diploma in family history the registry of deeds. registry of deeds, dublin

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Registry of Deeds: memorial books


  • Diploma in Family HistoryThe Registry of Deeds


  • Registry of Deeds, Dublin

  • Registry of Deeds: memorial books

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  • Registry of Deeds: memorial

  • 1708: why was it set up?Who used it?Why did they use it?When did they use it?

    Registry of Deeds

  • The registration systemLocal deed, signed and witnessedLocal copy (memorial) with 1 joint witnessSworn before JPSent to RegistryTranscribed into Memorial book

    Registry of Deeds

  • Registry of DeedsNumbers? 1708-1703: 35,000 total1760s: 135,000 +1790: 250,000 +1820s: 500,000 +

    Sen Murphy, History Ireland, Jan/Feb 2009

  • IndexesGrantor's name Lands Index

    Registry of Deeds

  • Grantors Index

  • Lands Index

  • Transactions:LeasesMarriage SettlementsMortgagesBills of DiscoveryWillsRent Charges

    Registry of Deeds

  • But ... tontineslands of Glangoole + part of Garryclough in TIP + town an lands of Curragh + Kilnawaragos the farm of Ardnaphahane in LIM + dwelling house in city Limerick wherein C lives A's estate + income in Ireland A is entitled to for a tontine in the name of D to B in trust, 6000 in marriage settlement charge of the estate of E payable of E's death sworn 20 Nov 1790

  • Microfilm copiesIndexes NLIFull sets PRONI & LDS

    Registry of Deeds

  • http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~registryofdeeds/

    Registry of Deeds Index Project



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