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abstracts of several sets of property deeds for Totnes, Devon


  • Totnes Deeds Project

    Contents Page Castle Cottage, Collins Road TDP001 2 9 & 10 High Street TDP002 4 29 High Street TDP003 6 27 High Street TDP004 10 28 High Street TDP005 14 25 South Street (Byways) TDP006 18 47 High Street TDP007 20 17 High Street TDP008 27 6 High Street TDP009 28 83 High Street TDP010 32 Land to the rear of the Guildhall TDP011 36 Buildings of Historical Note in Fore Street and High Street TDP012 38 5 Ramparts Walk TDP013 42 70 Fore Street TDP014 43 Castle Meadow TDP015 44 49 Fore Street TDP016 46 66 Fore Street TDP017 47 44 High Street (Birdwoods House) TDP018 49 8 Belmont Terrace TDP019 57 15 High Street TDP020 58 2 Glendale Terrace TDP021 62 3 Fore Street TDP022 64 21 High Street TDP023 69 Plym House TDP024 72 4 Glendale Terrace TDP025 74 Leechwell Bungalow by Michael Laithwaite TDP026 76 107 High Street TDP027 82 3 Plymouth Road TDP028 89 8 Plymouth Road TDP029 92 5 Belmont Terrace TDP030 94

  • Totnes Deeds Project

    Castle Cottage, Collins Road courtesy of Dr. & Mrs. Greene of Castle Cottage. Tel: 863282 24.6.1812. Edward William STACKHOUSE of Pendawes Cornwall and his wife Tryphena (nee TRIST) dau. & coheiress of BROWSE TRIST of Totnes, clerk, who died intestate. George Furlong WISE of Woolston in Loddiswell, Richard MARSHALL of Totnes, Doctor of Physic, Elizabeth WINDEATT of Totnes, widow, William Searle BENTALL of Totnes, banker. [ref.3/4.7.1804 Release. Tryphena TRIST, John STACKHOUSE of Pendawes, E.W. STACKHOUSE, G.F.WISE and William STACKHOUSE. T.T. conveys to G.F.W. and W.S.] G.F.W. and W.S. convey to R.M. 630. without West Gate late in the occ. of Mrs. CHAMPERNOWNE decd. as tenant, also Babbages Garden. heretofore property of Browse TRIST. T.T.s uncle Hore Browse TRIST decd., her great uncles James and Nicholas TRIST decd. Garden: ref. indentures 3.9.1722, 16.3.1752 assigned to Thomas WHITE of Totnes, maltster for Benjamin BABBAGE who purchased same. Now vested in Elizabeth WINDEATT, only surviving child of Mary WHITE widow of T.W. To be assigned to W.S.BENTALL in trust(?) for R.M. William STACKHOUSE of Modbury, clerk. 12.8.1858. will of Richard MARSHALL. His marriage settlement (first wife Jane FARWELL) had no bearing on the property title. 8.5.1873 Conveyance. William MARSHALL of Roehampton to Rowland WINGFIELD of Tuckenhay. many years last past in occupation of --- HARRIS as tenant to W.M. Richard MARSHALL d.29.5.1859 will 12.8.1858 land to son W.M. [ref. June 23 & 24 1812 STACKHOUSE et al.] 130. 8.5.1873 Oath. William MARSHALL of Roehampton Surrey, that Babbage Garden orchard + cottage + buildings is not affected by his marriage settlement. 31.8.1877 Conveyance. Castle Cottage, Castle Lane. Rowland WINGFIELD formerly of Totnes now of Battersea to Charles STIGINGS of Totnes, railway book-keeper. Orchard known as Babbages Garden. R.W. has lately built a dwelling house in the orchard. 350. 30.12.1895 Castle Cottage. Elizabeth OSMOND widow of Paddington to Emma WELSFORD of Holloway, spinster. Castle Cottage late in occ. of Charles Stigings and also cottage late in occ. of Sidney Stigings and now Charles Stigings. [ref. indenture 18.11.1892. Osmond made various advances totalling 765 to Stigings. Stigings sold to Osmond.] 540. 12.4.1920 Conveyance. Emma WELSFORD of Higher Castle Cottage, spinster to Francis Wills HAMLYN of Totnes , coal merchant. 650. [PLAN]

