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Mastery Journey TimelineBy: DeVonte Cliett

MDL501 Mastery: Personal Development and LeadershipGoal: Learn how to effectively learn how to harness my lifes task and move towards walking into my mastery journey. Gain insight in my strengths and weaknesses in my personal development.Strategies:Read Mastery by Robert Greene and realize how I can learn from previous masters and gain and understand about owning your space.Watch The Keys to Success by Dr. Angela Duckworth Last Lecture presentation video (reprised version) by Dr. Randy Pausch

MAN630 Executive leadershipGoal:Gain insight on different leadership styles and gain some skills on different ways to lead. Learn how to develop the leader within me. Strategies:Read and review The 48 Laws of Power by Robert GreeneReview the Executive Leadership resources on lynda.comWatch theEmotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great -- UC Davis Executive Leadership Program

MAN 603 Project and team managementGoal:Learn about different team member skill sets and how to match them to each team member. Learn about the factors that make a successful team and lead a project.Strategies:DISC Personality Test the tutorials for project management on lynda.comWatch Project Management - How to create a successful project team

MAR 630 Business Storytelling and Brand DevelopmentGoal:This course will help me become an icon in my industry and allow me to brand myself and my business for the world.Strategies:Read The Brand Gap by M. Neumeier. Review the resources on about brand developmentWatch Brand Your Business With Genesis Storytelling by Tom Wanek

GET6508 Entertainment Business FinanceGoal:Learn how to balance the funds and incomes of my business. Learn how to manage and invest more soundly with good business practices. Strategies:Read Entrepreneurial Finance by P. AldermanRead Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki, R.Review the the tutorial on finance on

MAN6446 Negotiation and Deal-MakingGoal:To be able to make sure I am getting the best offer possible. Also gain knowledge in knowing when I am being low balled and played. Learn the best ways to negotiate and make a deal.StrategiesWatch Strategic Negotiating on lynda.comRead Beyond Deal Making by Natalie YunWatch Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want

EBM951 PRODUCT AND ARTIST MANAGEMENTGoal:Learn the different keys to managing artists. Learn the dos and donts of product management.Strategies:Watch Music Law: Managing a Bands Business on Read Artist Management For The Music Business by Paul Allen.Network with different managers on

BUL5628 Advanced Entertainment LawGoal:Know more about the legal side of the entertainment industry and what you can and can not do. This will help me keep within the law and its boundaries. Strategies:Watch Music Law: Rights, Management, and Performance Contracts on lynda.comRead Entertainment Law in A NutshellWatch Entertainment Law, Copyright + Hollywood Legal Must-Knows with Elsa Ramo

MMC6256 Entertainment Media Publishing and DistributionGoal:Learn about the different channels of distribution and publishing in regards to how it is ever changing. Gain knowledge on the new digital publishing strategies that are out there to benefit my business.Strategies:Watch How to Rock Social Media on lynda.comRead Media, Publishing & Entertainment. (2006). China Business Review, 33(3), 10.Watch Basic Music Licensing and Publishing on

MAR681 Digital MarketingGoal:Learn how to market my company and artists to the world through social media and various online outlets. This will help me gain an edge in time where mostly everything is done online.Strategies:Watch The Components of Digital Marketing on lynda.comRead Understanding Digital Marketing : Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital GenerationStudy successful companies in digital marketing and learn from their journey.

GEB612 Business plan developmentGoal:This will help me understand how to create a business plan in my field. It will show me what I need to have and be prepared to explain my business to investors.Strategies:Watch creating a business plan on lynda.comRead the Business Plan Process Map on guidetobusinesplanning.comBRAD, I. (2014). BUSINESS PLAN MAJOR MANAGEMENT TOOLS IN DEVELOPMENT OF A BUSINESS. Agricultural Management / Lucrari Stiintifice Seria I, Management Agricol, 16(2), 214-217.

EBM692 Final Project: Business PlanGoal:Create a business plan to add to my portfolio. A resource to use when looking for careers in the entertainment business industry to show my work and competencies.Strategies:Start my LLCWatch Designing A Business Card on lynda.comReview and go over business plans in the entertainment industry.

Industry leadersGee Roberson 1290 Avenue of the Americas 27th Floor New York NY 10104 [email protected] GeterPMB 161541 10th Street Atlanta GA 30318 Phone 404 456 1778 Ricky Racks - Producer Darp Studios (404) 642-7400 Stafa Carter - Engineer Patchwerk Studios (252) 714-4984 Jaron Allen - Producer Darp Studios (252) 258-5020Stewart Irel

Clubs/Organizations1. Grammy U - Provides students a forum for networking outside the classroom. 2. Pre-Law Society - Allows students to explore various legal fields by coming together and discussing different case studies. 3. Music Publishing Society - student group focused on music rights education, content acquisition, music publishing and licensing. 4. Entertainment Networking Society - provides students with the skills to cultivate personal and business relationships in an effort to enhance their careers. 5. Entrepreneur Network E-NET - For students and alumni to represent and collaborate in organized meetings to further their goals in Entrepreneurial pursuits. 6. Media Design Group - provide and share information regarding the ever expanding world of Media Design.

Companies to follow

characteristics of a mentor

12 month timelinepersonal developmentexecutive leadershipProject &team mngtbusiness storytellingADV. ENTERTAINMENT LAWproduct and artist managementnegotiation and deal-makingBUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENTfinal project: business planENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTIONDIGITAL MARKETINGentertainment business finance

start gathering a team for my entertainment companyJOIN A CLUB/ORGANIZATIONlAUNCH MY LINElook for a mentorLearn from my mentorlook for potential artist to manageLook for internshipsstart planning next line collection

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