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August 28, 2016

Mastery Journey Timeline

Dan Polshaws

My mastery goal is to continue my education in Instructional Design and Technology. I am looking to become an expert at determining types of media interventions suitable for an adult audience, gain knowledge of more techniques to create engaging learning, and create a personal brand while expanding my network.- Dan Polshaw

Mastery: Personal Development and LeadershipStrategies for Learner EngagementVisual & Verbal Communication in Instructional DesignCorporate Training & Motivational DevelopmentInstructional Design and EvaluationDigital Media & Learning ApplicationsMusic and Audio for Instructional DesignFilmmaking Principles for Instructional DesignGame Strategies & MotivationLearning Management Systems & OrganizationMedia Asset CreationInstructional Design & Technology Final ProjectCoursesCoursesCoursesOverview

Semester One

Strategies and/or Tactics:Complete Mastery by Robert Greene.Continue updating and working on my Tumblr.Include more contacts and organizations outside of AT&T on my LinkedIn Profile.Mastery: Personal Development & LeadershipReflect on my Lifes Task to mastery and use creative strategies to maintain a dimensional mind.

Develop my own brand and continue using applications that can connect me in my chosen career path.Resources

Mastery by Robert GreeneBecoming an Instructional Developer and Designer (Lynda.com) APA Style Writing (6th edition)

Semester One

Strategies and/or Tactics:Post different skills and speak to each on Tumblr.Research UDL principles.Research SAM methodology.Strategies for Learner EngagementAcquire knowledge and skill at choosing the correct design strategy for learner engagement. Gain valuable insight into design methodologies such as ADDIE and SAM models of design.Resources

Motivating and Engaging Employees (Lynda.com)How to Teach Complex Topics (Lynda.com)Telling Aint Training Harold Stolovitch (2002)

Semester One

Strategies and/or Tactics:Study composition, typography and sequence.Create an instructors guide template that is different than Docutools formatting.Create a cinemograph and present on Tumblr.

Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional DesignLook for new ways to present information rather than current knowledge of Docutools formatting. Discover new techniques for making visually enriched media.Resources

Universal Principles of Design (Lynda.com)Cinemograph courses on Lynda.comBecoming a Graphic Designer track (Lynda.com)

Semester One

Strategies and/or Tactics:Study ROI at AT&T, and relate it to my current job.Complete courses on Lynda.com related to ROI.Read a book on Emotional/Creative Intelligence to help influence peers and leadership.

Create and evaluate presentation style to motivate peers, learners, clients, and leadership.ResourcesReview courses including Understanding ROI from Lynda.com.Find additional resources to create ROI measurements as it relates to work.Read Creative Intelligence in the 21st Century (Ebsco E-book Collection)

Corporate Training & Motivational Development

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with arbor and attended to with diligence.- Abigail Adams

Semester Two

Strategies and/or Tactics:Develop a survey for Level One Evaluation.Blog about types of Level Two evaluation questions.Research tools that assist with creating questions.Intelligently discuss the Levels of Evaluation and evaluate design strategies. Write learning objectives that are targeted to my audience.ResourcesSurvey Monkey to create Level One Eval.Ebdocs on Levels of evaluation (Kirkpatrick and Meijer)Lectora , Canvas, testcraft (Lynda.com)

Instructional Design & Evaluation

Semester Two

Strategies and/or Tactics:Add the microcosm of instructional design software to my diigo.com account. Practice using the tools mentioned and write 3 blog reviews on the software.Write a blog entry comparing and contrasting software.Explore software that is used for digital media and support design approaches with learning theories for digital savvy learners.ResourcesDiigo.comBlog Entries and other social Media (Lynda.com)The Rapid E-learning Blog (Articulate)

Digital Media and Learning Applications

Semester Two

Strategies and/or Tactics:Learn as much as I can about garage band.Research music theory in general.Research tools used for professional audio creation in eLearning.Develop skill in recording professional voiceovers, music selection, language and memory. ResourcesGarage band Essential Training (Lynda.com)Songwriting in Garage Band (Lynda.com)Ebscohost - music and learning

Music and Audio for Instructional Design

Semester Two

Strategies and/or Tactics:Research additional techniques when presented with them in class.Complete Premiere tutorials. Research using devices in videography. Use research to blog about best methodology when determining course content.Learn video techniques that can enhance instructional design and communicate with visual imagery to your target audience. Resources

Become a Motion Graphics Artist (Lydna.com)Filmographies and biographies (Internet Movie Data Base)Premiere Pro Guru courses (Lynda.com)

Filmmaking Principles for Instructional Design

Do your own thing. Make sure you own it. The time you manage to own it, Everyone will want it. - De Philosopher DJ Kyos

Semester Three

Strategies and/or Tactics:Research gamification.Create a swipe file of games that I can create or use for inspiration.Build my own game as it relates to work that demonstrates knowledge learned.This course explains how to use gaming in learning and evaluate/assess the learners competency upon completion of the game. Resources

Bunchball Gamification blog. (Paharia)Gamification of Learning, elearning, and structural gamification (Lynda.com)Captivate Projects: building Elearning Games (Lynda.com)

Game Strategies and Motivation

Semester Three

Strategies and/or Tactics:I know the least about this topic. Study materials presented from the instructor and research learning platforms on my own.Write a blog comparison of different types of learning environments.Create a SharePoint example.This course focuses on the tools for synchronous and a synchronous learning. It also helps the student identify which platform is most suitable for each delivery method.Resources

Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost)Lexus Nexus Sharepoint online essential trainings (Lynda.com

Learning Management Systems and Organization

Semester Three

Strategies and/or Tactics:Create swipe file of tools used to create these techniques.Create a repository of information on how to create the techniques.Look for opportunities to incorporate art with Instructional Design for humor and emotion.Examine different techniques to create media assets for in class and elearning modules.Resources

Fundamentals of Illustrator (Lynda.com)PNG asset creation in Illustrator (Lynda.com)Understanding game asset creation (Lynda.com)Media Asset Creation

Semester Three

Strategies and/or Tactics:Use the Levels of Evaluation to create solid learning objectives, test questions, and activities.Continue to build gamification skills.Review swipe files created on Tumblr blog for components I can use within the final assignment.Creation of a final design project using knowledge previously gained, and where I would like to be in the future. The project is evaluated by peers and faculty.Resources


Instructional Design and Technology Final Project


Characteristics of a formal mentor:

Wants to mentor.Has job knowledge and experience.Honesty and high integrity.Effective communicator.Highly successful.

(Heathfield, 2016)

Bernie Almaraz AT&T TU Associate Director of Instructional Design Apprenticeship Contact: See submission Cathy Moore Lets Save the World from Boring Training! Contact: Catmoore Twitter

Joel Armor Ad Junct Professor at Cincinnati University 3D animation Contact: facebook.com/joelarmor (unlisted)

Tony Watkins AT&T TU Associate Director of Media Design Internship in Media Contact: See submission

John Ridgeway - TU Associate Director of Design Internship in Entertainment Contact: See submission 2-8364 Amanda Bachtel-Baker Epic Certified Training Manager at Spectrum Health Contact: See submission

InvolvedI will finish reading Shut up and Tweet (Pallen, 2014).

Choose my three Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) to focus on and brand them for my image.I currently am an online student. I will look for opportunities to join online communities when available.At least once a month, I will choose a Fluid Friday seminar to attend that peaks my interests.

I will renew my ATD license and look for opportunities to join a Texas chapter. I also will look for clubs and organizations to join on LinkedIn.com.

July 29, 2017 Mastery!