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Good Deed project by one of my students, Franz


  • 1. By Franz Dahmen

2. Operation Christmas Child

  • Is a project to help children with a difficult situation around the world, this project provides an opportunity for people to do something for other needy people and help.
  • This project bring happiness to children who are lose all because of the war, natural disaster, poverty, illness, or neglect.

3. This children need your help

  • They dont have anything.
  • Anything to wear
  • Anything to eat
  • Anything to use to play
  • We can help.

4. 5. 6. 7. what to do: 8. 1) Find an empty shoe box.

  • you can wrap it, but wrap the lid separately. Wrapping is not required.

9. 2) Decide if your gift is for a boy or girl and what age.

  • use the lable on the brochure or print one from their website.

10. 3) Fill the box with toys, school supplies, books, a note to the child, etc.

  • DO NOT include : used items, war-related items, chocolate or any perishable food, liquids, medicines, or breakable items.

11. 4) Include a check for $7 for shipping and a lable for boy or girl and the age. 12.

  • 5) Drop off your shoe box to the student union at the University of Mississippi so they can take it to the collection center.

13. You can bring happiness to needy children this Christmas. 14. Videos



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