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  • 1. Introduction0 Entrepreneurial financial thought leader in emerging business solutions, including the building of rigorous financial tools and models, strategic/business plans, automated processes, and business metrics and tracking mechanisms that provide evaluation and timely decision support.0 Highly influential advisor and collaborative partner to key internal and external executives. Strong history of working with Strategic Operations and Finance to plan and execute fruitful organizational direction.0 An agent of change with a driven and thoughtful perspective continuously striving to improve and learn.0 An assertive negotiator and creative problem solver.0 Proven visionary leader who has exercised a broad and deep sphere of influence.
  • 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Interim VP Finance INTERMEDIA, Washington, DC. (August 2011 Present)0 Organizational Challenge: Streamline a highly customized Deltek finance and contracts management solution.0 Budget Development - Provide strategic direction in financial planning and forecasting, including working with the CEO, COO and directors to prepare budgets and monitor actual costs against budgets.0 Contract and Grants Management Manage finance and reporting for Federal and institutional contracts including accounting for loaded rates and application of fringe, overhead, fees, revenue recognition and contract billings.
  • 3. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Business Solutions Consultant ARKANSAS STATE GOVERNMENT CIBER CONTRACTOR, Little Rock, Arkansas. (November 2010 July 2011)0 Organizational Challenge: Design and implement a financial, contracts and grants management system for a state government agency that integrates with the states formal SAP accounting software.0 Development of a system for monitoring 1.8 Billion in budgets and actual costs for the purpose of meeting grantor and donor requirements and creating a system that provides management insights and controls over just in time financial reporting as well as longer term forecasting and projections.0 Challenge existing thought process in developing ideas, concepts, strategies, policy, procedure and controls in compliance with all applicable requirements and regulations.0 Business process re-engineering organizational policy, procedure and processes including cost pools, costs allocations and revenue recognition.
  • 4. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Chief Financial Officer and TreasurerSEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND, Washington, D.C. (2006 October 2010)0 Organizational Challenge: Provide a complete turnaround in operations, finance, contracts and grants management creating a direct impact on the organizations ability to meet the needs of its constituents while providing a platform for growth into the future.0 Designed worldwide contracts and grants management system for international government funding agencies such as USAID, United Nations, and European Union as well as from individuals, foundations, and corporations.0 Oversee international staff of 40 in 22 countries. Supervise international finance, budgeting, accounting, banking, investments, lines of credit and audits including internal controls and OMB A133 Federal Compliance Examination.0 Slashed annual disallowed costs and operational deficits from $700K to $50K in 2009 after dramatically reducing time to close from 120 days to 10 days by creating reporting that matched grantor and donor needs.0 A key member of the executive team serving as a strategic partner to the CEO and senior management and working with the audit committee, board of directors and various stakeholders of the organization.0 A110, A122, A133, SF425, 990
  • 5. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEVice President Finance, Technology, and Administration UNITED WAY INTERNATIONAL, Alexandria, VA (2005 2006) 0 Organizational Challenge: Maintain financial, budget, and grants management while leading way to facilitate merging with United Way of America to form United Way Worldwide. 0 Provided financial management, budgeting, and contracts and grants management for organizations international operations. Steered overall corporate strategy and global corporate branding activities. 0 Paved way for merger with United Way of America to form new entity United Way Worldwide. Led strategic direction, branding strategies (including logo and image), and redeveloped human resource policy to realign with policies of United Way of America to streamline and connect the two organizations into its rebirth as United Way Worldwide. 0 Reduced annual system costs by $200K after developing donor advised giving system for grants management that integrated with financial management system. 0 Spurred increased investment returns while minimizing investment risks after taking over the management of investment accounts. Changed investment portfolio from uninsured to completely insured through collaboration. 0 Develop and present financial reports to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.
  • 6. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Senior Financial Analyst GDAS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, Washington, D.C. (1990 2004)0 Organizational Challenges: Advised key senior executives in multi-million dollar organizations in managing their finances and operations and to help them create value. Jump-start organizations and sustain their forward momentum by developing strategic and business plans.0 Provided financial and operational advice to key senior executives within accounting, budgeting, analytics, and financial reporting for multi-department and multi-million dollar organizations.0 Leadership in an entrepreneurial consulting firm providing management oversight for sales, service, and human resources. A driven leader that sets and maintains high performance standards for self and others while creating credibility through self- analysis and respect for others. The ability to accomplish goals through formal channels and the informal networks, and staying on top of the latest technologies and innovations. A creative force that helps others to see the possibilities, and working in a collaborative manner to influence positive outcomes. An effective communicator with experience in conflict management and resolution.0 Creative Problem Solver redesigning the financial systems and implemented the latest technologies including developing creative solutions to business problems by creating innovative custom programs and interfaces to make different systems work together. Ensure that effective financial and operational controls are in place support oversight, organization and management of clients financial functions.
  • 7. Industries Banking Distribution 5% Contractors 3% Service 7% 29% Government 7% Health Care 2% Hospitality 3% Retail 5% Insurance 3% Not for Profit / Trade Manufacturing Association 3% 25%Real Estate 3%Publications 3% Public Relations 2%
  • 8. Not for Profits and Trade Associations Designed worldwide contracts and grants management system for international organizations0 Transformed staff working relations by creating sustainable growthmodel characterized by collaboration, electronic documentmanagement, and transparent financial reporting. Created MissionFish automated charitable giving tool for eBay that facilitated donations to 1,700 not-for-profits0 Designed paperless financial system that provided automated links withbanking systems for collections of funds from eBay and for the disposition offunds to not-for-profit organizations
  • 9.