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Unit 3 Inventors and Inventions Listening and writing Slide 2 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Slide 3 Listening and speaking on P26 Listen to the tape and tick the words you hear. washing machine bicycle carpet cleaner court refrigerator drum Slide 4 Object The problem James Dyson s improvement James Dyson s improvement Washing machine Washing machines at that time do not _____________ _____________ _____________ ______. He invented a machine _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ ______. clean the clothes as well as by hand. using two drums which move in opposite directions Slide 5 Listening on P62: Please read the questions before listening and discuss them in pairs. 1.What function are already included on a mobile phone? 2.Which ones do you find useful on P62? 3.What else do you expect a mobile phone to do for you? Slide 6 Listen to the tape and tick the descriptions you have heard. a mobile that thinks a mobile that does videotaping a mobile that spends your money a mobile that is a computer a mobile that can teach you English a mobile that wakes you up a mobile that plans your holiday a mobile that orders your food Slide 7 Which mobile does Ruth think she will buy and why? What extra applications do mobiles have now? Ruth wants to buy the mobile that turns itself on when it receives important calls. She missed three yesterday when her mobile was turned off. Mobiles can videotape and act as a computer now. Slide 8 What extra applications will they have with the 3G mobiles? Why is Ruth worried? They will be able to plan holidays, book air tickets, hotel and an appropritate place to stay. They will authorize paying for them too. Ruth is worried because it might spend her money. Slide 9 What advantages do the 3G mobiles offer? What do you think might go wrong? The advantages are that they help people who are busy at work to order goods at the cheapest price or book holidays, air tickets, etc. The mobile may spend money unwisely or spend more than a person can afford. You may forget the spending and not include it in your accounts of your personal income. Slide 10 Listening task page 67 tent roundabout caravan metal guidebook tent roundabout caravan metal guidebook Before you listen to the tape, be sure you know the meanings of the words below. Listen to the tape and decide if you agree with the people on the tape. What do you think it was? Slide 11 Then listen again and fill in the chart with the ideas of the two girls and make your own suggestions. The girls suggestions Reasons for Reasons against 1 a roundabout 2 a tent 3 a caravan has four wheels and a floor the appearance can move, big enough to carry a family wheels go forwards and backwards, not round and round made of metal and not cloth no room to sleep in it, not easy to park at night Slide 12 Speaking activity Suppose you want to apply for a job in James Dysons company. So you ring up one of his engineers to ask what kind of person he needs. Remember to ask for as mush information as you can. Slide 13 Some useful expressions: Which extension , please? Can I speak to..., please? Hold the line, please. Hang on, please. Just a moment, please Im sorry, but this phone is out of order. I cant get through. Sorry. He/She isnt here right now. Can I ring back later? Ill ring him/her up again. I must ring off now because Slide 14 Assignment 1.Listen to an extra material. 2. Practice making a dialogue on the phone with your partners. Slide 15 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Slide 16 Pre-writing Pre-writing Discuss in groups of four on the following topic: Suppose you are going to apply for a job in a company, what skills will you tell the interviewer to qualify you? Slide 17 Writing: Now you are going to apply for a job in James Dysons company and you write a letter to him. The following point may help you: Slide 18 1.Use the list of skills to make new paragraphs in your letter. 2.For each skill set down any experience you have had, which shows that you are a suitable person. You may be creative in this part of the letter. 3.Finish the letter by mentioning again the skills that you have. 4.End the letter. Slide 19 The beginning and the ending of the letter: Dear Mr. Dyson, I would like to apply to become an assistant in your company. . I would be grateful if you would consider employing me in your company. Yours sincerely, (your name) Slide 20 Sample writing: Dear Mr. Dyson, I would like to apply to become an assistant in your company. I expect to get a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Beijing University in 2008. In the past few years, I have got experience in designing new projects and developed good professional competence in my subjects. Begin the letter this way Reason for writing Personal details: Qualifications + how good and competent you are as a student Slide 21 I worked in my holidays for a company that designed engines for jeeps. I helped them design several parts of the new engine. It made me think I would like to work in a real inventors company. I understand that I have the qualifications and experience that you need for the personnel in your company. I would be grateful if you would consider employing me in you company. Yours sincerely, Liu Xue Work experience + why you want this particular job Finish the letter in this formal way End the letter this way Applicants signature Slide 22 Assignment 1.Correct the mistakes in your composition. 2.Read the sample writing.