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Instructional Strategies with Student Work from 7th Grade Language Arts


  • Lesson Plan

    Date/Day Monday and Tuesday February 16th and 17th Enrichment

    Content Objective I can relate the elements of a story to its theme. I can determine the theme of a story. I can explain how the setting affects a characters feelings.

    Learning Target I will recognize story elements. I will confirm what the theme is in a story.

    Language Objective I can identify the theme of a story. I can list elements of a story. I can find two pieces of evidence to support my idea for the theme.

    Relevance This lesson will provide students with the opportunity to read a story and find the story elements in it before determining the theme. Students will use a graphic organizer to see how certain elements affect the theme of a story. The graphic organizer will help with visualizing the causation between what happens in a story/ how characters act to the theme and how the setting can affect a character. Story themes and elements relate to the students lives because recognizing themes in literature and movies can helps students self-reflect on their own life and recognize themes in their daily lives.

    Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary: Theme, setting, character.

    In-class Assignments

    Monday Tuesday

    All students will come in and start with a computer to complete a quizlet to check for understanding of Theme and how setting affects a character.

    Retest- ~Students will read article ~Students will complete test about the story

    There will be two review stations student will complete. The first station will be the identifying theme practice. Students will read four paragraph-length stories and write what the theme is and support it with evidence from the story. Students can work in

  • partners for the first station.

    The second station students will write their own scenario where the setting affects the character. They will work individually at this station and will lay out their thinking through a graphic organizer then write the scenario below.


    Monday 1) Quizlet Review Stations: 2) Identifying Theme Practice 3) Write a Scenario

    Tuesday 1) Retest

    Procedure Students will come in and computers will be set up for class on separate sides of the room, students will answer quizlet and then start working on their station.

    CHAMP Expectations will be to move only when switching stations, level 0 to 1. Raise hand for help. Participation would be to finish quizlet and stations.

    Half-way through the period students would switch stations if they hadnt already moved on.

    Supplies Computers, Quizlet link, Identifying Theme Practice Sheet, Write a Scenario Graphic Organizer, Pencil/ pen Identifying theme practice sheet-

    Extension/ modification

    Extension: Read article from SCOPE magazine and practice determining the theme and how the setting affects the character. Modification: Working in partners