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  • Unit 3 Inventors and Inventionswarming up & reading

  • tasks for each groupGroup 1: discovery & invention (definition, examples)Group2: modern inventionsGroup3: a short story about an inventionGroup4: some information about snakes

  • Is it a discovery or an invention?

  • presentationsGroup1Group2Do you think its easy to invent something?Do you know how the electric lamp were invented? Group3

  • Applying for a patentFinding a problem Doing research Testing the solution Thinking of a creative solution Deciding on the invention

  • If some snakes in your yard

  • Pre-readingGroup4: some information about snakes

    The purpose in writing this text isA. to show us how to trap the snakes but not to kill themB. to tell people how to apply for a patent of the writer's new ideaC. to introduce the writer's new idea of trapping the snakes and her application for a patentD. to tell the readers how to get a new idea and make it a patentReading: listen and find out the purpose and the main idea of the text.

  • The text narrates the p______ of the snakes and presents the p_________ of catching them and applying for a p______.roblemroceduresatentWhats the main idea of the text?

  • Reading for the detailsread the text by yourself in two minutesTrue or false?1. I felt proud because I could help my parents kill the snakes in our yard.

    2. I get down to searching the habits of snakes so I could trap them in the easiest way.

    for me to distinguish myself by inventing something that would catch snakes but not harm them.here was a chance

  • 3. I decide to attract the snakes into a trap using male or female perfume or food to catch them.4. For the first attempt I placed the frozen bowl over the snakes habitat in the evening. 5. As soon as I catch the snakes without harming them, I am truly an inventor.become sleepy and could be easily caught.

    cool the snakes so that they would in the morningAfter you have had the recognition of the patent office

  • Multiple choices1.The biggest advantage of the writer's new idea is that:A. it makes the snakes move slowlyB. it makes the snakes hardly bite usC. it is easier for us to kill the snakes without hurting ourselvesD. it is easier for us to catch the snakes without killing them

  • 2. What instruments were used for catching the snakes?A. a bowl, ice-cubes, male perfumeB. a bowl, a bucket, female perfumeC. a small net, ice-cubes, a bucketD. a small net, a bucket, powders

  • 3. Which statement is true according to the text?A. The snakes were so sleepy in the second attempt that they couldn't bite the writer at all.B. Your product must be different from everybody else's if you want to receive a patent.C. The writer decided to send her invention to the patent office the moment she succeeded in catching the snakes.D. If an application for your product proves to be valid, you can get a patent immediately.

  • 4. According to the text, which subject do you think can be given a patent?A. A new star discovered by a scientist.B. A new novel written by Huo Da.C. A new way to make dirty water clean.D. A new kind of grass found in a mountain which can be used as a medicine.

  • Find a problemThe snakes must be removed but not harmedDo researchLook for methods of removal; the habits of snakesthe stages in making an invention (have a discussion in pairs)

    ParaStages in the inventing processExample in this story12

  • Test the solution several times

    Try three times to make it work efficiently Apply for a patentThis means the solution is recognizedThink of a creative solutionIdentify three possible approaches: choose one


  • post-reading (discussion in groups)What are the requirements of the character of an inventor? Can you give some details in the text to support your idea?For example:patient & persistent The author tried three times and finally he succeeded.hardworking, creative, careful, curious

  • sum -up1. the difference between discovery and invention2. modern inventions3. stages in the inventing process4. some information about snakes5. reading skills: predication, skim, scan, sum up.6. oral practice: based on the topic of inventions

  • assignment1. read the text thoroughly and finish the comprehending exercises.2. preview the words and expressions in the reading passage.