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Victorian Inventors and Inventions By Jade Pandit 2013 Slide 2 Victorian Era The Victoria Era ran during the reign of Queen Victoria. This was from 20 th June 1837 until her death in 1901. Slide 3 Victorian Era The Victorians were keen to apply science in a practical way leading to a wide range of inventions. Victorian times saw the birth of a huge number of new machines. These led to massive changes in the way in which people worked, travelled, communicated, fought wars and enjoyed themselves. Slide 4 Timeline of Inventions 1838 First permanent Photograph taken by Lewis Daguerre in France, and William Henry Fox-Tollbot in the UK. 1839 First Paddle Wheel Steam ship built by Brunel. It was called SS Great Western Slide 5 Timeline of Inventions 1840 First Stamp Produced Penny Black 1844 Samuel Morse sent the first Morse Code message 1850 First Post Box built. Before this all letters had to be taken to the post office!!! Slide 6 Timeline of Inventions 1850 Isaac Singer invented first sewing machine 1853 First Underground Railway built in London. It was powered by steam. 1856 Louis Pasteur invents pasteurizing. This makes food safer and last longer by heating and killing bacteria inside it Slide 7 Timeline of Inventions 1864 Jelly Babies invented by Herr Steinbeck 1872 Penny Farthing bicycle invented by James Starley 1874 First Typewriter invented by Christopher Sholes Slide 8 Timeline of Inventions 1876 Alexander Bell invented the Telephone 1879 Edison and Swan invented the first electric light bulb that can be used in the home 1885 First petrol car was built by Karl Benz. It had one cylinder and a top speed of 4mph!!! Slide 9 Timeline of Inventions 1890 First Comic book, called Comic Cuts was created 1894 Lumiere Brothers create the first moving pictures called Cinematograph 1895 Wilhelm Rontgen discovers X-rays and Marconi invented the radio Slide 10 Louis Daguerre Louis Daguerre was born 18 th November 1783 in Cormeilles- en-parosis, France. He studied Art and was also a Physicist. He died on 10 th July 1851. Slide 11 Louis Daguerre & The Daguerreotype Louis Daguerre was famous for inventing the Daguerreotype The Daguerreotype is a process of photography that changed the way photos were taken forever. Before his invention artists would use a invention called the camera obscura Slide 12 Louis Daguerre & The Daguerreotype The camera obscura was a small wooden box that would reflect an image that the artist would trace. Slide 13 Louis Daguerre & The Daguerreotype In 1829 Louis teamed up with Nicephone Niepce to start working on new ways to take photos. Niepce died in 1833, but Louis continued their work, finally unveiling a prototype of the Daguerreotype at the French Academy of Sciences on 7 th January 1839. The device was so revolutionary that it was kept secret how it worked. The French Government purchased the rights to the design by paying Daguerre and also Niepces brother a substantial pension. Slide 14 Louis Daguerre & The Daguerreotype The Daguerreotype used the camera obcsura and added a light sensitive copper plate which contained a thin layer of silver. After being exposed to light for a short amount of time, this plate could then be developed using a salt water solution and mercury fumes. This then made it into a visible picture! Slide 15 Louis Daguerre & The Daguerreotype The Daguerreotype