  • Totnes Deeds Project

    8.6.1926 Conveyance. Francis Wills HAMLYN retired coal merchant of Totnes to May BROMING of 6 High Street Totnes wife of John William Broming. 850 May BROMING d.25.2.1956. Property -> Osmond John BROMING 8.9.1961 Osmond John BROMING to John and Betty Mary GREENE of Bittaford. The Shrubbery (formerly Castle Cottage) in Collins Road (formerly Castle Lane) adj. property k.a. the Little Shrubbery. 2,800. [PLAN] 21.7.1969 John and Betty Mary GREENE of Castle Cottage, Totnes to Jennifer Claire PENNINGTON of Shillingford St. George, Exeter. 5,000. [ref. conveyance 17.10.1956 The Little Shrubbery O.J. BROMING to Samuel ADAIR] 12.8.1975 Conveyance. Jennifer Claire PENNINGTON to William Jeremy Wybrants GREENE, med. practitioner, and CAROLYN MARY MAXWELL GREENE his wife, both of Cornworthy. [ref. Little Shrubbery]. Notes July 2002 Walter King, Sue King, Julian Wright Eveleighs Rentals [from Rea]: 1652. Richard Burridge of --- for the house in Castle Lane widow Williams lives in. 6/8 rent to Church. 1710. Collinss Corner Mr.Benjamin Babbage m. Mrs. Margaret Lavers 23.9.1740 Mr. Thomas White m. Mrs. Mary Babbage 9.7.1745 Elizabeth dau. of Mr. Thomas White bap.21.8.1748 Benjamin son of Benjamin Babbage bap. 1.2.1753 Benjamin Babbage sr., banker, was mayor of Totnes 1754 Richard Marshall mayor of Totnes 1811 and 1812 William Searle Bentall mayor of Totnes 1813 Bromings had shoe shop at 6 High Street (now Lesters). May was mother, Osmond and Edward sons. 1925: M.Day tobacconist at 8 Fore Street / J.W.Broming boot & shoe warehouse 6 High Street 1957: Camburn, tobacconist at 8 Fore Street 1967: W.G.Shaddick, tobacconist at 8 Fore Street J.R.Wright 2.8.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP001

  • Totnes Deeds Project

    9 & 10 High Street courtesy Mr. Tom Orsler, Rock Hill, Warfleet Creek, Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ. Tel: 01803 835453 1882. Abstract. Citing:

    18.9.1719. Lease, 2000 years, 2/- pa & covenants. Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes to John FURNEAUX of Totnes, shoemaker. Formerly in tenure of Robert WEBBER. 29.9.1808. Indenture. William CUMING of South Brent, Captain in H.M. Royal Navy, to James CORNISH. 25.12.1835. Indenture. 250. James CORNISH of Black Hall, Devon to John SHUTE the younger of Totnes, boot and shoe maker. Property then 3 tenements in the tenure of Thomas CLOAD. 7.7.1881. will of John SHUTE. Bequeathed property to Amelia HOWELL, then living with him. 9 High Street in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL. 15.9.1881. John SHUTE died.

    23.3.1882. Assignment. 50. Miss Amelia HOWELL of Totnes, spinster, to Mr. George YEOMAN of Totnes, general dealer. 23.3.1882. Security. 40 to George YEOMAN. 9 High Street in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL. 29.3.1912. Assignment. 80. Maurice John YEOMAN of Totnes, carriage proprietor, to Richard JORDAN of Totnes, dairyman. George YEOMAN d.1.7.1911, property bequeathed to M.J.Y. Formerly in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL, lately in occ. of Mrs. HILLMAN then John BOWDEN. 24.7.1947. Assignment. 650. Christopher Frank HILL of Altona, Station Road and Francis Knowles WINDEATT of 19 High Street to Philip Dennis CAVANNA of 300 Union Street, Torquay, builder. Citing:

