for the

    Battle of the Arts in 3D competitionavailable (LEGO creations versus

    Winter Wonderland in 3D)January 9: 6:00 Friends of the

    Lansing Community Librarys Quar-terly MeetingJanuary 11: Bi-lingual Story

    Time with Miss Diana starts at 10:30January 14: 3DArt creations due

    for public oohing and ahhing! Partyto celebrate creations and winnersis Friday, February 1January 18: Read to

    the Dogs with Story TimeBunchJanuary 22: LCL Board


    January 29: Kansas Day celebratedin Story Time

    All this and more will happen atYour Lansing Community Library.Be sure to check back often for newprograms, new books, movies and???You never know where our imagina-tions will take you next!

    2013here we come . . .

    Lansing Community Library Update

    Another project that turned out great and will begood for a long time is the Wastewater TreatmentPlant. As I think back, we had sewer lagoons whenI started with the city. They were located where theball diamonds are now. My first major project as acouncil member was building the first wastewaterplant the city had, which was located where the ex-isting plant is now.When we outgrew that facility,due to the increased growth of the community, thenew plant was built. The new plant takes advan-tage of automation and the latest technologies inthe field. The existing plant was built large enoughto accommodate the city for a long period of time.It was a smart move by the council to oversize theplant when it was built. The City Library is a proj-ect we talked about for a long time. It was first dis-cussed in the 1980s and it was finallyaccomplished so that now we have an excellent li-brary for a smaller community. Overall, I wouldsay projects which were undertaken on variousstreet improvements has been very successful. Thewidening of Main Street was a joint project withthe state, which took nine years from the originalbriefing to final completion. The other high profilestreet that was built isWest Mary, which turned outto be an excellent project. The majority of thestreets in town have been worked on and I amproud of our city streets and the maintenance

    which the staff provides. The latest project is thenew park. The purchase of 126 acres will eventu-ally result in a magnificent finished park for thecity. As funding becomes available the city willcontinue to expand the facilities at the new park.

    In my honest opinion the future looks verybright for Lansing. The city continues to grow at aslow rate as does the school system. Our growthmay seem slow but when you look at the growthrate for the rest of Kansas; it is near the upper levelof the growth scale. The school system continuesits excellence in education and is one of the bigfactors in our growth. I firmly believe that TowneCenter and Eisenhower Crossing will both be com-pletely built out in the near future. I have often saidthat Towne Center not being built sooner is one ofmy biggest disappointments as Mayor. TowneCenter became a victim of the hard economictimes and the Legends being built, but I still thinkit will be finished when the economy improves.Highway construction will greatly depend on theKansas Department of Transportation and its fund-ing. We have managed