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Inventors and their Inventions. The BIG Idea. Inventors/Innovators both past and Present. Invented the telephone. Steven Sasson Created the first digital camera. Essential Question. How would life be different if (Inventor/Innovator) never existed?. CAN YOU IMAGINE? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Inventors and their Inventions

Inventors and their Inventions

The BIG IdeaInventors/Innovators both past and Present

Invented the telephone

Steven SassonCreated the first digital cameraEssential QuestionHow would life be different if (Inventor/Innovator) never existed?CAN YOU IMAGINE?(watch the video on the next slide)The Challenge


Actions/Guiding ActivityAs a team you will be completing three guiding activities:

Important Inventors and InventionsWho invented What?!?!The Invention TodayImportant Inventors and InventionsGuiding Questions: What items could you not live without and why are these items important to you? What would be different today without this invention?Guiding Activity 1Guiding Activity 1 (continued)Print the following table:Fill out at least 5 items you couldnt live without. Same with column 2.

Item you couldnt live withoutPersonal importance of the itemInventor1.

8Use the following website to discover who the inventors were of your times. Record that in the third column: Now use this site to add 5 more inventions.Finally, use glogster (link below) and follow the directions to complete the next step.Then create your own glogster to answer the guiding questions. Guiding Activity 1 (continued) Who invented what?!Guiding Questions: What made your inventor famous?How did the invention change our lives?Guiding Activity 2Print the following worksheet:Guiding Activity 2 (continued)

With your group members follow the directions on the power point provided. Once you have completed the power point and research worksheet open a word document. Please use the link below to use the rubric to guide your research paper.

Guiding Activity 2 (continued)As you write your research paper with your group please use the following guidelines: (Paragraph 1) Should include your answers to: What was life like for your inventor? Do you know any information about their education or childhood? What are any interesting facts you found out about your inventor?(Paragraph 2) Should include your answers to: What was your inventor famous for? What was their invention they created? What year did they create it?(Paragraph 3) Should include your answer to: How has this invention changed our lives? What did it make easier or harder to do?

Guiding Activity 2 (continued)Now prepare a brief slide show presentation via power point to inform your peers about your inventor, their inventions, and unique facts about them.Guiding Activity 2 (continued)The Invention TodayGuiding Questions: How do we use this invention today?Are there any other inventions that are created because of this invention?You should have learned about your inventor and how an invention has changed the way we live. We are now going to dig deeper and explain how your invention is used today, and if any other inventions were designed because of it. As a team you will need to decide on one of the inventions to use for this part of the project.

Guiding Activity 3As a group click on the link below: You only need one map per group!Fill in this map starting with the main idea with the invention that your team has decided to focus on. Next you can fill in the three idea bubbles with two more ways the invention is used today and use the third bubble to fill in any idea of inventions that were created because of it.Guiding Activity 3 (continued)Watch the following short video on the telephone to give you some ideas of how communication has changed. Use a browser such as Google to research your invention.Find information and be sure to write what you find on the map. Guiding Activity 3 (continued)Now as a group create a poster showcasing the invention you researched. You must include the following:The information you included on your main idea mapAt least 2 pictures of the inventionOne drawing to show the invention in useIf you are able, include a photo of each person with the inventionProvide captions with the picturesProvide a picture of the invention that was created because of your original invention.Use this rubric to guide your work: Guiding Activity 3 (continued)Proposed SolutionActivity 2:

Who invented what?!

Guiding Questions:What made your inventor famous? How did the invention change our lives?

Please now view the Thomas Edison power point as our possible solution!Inventor ResearchStudent Name: ______________________Inventors Name: ________________________ Date of Birth: _______________The early life and education of your inventor: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is their most important work/invention? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________In what year was that invented? ______________________List any interesting facts about the inventor/invention: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How did their particular invention change our life? Did it make life easier? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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