    13.3.1906. will of Richard JORDAN. exors [his brother] Heber JORDAN of 94 High Street, cycle agent, and [his brother-in-law] George LAMSIN of 11 Fore Street, dairyman. 9 High Street in trust for R.J.s daughters Beatrice May and Dora Lilian. 28.3.1920 Dora Lilian PARKER (nee JORDAN) died. 7.4.1921 Beatrice May JORDAN m. Christopher Frank HILL, Totnes Church. 10.1.1932. Richard JORDAN died at 14 High Street. 21.9.1946. B.M.HILL died at Altona, Station Road. exors. C.F.HILL and F.K.WINDEATT.

    4.7.1963. Assignment. 1400. Philip Dennis CAVANNA, 300 Union Street, Torquay, builder to Katherine GRAY TANNER, Post Cottage, Littlehempston. 25.2.1966. Letter. Sale and release of rent charges (covenant?) of 2/- pa payable to King Edward VI Grammar School, Totnes. Totnes Grammar School Exhibition Foundation.

  • Totnes Deeds Project

    11.5.1968. Letter. K. Gray Tanner to Barclays Bank, Totnes. Stating that she has just been shown the original Deed (believed missing) by Miss Mace, Keeper of Totnes Museum, holder of same. 10.7.1970. Lease. 7 years. 10 High Street. Joseph Grigg KELLOCK of 8 High Street, solicitor, and Janet Creaser GIBSON of Dawlish to George Alfred CHAPMAN, Steam Packet Inn. 1.5.1972 Assignment. 10 High Street. Residue of 7 years. 500. George Alfred CHAPMAN, 10 High Street to Mrs. K. GRAY TANNER of 9 High Street. 10.10.1986. Lease. 14 years. First 4 years 2,100pa. The Katherine Gray Tanner Discretionary Trust to John LAMONT of 7 & 9 High Street. Citing:

    2.6.1972. Lease. 14 years. 9 High Street. Lock-up shop and first floor accommodation. Katherine GRAY TANNER to David Michael KAY and Margaret Sylvia KAY. Divers assignments, lease assigned to Jean Marjory LAMONT [1981].

    9.12.1991. Letter. John LAMONT assigned the residue of 14 years to Brian Keith HAYES and Susan Miriam HAYES. 19.3.2001. Lease. 9 years. The Katherine Gray Tanner Discretionary Trust of Rock Hill, Warfleet Creek, Dartmouth. Lock-up shop and premises at 9 High Street, Tenants B.K.HAYES & S.M. HAYES. J.R.Wright 3.8.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP002

  • Totnes Deeds Project

    29 High Street courtesy Mr. Jeremy Williams, 27 High Street. Tel: 862390

    2.6.1707. Will (with probate in Latin, 1710). Office copy of Thomas Shutes will, 1710. Fragile condition. Thomas SHUTE of Plymouth, taylor. To grandaughters Mary FOX 30 when she attains age of 21, ditto g/dau Jane FOX. Trustees Henry TOLCHER of Totnes, John MURCH of Plymouth, goldsmith, Richard WYATT of Plymouth, chandler. Yearly rent of 20/- from dw.ho. in Totnes [bounded: west lands late Samuel AUSTIN decd.; east lands late Mr. Richard BROOKING decd.] to the use of the baptizd congregation usually meeting in the pigmarkett in Plymouth. To his servant Sarah WERRY 40/-; dau. Barbary FOX dw.ho. in Totnes after her decease to son(sic) Shute FOX. Also to said son 5 for and towards his schooling and better education. All the residue to son-in-law Thomas FOX the sole executor. 8.8.1722. Lease for a year. 5/-. Mary CORBETT of Plymouth, widow, one moiety to Frances SPELT of Plymouth, widow. dw.ho., bakehouse & curtilage late in pos. of John KERSWELL, tallow chandler, now in tenure or occ. of one --- BLACKLER a bake


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