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  • 2. Course Goal: To learn the definition of mastery and what it takes to become a master in Entertainment Business. Strategies : Familiarize myself with academics tools and resources that Full Sail offers and take advantage of the resources to help me with my journey Read Robert Greenes book, Mastery to get a better understand of traits that can help me become a master in my field. Shadow a mentor or leader in my field to learn how decisions are made when finding talent. MAY 2014: MASTERY - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP
  • 3. Course Goal: To learn the qualities that are necessary to become an executive leader in the entertainment industry. Strategies: Join the Executive Leadership Team at Full Sail to network with others who have the same interest and to get extra support. Join Entertainment Networking Society at Full Sail to learn about others in the organization and enhance my skills while taking the course. Read Executive Leadership Development in U.S. Health Systems article by Ann Scheck McAlearney (Journal of Healthcare Management. May/Jun2010, Vol. 55 Issue 3, p206- 222. 17p.) from the Full Sail database to learn more about executive leadership in general and not just within my field. JUNE 2014: EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP
  • 4. Course Goal: To learn the principles of project management as well as managing conflict and variety of personalities. Strategies Learn to identify team members strengths and weaknesses and how to bring the best out of each member on the team. Act in different mock situations dealing with conflicts and what could happen within a company. Read Project Management Supports (Requisitely) Holistic: Socially Responsible Action in Business Systems article by Igor Vrecko and Sonja Sibila Lebe from the Full Sail library to learn how to take a socially responsible action in my field. JULY 2014: PROJECT AND TEAM MANAGEMENT
  • 5. Course Goal: To implement brand development strategies and to develop my own brand identity and create tools for the entertainment business industry. Strategies: Join Full Sails Student Branding Society to network with others Read The Rise of Storytelling as the New Marketing article by Joe Pulizzi (Publishing Research Quarterly. Jun2012, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p116-123. 8p. 2 ) from the Full Sail database to get a better understanding on how business storytelling has emerged in business. Watch How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand from to get tips and tricks on how I can harness the power of the Internet to create a memorable personal brand. AUGUST 2014: BUSINESS STORYTELLING AND BRAND DEVELOPMENT
  • 6. Course Goal: To learn how to make proper financial decisions and apply them to help prevent issues that are faced in the entertainment industry. Strategies Watch; Business Finance- An Overview from to not only learn, but visualize the concepts of business finance, financial management, objectives of Financial management, role of financial management in an enterprise and its importance. Role play different situations that could happen leading me to make the right financial decision. Read INSIDE THE BUSINESS MIND OF Russell Simmons article by Jean Williams from the Full Sail database to learn how a well known leader in the entertainment industry makes decisions dealing with business finance. SEPTEMBER 2014: ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS FINANCE
  • 7. Course Goal: To learn the skills to become a stronger negotiator and deal maker in the entertainment industry. Strategies: Role play with team members to sharpen up deal-making skills, and critiquing one another. Shadow a business leader in deal-making and negotiating to learn more techniques and hands on experience. Read In Deal-Making, Keep People in Mind news article by Carol Hymowitz from Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition. 5/12/2008, Vol. 251 Issue 111, pB2. 0p. 1 Cartoon or Caricature from Full Sails library to become more knowledgeable on deal making and what important key notes to keep in mind. OCTOBER 2014: NEGOTIATION AND DEAL- MAKING
  • 8. Course Goal: To learn how to use the proper tools and strategies to help resolve management issues and scenarios. Strategies: Watch Artist Management - Artist Managers Role retrieved from to learn the role from an actual artist manager. Make notes and write out a plan on what could possibly make me become a successful artist manager. Read PHONOMICROSURGERY IN SINGERS AND PERFORMING ARTISTS: TREATMENT OUTCOMES, MANAGEMENT THEORIES, AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS article from Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. Dec2002 Part 2 of 2, Vol. 111, p21. 20p from the Full Sail library to get a better understanding of artist management and outcomes. NOVEMBER 2014: PRODUCT AND ARTIST MANAGEMENT
  • 9. Course Goal: To learn how the role of entertainment law has played in the industrys evolution and apply it to becoming a leader in the industry. Strategies Join the Pre-Law Society at Full Sail and network with others about entertainment law. Watch Entertainment Law: How to Option Life Rights retrieved from to learn more first hand from an actual entertainment lawyer. Read ENTERTAINMENT LAW: AN ANALYSIS OF JUDICIAL DECISION-MAKING IN CASES WHERE A CELEBRITY'S PUBLICITY RIGHT IS IN CONFLICT WITH A USER'S FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT academic journal By: Wanat, Daniel E. Albany Law Review. 2003, Vol. 67 Issue 1, p251-277. 27p from Full Sails library database. DECEMBER 2014: ADVANCE ENTERTAINMENT LAW
  • 10. Course Goal: To learn about issues that are currently affecting media publishing and distribution and possibly learning strategies to protect future issues. Strategies: Reach out to people on social media to discuss related issues to get the opinions of others. Review an actual business plan from a company to see how distribution models develop a publishing and distribution plan for their business. Watch A Beginner's Guide to the World of Self-Publishing retrieved from from Full Sail to to successfully self-publish my own work, and how to do it without getting lost in the sea of all of the other content that's out there. JANUARY 2015: ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION
  • 11. Course Goal: To learn and understand the techniques to create a digital marketing plan and apply my skills to my industry field. Strategies : Watch Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Especially for Artists and Musicians Last updated at Apr 07, 2014, 02:16PM EDT by Liz George (Admin) from Full Sail Read DIGITAL NEWSPAPERS EXPLORE MARKETING ON THE INTERNET by Palmer, Jonathan W. and Eriksen, Lars Bo from the Full Sail library. Volunteer to do hands on Digital Marketing work for small companies in the community. FEBRUARY 2015: DIGITAL MARKETING
  • 12. Course Goal: To incorporate the business skills that were developed over the course study into research for my own business plan. Strategies: Overview all previous courses to prepare for the final project. Read Using Business Plan Development as a Capstone Project for MPH Programs in Canada: Validation Through the Student Perspective academic journal from Full Sails library database to get an actual student's perspective on a business plan development. Watch Business Plan : Examples and Best Practices of Business Plan Writing retrieved from to obtain examples of some of the best practices of business plan writing. MARCH 2015: BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT
  • 13. Course Goal: To develop a business plan and be able to use all the skills and techniques that Ive learned to successfully present my final project. Strategies: Put forth even more time and effort than ever before to unsure that my final project is a success. Frequently check in and ask my professors questions to make sure my business plan is on the right track. Watch an example of an actual business