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  • 1. Instructional Strategies: Discussions By: Natalie Stewart

2. Learning 3. What is it? 4. The development of new knowledge 5. How do students learn? 6. They interact with information 7. Can teachers promote learning? 8. Yes! 9. Discussions enhance learning. 10. Ideas are exchanged. 11. Opinions are voiced. 12. What are the benefits? 13. They are interesting. 14. They are challenging. Students must think about the information and apply it to otherconcepts. 15. They are inclusive. All students are given the opportunity to engage in the discussion. 16. They promote the growth of new ideas. 17. What are the limitations? 18. Limited participation 19. Sometimes unchallenging 20. Topics may be too difficult 21. May not be effective with young students 22. How can it be incorporated into the classroom? 23. Discussions can be used to... 24. Activate prior knowledge Discuss what you already know. 25. Self-assess understanding 26. Elicit questions and answers 27. Help students internalize information 28. Evalute the effectiveness of instruction 29. How canyou help your students learn? 30. Allow your students to discuss!