Inventors and their Inventions

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Inventors and their Inventions. Introduction to research. Today you will. Begin to research your chosen inventor. You will fill out the attached worksheets. You will be able to answer the following guiding questions: What made your inventor famous? How did the invention change our lives?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Inventors and their Inventions

Inventors and their InventionsIntroduction to research

Today you willBegin to research your chosen inventor.You will fill out the attached worksheets.You will be able to answer the following guiding questions:What made your inventor famous?How did the invention change our lives?

Please get your invention research paper ready! You will need that to guide your research!

Your team responsibilities:You will each fill out an inventor research paper. As a team use the mini laptops to research different websites to find out more about your inventor. You can either fill our your own paper and then compare it to your team and create a final one, or you can break up the responsibilities with have each person complete one fraction of the research on each worksheet.When you are finished with the research you will each need independently to open a word document and type your answers by numbering them. (dont forget your name)Did you pick an inventor?!?If no, here are some ideas

Thomas EdisonJoseph GayettyGeorge FerrisElias HoweFrank Henry FleerEdwin Binney & Harold SmithRichard DrewWilhelm von RoentgenEarle DicksonHenry FordThe list goes on, and on, and on

If yesfollow the steps below!Begin researching your inventor to find out what they invented.Below are a list of websites for you to search: Click hall of fame and then search - type the name of the inventor. This has streaming videos that you can research once you have chosen your inventor. This site has a list of additional inventors to search through. This site has a list of inventors and their year of birth. This site has a great list of inventors with interesting facts! This site has a list of A-Z inventions. site has a list of A-Z inventors. Search by last name.