The greatest inventors and their inventions

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<p> 1. The greatest inventors and their inventions 2. Read the words: a sewing machine a microwave oven a video player a TV set a a camera a calculator a body building machine a dishwasher a mobile telephone a fax machine a mower a vacuum cleaner 3. Match the words: 1. , a. a camera 2. , b. a sewing machine 3. , c. a microwave oven 4. , d. a video player 5. , e. a TV set 6. , f. a calculator 7. , g. a body building machine 8. , h. a dishwasher 9. , i. a mobile telephone 10. , j. a fax machine 11. , k. a mower 12. l. a vacuum cleaner 4. The correct variants: 1. L 7. C 2. E 8. J 3. A 9. D 4. G 10. F 5. B 11. H 6. I 12. K 5. Transform the sentences using Past Simple Passive Alexander Bell invented telephone in 1876. James Spangler built the first vacuum cleaner in 1908. John Baird invented television in 1926. Who pioneered photography in 1829? When did Sergei Korolyev design the first artificial satellite? 6. Mind the grammar! To be + Ved, 3 7. The correct variant: Telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Bell. The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1908 by James Spangler. Television was invented in 1926 by John Baird. Whom was photography pioneered by in 1829? When was the first artificial satellite designed by Sergei Korolyev? 8. Put down the words: a wheel a tool the compass the printing press the internal combustion engine the telephone penicillin contraceptives internet electrical current 9. Answer the questions: 1. Can we imagine our life without inventions? 2. Did they change the world? 3. What modern inventions do you know? 4. How often do you use them? 5. What are the world greatest inventions for you? 6. Do inventions make our life easier? 10. INVENTIONS EVER MADE BY MANKIND </p>