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Mastery Journey Timeline New Media Journalism Master of Arts Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership Professor Donald Lipham Sierra McQueen-Grice July 29, 2016

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Mastery Journey Timeline New Media Journalism Master of Arts

Mastery Journey TimelineNew Media Journalism Master of ArtsMastery: Personal Development and Leadership Professor Donald Lipham

Sierra McQueen-GriceJuly 29, 2016

Overall GoalMy overall goal for the New Media Journalism Master of Arts program is to gain a more in depth knowledge of journalism and to gain a better understanding of how new development in technology impact journalism. In addition, it is my goal to take the concepts I will learn over the course of the next year and apply them to a career in the news world as a photojournalist or multimedia reporter.

A look at the 12 months ahead

Mastery: Personal Development and LeadershipPurpose of course: To gain an understanding of mastery and its connection to personal and professional life; from an interdisciplinary perspective employing graduate level research skills.My personal goal: To gain more insight on the connection of my life's task and professional goals.ResourceI will continue reading the book " Mastery" by Robert Greene. I will also take the course Building Self- Confidence on Lynda.

New Media and CommunicationsPurpose of course: To gain a direct understanding of "new media" technology , techniques and methods of storytelling through multimedia platforms.My personal goal: To improve in storytelling through multimedia platforms.Resource: I will take the Lynda course Video Journalism Storytelling Techniques .

Writing for Interactive MediaPurpose of course: To learn and master narrative principles while examining new interactive ways of storytelling for digital and visual media; and to learn the role of multimedia with an audience.My Personal Goal: To learn how multimedia elements impact different demographics.Resource: I plan to watch self help videos on on to help meet my goal. One course I plan on watching is Video Journalism Storytelling Techniques.

Legal Aspects of MediaPurpose of course: Is to cover the First Amendment, traditional media laws as well as new standards and questions as it pertains to the internet. My personal goal: To gain a more concreate understanding of legal issues surrounding digital technology and journalismResource: This video Is anything really off the record? will help me gain some insight on ethics.

Research and Investigation Skills DevelopmentPurpose of course: To examine the massive shifts in media - environments and challenges students to rethink uncovering research and produce investigative stories; studying the fundamentals of research the student will examine the relationship between research and theory. Personal goal: To learn more about the relationship between research and theory and its significance.Resource: I will take the course Writing Articles on

Multimedia Development and EditingPurpose of course: To give an introduction of multimedia news production focusing on news communication technologies; this course will also allow the student to use new technology in news media to edit professional content for different platforms. Personal goal: To improve on editing media.Resource: I will practice my video editing skills daily until Im proficient. I will also take a video editing course Effective Storytelling with Final Cut Pro on

Digital News ProductionPurpose of course: To help the student prepare for the evolving media work environment by introducing theories, techniques, and skills used in online newsrooms as well as on new websites. My personal goal: To learn the skills necessary to produce professional news content digitally.Resource: The course Video Production and Post Tip of the Week on Lynda.com

Multimedia ReportingPurpose of course: To learn how to access, transfer, and process electronic information, and how to gain ownership of a story. It will also allow for practice of on-camera presentations. My personal goal: To proficiently learn how to take ownership of a story without the risk of plagiarism as well as better my on screen presentation.Resource: Watch the video Understanding earned, owned, shared, and paid media on

Social Media and Online Community Engagement Purpose of course: To help gain a better understanding how journalism is shared outside the professional realm and how to use social media as an advantage.My personal goal:. To engage with others more from a journalistic point of view on social media.

Resource: My goal is to watch the video Interviewing on Skype and social media to use social media more to my advantage.

Lynda Course : The news release vs. social media release

Public Relations and Reputation Management Purpose of course: To examine the ethical responsibilities of multimedia journalist as they apply to story development and the reaction of audiences. My personal goal: To grasp a deeper understanding of the ethical responsibilities and how they indirectly relate to media laws.Resource: Continue with Lynda Course : The news release vs. social media release

New Media Publishing and Distribution Purpose of course: To examines the economic issues facing the field of journalism in the digital age; giving the fundamentals of a 24 hour multimedia news environment necessary to marry traditional journalism with interactive publishing.My personal goal: To stay true to traditional journalism publications while integrating technology that will allow my work to reach more people.

Resource: I read articles on news distribution advances. Ive read one article already. Managing the Future.

New Media Journalism Final Project Purpose of course: To apply all concepts learned from pervious courses into a well thought out project and to publish a thesis.

My personal goal: I want to be able to use my final project as a sample of my work to apply for a job in my field of study

Resource: Having in an education is just one part to finding the job that I want I need to refresh my job search techniques. I will take the course Job Search Strategies on Lynda .com.

Industry LeadersShonda Knight

Associated Press of Florida , [email protected]

Lanetra BennettMultimedia [email protected]

Carmen Cummings Martin

Award Winning [email protected]

Industry LeadersAbbey Maurer

Associated Press, winnerEmmy [email protected] PoseySports Reporter1st Female Sports Director in [email protected] Walton

Multimedia Journalist/ AnchorBest New Series by Associated Press of [email protected]

Getting InvolvedFull Sail University-I will take advantage of the volunteer opportunities offered to students. To find out about any volunteer opportunities I will check the Connect News Feed at least twice a day.Join the Creative Writing Club

In the Real WorldI will join Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to develop relationships with people in the industry

I plan on joining The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS)

Personal Learning PlanIn journalism I need to be prepared for a story at a moments notice and get it out to the community as quickly as possible in order to do that I must follow the latest advancements in technology.

I can do this by following:

The Perfect MentorHe/ She is well knownHe/ She wants to give back to their communityShe/he has integrityShe/he is passionate about their careerHe /She overcame a great struggle that they applied to better them self

Visual Representation

My References

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